Alert To All Christians :: By Jim Towers

With prophetic scripture being fulfilled on a daily basis now, it’s hard to believe that so few of us Christians are ready to fly. Most people just go about their daily lives committing sin on an unprecedented scale. Many are becoming suicidal and succumbing to mind-numbing drugs to dull the pain of the uncertainty of today’s life. Regardless of where you stand with the God of the Bible, these prophecies about the end times are being proven true.

Now, even the internet is proclaiming the existence of God. Steven Hawking (poor lost soul) has been proven to be just another blustering, bitter fool. Other agnostics and atheists such as Darwin, Huxley, and the rest of the numbskulls are being disproved by the knowledge and information garnered by the internet.

The Bible will tell you all you need to know about prophecy, and the best part is that you don’t need someone to teach you. The Holy Spirit is sufficient for your individual concerns and will comfort you as you struggle to make sense of today’s chaos and turmoil. The things that should rightly concern us during these trying times cannot be explained away by other fallible human beings, so be careful who you put on a pedestal or whose teaching you give attendance to, for God’s sake.

Interpretation is a very tricky thing; what means something to someone else may seem rubbish to you and vice versa. Diplomas mean nothing to God and should mean nothing to you, especially ill-gotten or forged ones. Some of the most educated people in the world are complete and utter fools chasing illusive fame and fortune. Some even do it for sexual gratification.

In perusing Netflix, I’ve found numerous leaders of cults whose only aim is to deceive and take advantage of others. It is better to learn alone than to fall prey to these charlatans and lose your life and, ultimately, your very soul. Jesus, Peter, James, and John didn’t have a doctorate in theology, did they? So, who do you think taught them?

With the presidential election coming up in our country, we must be very discerning as well. Some of these foolish and pompous people are obvious clowns or downright perverts. Joe Biden, for example, showered with his daughter when she was ten years old! (At least that’s what her diary says.) What kind of father does that with his own daughter? He is always telling whopper lies about his supposed achievements, none of which are true. Money laundering is his claim to fame, and his entire family is the most corrupt this nation has ever seen.

Is it any wonder that mentally sick people have taken over the country? A man who thinks it’s ok to have unspeakable sex. Another man who thinks or pretends to be a woman by putting balloons in his sweater and wearing a blond wig. And how about the other liar who hails from Brazil and has lost his identity from having lied so much? Then there is the Democrat senator who hides gold bricks in the closet and cool cash in the refrigerator, which is ill-gotten from shady political dealings. Joe, his drug-addled son Hunter, and a slew of his political cronies are selling out our country to its destruction. The so-called “Squad” women in Congress, plus Hillary and Michelle, all hate America and yet remain here enjoying its luxuries.


John Moran, a partner at McGuireWoods law firm, said, “The policy and the decision blocking the Knights of Columbus from continuing their long-standing religious tradition is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This after the National Park Service (NPS) denied a permit to honor fallen soldiers at a national park recently (at Joe’s request), which only goes to show how shallow and perverse he is.

Joe Biden is responsible for one of the worst economic eras in recent U.S. history. He has allowed over 7 million illegal aliens to enter the country. He continues to prioritize foreign nations, sending billions to Ukraine and Gaza. He has done nothing to confront the crime and homelessness epidemic in major cities. And he continues to push policies that hurt working families. Everything he does from here on in is only to garner votes, only to rescind his actions after he had won.

Very soon now, we will be called away by Christ Jesus in the Rapture – The trump of God will sound, and Whoosh – we’re out of here. But before that day, Satanic forces will be continuing to wreak havoc in this world. The devil’s demonic hordes will do all they can to kill and destroy lives that submit wittingly or unwittingly to his will. These days it appears that many are following Lucifer willingly everywhere.

God likes to, at times, use people’s names to indicate the times in which He intervenes in world events. Could that be why the Trump name appears prominently at this point in time? The timing is ironic. However, I will not speculate.

Book report

I bought two used books, both of which are still timely: one by Hal Lindsey published in 1994 titled Planet Earth 2000 A.D. and the other by John F. Walvoord published in 1974 titled Armageddon, Oil and Terror. This I did just to “test the Spirits,” and they both embodied the spirit of truth in their evaluations of the end times.

Upon opening Planet Earth 2000 A.D., my eyes first fell on “The Rise of Deceiving Spirits,” and here is what it said as it quoted scripture.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).

“And many false prophets shall arise and will mislead many” (Matthew 24:11).

Then, upon opening John Walvoord’s book, it verified what I’ve been saying for the past several years! And I quote: “The world will begin falling apart at the seams – worse than any ecologist’s nightmare. Acts of man, resulting in thousands of martyrs and acts of God, will combine to cause great disturbances in the world and universe. Stars will fall, and planets will run off course (how about planet alignment?), causing chaotic changes in climate (Revelation 6:12-14; 16:8-9). Unnatural heat and cold and flooding will cause millions to perish….”


Jim Towers

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