Don’t Mess With God :: By Jim Towers

Have you seen the latest James Webb photograph of the “Hand of God” in the farthest reaches of space? The time may soon come when this phenomenal telescope enters the very gates of God’s throne room – would you then believe in His existence?

The year before last, I gifted the leaders of my church with framed photos of the “Hand of God” taken by the Hubble telescope. Today, a photo of the “Hand of God” taken from another direction by the James Webb telescope shows a clearer and somewhat different perspective in the far heavens. This one, however, also includes ‘God’s portrait’ as well! (If you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you will see a faint outline of the “Head of God” in profile, a photo that I will post on my website for your scrutiny.

The James Web telescope is allowing us to see things we never saw before in the outer reaches of space. Lately, there has also been a lot of speculation about “black holes” in outer space and parallel universes. To go along with that speculation, there is talk of us living within a hologram. But I beg to differ. (Anyone who’s ever been hospitalized will tell you that we are “real” entities suffering real pain and hospital food – yuk!)

Houston, Texas, was under assault last week, with power down for over a million homes and businesses—just when the heat index is climbing ever higher. Pennsylvania is catching hell as well, with hailstones as big as softballs doing much damage to cars and windows. We in Florida are experiencing extremely hot weather, too; this prompts me to believe that God is trying to get our attention. (Many young people are finally coming to their senses about the reality of God and are being baptized.)

While these are times of warnings and testing, Jesus said, “In THIS life, you WILL have TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS.” Not IF or MAYBE. Nevertheless, He continues to say that He has OVERCOME the world and that there will be better times ahead eventually. Yet, mankind will do anything to avoid acknowledging or answering to our majestic, awesome, and gracious God. What is it going to take for mankind to realize that they didn’t create themselves and could never have created even a potato, much less a custard apple. (A custard apple is a tropical fruit with a thick skin filled with custard-like mush inside.) My son grows the tree in his tropical Plant and Fruit farm on our back forty.

All we’ve ever created in the world is chaos and confusion, yet we won’t acknowledge the enormity, creativity, and power of our majestic creator. Think of all of God’s gifts to mankind: food, water, wind and rain, ice, veggies and fruits, flowers, and grass. If we take time to smell the roses or magnolia blossoms, we can’t help but be grateful for all the beauty he has created for our enjoyment, as well as countless varieties of birds and animals.

On our property, my son grows tropical and exotic fruit trees and plants, the likes of which I had never known before. Papaya, different kinds of mangoes, tropical sugar apples and custard apples, three different types of bananas, and different berries are for sale around the world. Trees seem to be a favorite for God to work with, providing shade and wood for humanity to make shelter and to produce maple syrup and cinnamon for consumption, as well as rubber. And let’s not forget our wide variety of nuts – and bamboo, which is often used in making kitchen utensils, rugs, furniture, and now bedsheets as well – while some people even eat the new and tender shoots. Incredible!

But the greatest gift of all is some intangible thing we call “Love.” That feeling we get when we find the special someone with whom we want to share our lives is a thing that happens when the endorphins in our brains run amok and make our lives worth living.

As we partake of these wonderful treats and gifts, we can’t help but marvel and thank God for His creativity. Considering all of this, we can’t say that God is wrong in chastising us. He is doing it for our own good – to salvage our eternal souls.

Yes, today, here in S.W. Florida, the heat index was 101%, and we will soon be going into a heat advisory, which was by what some attributed to a huge solar flare, while others of us know that the Bible says that in the “Last Days,” there will be immense heat waves that will prompt mankind to repent or face more of the same for eternity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way if we seek God’s face in earnest and receive Christ as Savior and Lord. Why, even our most jaded and cynical comedians and celebrities are coming to terms with their shallow, self-absorbed lives and are being baptized. These are people who have adoration, fame, and fortune. People like Jim Carrey and Russel Brandt are now claiming to have found Christ and being baptized, as well as others. This, I suspect, is fear of what’s coming in the world in these Last Days.

Self-assertiveness is a wonderful thing, but to put oneself in the place of God is a dangerous prospect. There are way too many roads to take in life – such as self-indulgence, reckless ambition, self-pity, and hate, as well as jealousy. Making the wrong choices can lead to disastrous consequences, especially since we will all give an account to God our Father – even for every idle word.

The Bible also says not to make promises to God that you don’t keep (Ecclesiastes 5:4-5). God is a jealous God, so don’t make Him get angry with you. If you do something you know is wrong, confess it, and He will forgive you – in the extreme.

Look at it this way: if you are a loving father, and your son or daughter disobeys you – wouldn’t you forgive them if they repent and ask for your forgiveness? What decent father wouldn’t? On top of that, the Bible says God is love, and He created this esoteric feeling we have come to call love. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; AND thy neighbour as thyself.” It’s all as simple as that.


Jim Towers


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