5 May 2024

World in Turmoil: Signs of the Times


United Methodist General Conference drops decades-old ban on ordaining LGBT clergy without debate. Efforts to change the rules failed in past years, but many liberal leaders within UMC have allowed individuals in same-sex relationships to be ordained or even promoted to bishop.


French Boy Fatally Stabbed by Afghan Migrant Teen; Killer’s Mother Joins in Beating Defenseless Victim as He Lies Dying.


Left-Wing Dark Money Groups Bankroll Anti-Israel Demonstrations spreading at U.S. college campuses.

70 Dems, including the “Squad,” voted against ‘Antisemitism Awareness Act,’ a bill to fight antisemitism.

300 anti-Israel protesters arrested at Columbia University and City College of New York. At Columbia University, pro-Palestinian protesters seized the administration building.

Louisiana police clear out anti-Israel encampment at Tulane University, arrest 14 protesters.

North Carolina at Chapel Hill student recounts defending US flag from anti-Israel protesters when protesters replaced the American flag with a ‘Palestinian’ flag. For an hour, a few dozen students faced hundreds and were cursed and had hard objects thrown at them as they protected the American flag from clutching hands until police arrived to restore the peace so the flag could be flown once again.

California: UCLA falls to anarchy, violence, after students confront anti-Israeli encampment. Police made dozens of arrests.

California: Gaza protest encampments spreading on Bay Area campuses. There have been expressions of venomous hatred toward Israel, outright antisemitism, and support for Palestinian “resistance” by any means, including terrorism.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Vancouver BC praise Hamas’ October 7 massacre of Israelis. They also praised other terrorist organizations and demanded removal from the terrorist list; they demanded that Israel be considered terrorist.

Netanyahu says ICC arrest warrants would be an ‘outrage of historic proportions,’ fuel worldwide antisemitism. International Criminal Court is considering arresting senior Israeli government and military officials as war criminals.

How Long Till Jews Outside of Israel Realize They’re in Grave Danger?  Antisemitic demonstrations have erupted worldwide, but it’s even worse on U.S. university campuses.


Documentary testifies to Hamas’s brutal sexual violence on Oct 7. “Screams Before Silence” online.

European Muslims Call for Global Caliphate, chanting Allahu Akbar and discussing Sharia law by force. Hordes of Muslims March, Demanding a Caliphate in Germany and for Media to Abide by Sharia Law.


If You Want People to Have Babies, You’re Now “Far Right Extremist” according to a report published by Politico.

Young, healthy women euthanized in Netherlands should be a warning for Canada. “I noted that Canada’s trajectory would become that of Belgium and the Netherlands. In fact, Canada’s journey down the slippery slope was far swifter. It took the Low Countries two decades for their euthanasia regimes to reach this point; it took Canada scarcely five years.”


Colorado: Transgender registered sex offender tried to abduct child playing outside elementary school.

Federal Appeals Court Rules West Virginia and North Carolina Must Pay for Transgender Healthcare. The case is likely headed to the US Supreme Court.


This should show in all schools: Tennessee passes ‘Baby Olivia Act’ requiring public schools show development of unborn babies, including depiction of “the development of the brain, heart, and other vital organs in early fetal development.

Pro-Life Advocate Placed in Solitary Confinement for 22 Days for Sharing Food with Other Prisoners. Heather Idoni, one of the pro-life activists imprisoned for protesting abortion, has been treated shoddily while in prison and was shackled like a death row inmate during a court appearance. During her 22 days in solitary, she was allowed to walk out of her cell for only two hours in the middle of the night, and the lights in her cell were kept on 24/7.


In North Carolina: Four law enforcement officers were killed, and four others were wounded while trying to serve an arrest warrant in a Charlotte neighborhood.

London: 14-Year-Old Dead, 4 Others Injured in Sword Stabbing Attack. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan said, “This incident does not appear to be terror-related.”

Mexico: In Baja, California. 3 bodies recovered likely 2 Australians and American who went missing. Three suspects have been arrested.


Biden ‘willing to throw Israel under the bus’ to secure victory in the 2024 presidential election. “To him, it’s all about winning elections…”

Spin Cycle: Sunday Shows (Mostly) Take Marching Orders Straight from Biden. The week’s spin began with the White House Correspondence Dinner, where Biden issued marching orders (namely, that it should be open season against former President Trump) that all but one of the network Sunday shows dutifully carried out. Biden framed the 2024 presidential race as a choice that would determine if democracy was “still the sacred cause of America,” suggesting the answer was no unless he’s reelected.

“We Live in An Age of Full-Spectrum Deception.” [one use of foul language]. The result will be sinking back into a pre-modern existence of darkness. Our governing apparatus is visibly willing that to happen.


Bird flu in cows: 1 in 5 pasteurized milk samples had traces of virus, FDA says. So far, bird flu has been detected in 33 dairy herds in at least 8 states: Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas. However, FDA and other health officials say it’s safe to drink. The FDA noted the viral particles detected were likely remnants of viruses killed during pasteurization. But it goes on to say that to determine if any active, infectious virus remains in milk samples, the agency is performing tests considered “the gold standard” for determining viability.

Democrat Plot to Steal 2024 Uncovered. Democrats and their globalist friends got what they wanted as we swing into election season: skyrocketing levels of H5N1 Bird Flu in the wastewater supply. Like clockwork, news arrives of gain-of-function research underway in American labs at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Funded by USDA and Chinese Academy of Science, researchers have been working for two years to create a H5N1 vaccine using mRNA technology. There’s no such thing as coincidence: gain-of-function research is culminating at the same time as our major H5N1 outbreak.


Teams Are Set for World War III. A leader in the global warming movement spoke at an event to raise money for the organization and campaign that intends to launch new pandemics in perpetuity to enrich the biowarfare industrial complex.

Canadian gov’t agencies have spent $10 million on social media to promote experimental Covid injections since 2020.


An Economic Shift of Historic Proportions Is Taking Place. In some cases, sales are way down. In others, it seems almost impossible to find a decent job. It’s almost as if a tremendous chill descended upon the U.S. economy as the second quarter of 2024 began.


Major flooding and mandatory evacuations in southeast Texas this week from College Station to Houston. The flooding led to the overflowing of rivers, including Trinity and San Jacinto. A new wave of heavy rain and thunderstorms hit on Friday, exacerbating flooding conditions and driving river levels near those of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Multi-vortex tornado strikes China’s Guangzhou; 5 fatalities, 33 injured, 141 buildings damaged. A few days later: Extreme rainfall triggers deadly highway collapse in Guangdong, China, killing 48.

Catastrophic floods hit Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, leaving at least 29 dead, over 60 missing.

Karnataka, India: Bengaluru reels under scorching heat, records second hottest day in 50 years.


Erupting Volcano in Indonesia. Thousands fled their homes Tuesday as Mount Ruang volcano erupted, spewing lava and ash over a mile into the sky.


Hundreds of terror targets attacked during Passover (Apr 22-30). The IDF attacked about 270 terror targets across Gaza Strip, including over 20 rocket batteries aimed at Israel. The rocket launch sites were destroyed.

Macron doesn’t rule out sending troops for Ukraine if Russia breaks front lines and if Zelensky requested reinforcements.

German army prepares plan to feed US troops in event of face-off with Russia on eastern front. German army chiefs are drawing up plans on how to feed thousands of US soldiers and refuel their tanks as they moved toward NATO’s eastern front, as part of a secret document outlining Germany’s war readiness.

Israel threatened to topple Assad regime if Syria gets involved in Gaza war

Israeli Warplanes Strike Damascus as Iran Tensions Still on Edge. According to unverified social media reports: The Israeli attack against Syria targeted the building of the Syrian State Security branch in the “Najha” area in the Damascus countryside. Syrian media said 8 army soldiers were injured. There is speculation that this is an Israeli response to the launch of rockets from the Syrian side toward the Golan Heights earlier in the day and week.

Blinken Urges Hamas to Take ‘Extraordinarily Generous’ Ceasefire Deal. Israel gave Hamas “one last chance” to reach a deal and suspend the Rafah operation. Israel’s proposal would accept release of less than 40 of the roughly 130 hostages believed still held in exchange for freeing ‘Palestinians’ jailed in Israel, and a second phase of a “period of sustained calm” – Israel’s compromise response to a Hamas permanent ceasefire demand. Israel reduces number of hostages that would be released in Hamas deal to 33. Israel’s believes some of the 40 may have died in captivity.

US-led Gaza humanitarian aid pier comes under fire. From Daymond Duck: U.S. troops working on the pier came under attack…. While UN officials were touring the pier to observe construction, Gaza terrorists fired rockets at them, and the Israeli army rescued them. The fact that Israel has to protect U.S. troops and UN officials while the U.S. and UN are trying to get humanitarian aid to ‘Palestinians’ is incredible. It reveals that a big part of the aid problem is Hamas, not Israel.

Hezbollah has destroyed South Lebanon. Since the brutal October 7 attack in Israel, Iran-backed Hezbollah has launched thousands of missiles and rockets at Israel, and Israel has responded proportionately. Israel will re-occupy southern Lebanon if Hezbollah doesn’t retreat.


Over 98% of world’s central banks gearing up for programmable, trackable digital cash; 24 nations will have ‘live CBDCs’ by 2030.

CBDCs: “Financial inclusion” means inclusion of all transactions, not people. To try to make central bank digital currencies sound benign, proponents repeatedly say “financial inclusion.” They’re trying to convince us the world needs CBDCs so those who are “unbanked” can participate in the digital economy without requiring a bank account.


UN 2.0 Coming This Fall – Setting the Stage for Global Government. The UN will meet in September for the 79th session of the UN General Assembly, as well as the highly-anticipated “Summit of the Future” where nations will sign the so-called “Pact for the Future.” The Pact is expected to call for declaring a “planetary emergency.”


EU foreign policy chief says some member states may recognize Palestinian state by end of May.


Signs of the Times: War, Famine, Pestilences, and Natural Disasters. When will people finally start waking up? What we’re experiencing isn’t even close to normal. It seems like almost every new day brings another new crisis or disaster to deal with.

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