The Age of Deception :: By Jim Towers

Like it or not, we are living in the age of deception, and just as surely as the sun rises in the east, Christians and Jews will be arrested if the left has its way. After all, we are deplorable Nazis – don’t you know? And this is because we won’t submit to nor endorse the aberrant lifestyle of the Godless leftists, whose stench of vile and sordid lifestyles reaches the highest heavens and is an abomination to the Lord Himself. Ugg.

Satan was the first deceiver and was called the father of lies. The tempter said, “Surely you will not die, but your eyes will be opened to know good from evil.”

As the presidential election draws ever closer, we can expect to be bombarded by false propaganda (lies), especially by the extreme left, in what I call the “days of deception.” Every day now, we hear or read about people who should know better lying through their teeth without a hint of self-awareness or shame.

Lying is getting so pervasive that it’s become commonplace. “President” Joe Biden can’t open his mouth without telling a “Big One,” and we are supposed to take this man seriously!? Come on…. you can’t be serious!

Many, if you notice, don’t ever blink – people like Hillary (I misspoke), Ocasio-Cortez (who had her saucer-like eyes sewn to look more dignified), and Chuck Schumer, whose eyes get bigger when telling a whopper without blinking an eye. At this juncture, I would quote a Bible verse that says, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” and indeed, they are.

Even AI, according to the internet, is getting into the action. They can now lie as well as any man. But alas, they are only being programmed by the men who program them, especially during the election. Naturally, at this point in time, when the presidential election is looming, the left has let its best and wiliest con artists go at it with no holds barred. (Even Sal Alinsky would blush and hide at the radical left schemes.) Short of murder, their devices know no bounds, and they may even dare to do that again. Given their love of abortion, for them, human life is cheap. After all, if Joe loses this election (by not being able to find a way to cheat effectively), where will all his “friends” and cronies find real honest work, many of which are crooks only using our political system to enrich themselves?

I could name names, but that would only make me a target of the left. Look at what’s happened to Donald Trump’s key people. Giuliani, America’s “Top Cop,” has had all his assets taken away for some misdemeanor. Peter Navarro sits in the slammer also for a misdemeanor. The same goes for Steve Bannon, who is to report to jail in July. Then there are lesser Trump enablers facing bankruptcies, such as the My Pillow guy and the conspiracy nut Alex Jones, whose only crime is being vocal and foolish. So, who’s next? It could be anyone who opposes the Godless radical left.

Yet the Democrats use the “Rules for Radicals” playbook in accusing conservatives of the very crimes they are guilty of and get away with.

There is a lot of activity going on in the political realm: subterfuge, intrigue, lies, and deception. Let us remember that Satan is a thief and the father of lies. (Joe is both a thief and a liar.) His son, Hunter Biden, who was found guilty today, will probably never go to jail where he belongs because he is Joe Biden’s son. If he is smart, he can run to the countries he has dealings with – Ukraine, China, and others. This felonious criminal is a flight risk. (Incidentally, Joe just gave Ukraine billions more dollars to keep their mouths shut about their financial dealings with his corrupt son.)

I know there are naive Christians who don’t believe in mixing politics with religion, yet I dare say that millions of Jews and True Christians perished in the Holocaust because of corrupt politics, plus many third-world countries are doing the same today. Again, it’s the persecution of Christians and Jews.

On the scientific secular front, I read the following: “Harvard University is one of the most revered institutions in the world, so when its academics publish new studies, people take note.” It may come as a surprise, therefore, that a team of scientists at Harvard and Montana Technological University has just produced a paper suggesting an advanced alien civilization may be “walking among us” here on Earth.

Based on the Bible, my analysis is – yes, there are entities walking among us, influencing all we do and say – these are known as angelic beings – the fallen ones who chose to follow Lucifer and those angels sent by God to protect mankind. Nevertheless, because we are free moral agents, we can choose which entities to follow. If people would only read the Bible, they would know this.

Remember this: the Trump of God will sound, and the voice of an Archangel will shout, “Come up here.” So, as time goes on, we can expect this kind of evil phenomenon to permeate the news more frequently. So be on your guard, and if it doesn’t jibe with what the Bible says is true – for God’s sake and your very own well-being – don’t believe it.

In the meantime,

I would urge you to vote and do what you can to stem this tide of evil. To learn more about the election, I also urge you to listen to what Sean Hannity has to say about liars in government today on the following web page: “Caught in a lie.” (Incidentally, Sean has moved from New York to Florida, as many other people have done.)

Book Report

I just happened to be going through my library at home and came across a book published in 2018 titled “Trump Aftershock” by Stephen E. Strang. (Strang owns a Christian Publishing house here in Florida and is a devout Christian.) Obviously, the book is outdated, but I wanted to see if there were any similarities between the upcoming presidential election and the former one. It became clear to me that the only way the Radical Left could win is by deceit and flagrant lies.


Jim Towers

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