29 Apr 2024

Much Delusion Leading to Confusion

“History promises only this for certain; we will get exactly what we deserve.” – Paul Harvey


Florida Gov DeSantis says Satanists can’t be part of voluntary school chaplain program. Satanic Temple promises “a hell of a battle.”

Officials from 13 States Warn Bank of America About ‘De-Banking’ Christians.

Wonder Woman comic promotes ‘anti-Christian and anti-conservative’ message.


Biden Regime Abolishes Title IX; Forcing Women to Allow Biological Men in Women’s Locker Rooms, Team Sports, and Bathrooms.

Mandatory queer indoctrination at schools in America. Many times, they’re run by managers with extreme-left ideologies who spread them to students.

Fairfax County High School in Virginia to Host Drag Queen Event. West Potomac High School is offering a variety of Pride events, including a discussion with Fairfax County Public Schools Pride, a drag queen brunch, and a spring musical production of Kinky Boots.

Kids TV Show Introducing Lesbian Moms. ‘Bluey’ gained popularity worldwide after Disney+ added it.

Government-Funded Trans Lobbyist Group Calls Puberty Blockers “Wonderful.” LGBT group active in over half of Scotland’s schools called these drugs, which effectively sterilize children, “wonderful.” ‘Young People Have Been Experimented On’: Scotland Pauses Puberty Blockers for Minors following publication of a comprehensive review of gender identity services for minors in U.K.

Paris Olympics will feature ‘Pride House’ to ‘celebrate’ homosexual and gender-confused athletes.

Ontario resident who wants both a vagina and penis wins public funding for unique surgery.


Biden makes sign of the cross during pro-abortion speech in Florida, showing his approval. How vile!

Newsom Proposes “Emergency” Bill to Let Arizona Abortionists Kill Babies in California.


Report: ICC mulling arrest warrants of senior Israeli officials with U.S. consent. Israel’s senior officials may imminently be subjected to arrest warrants from International Criminal Court at the Hague. According to “senior officials,” the U.S. is behind it all.

The Best Way To Contain This Global Threat Is For America To Stand With Israel. America’s security is intertwined with our support of Israel. Indifference toward Israel’s enemies may be the most dangerous decision the Biden regime has made for the future United States.

25 Ways The U.S. Is Being Destroyed, Explained In Under 2 Minutes. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Biden, it was you! He’s relentlessly scapegoated Trump to deflect criticism of his nearly 4 years of failed leadership. It’s time to highlight Biden’s failed policies and lay blame where it belongs.

Ex-Senior TikTok Employee Says He Was Ordered To Send US Data to China. This contradicts TikTok’s public claims of operating independently from China.


New York Home Depot Hires Guard Dogs to Protect Customers from Migrant Grifters (swindlers).

Nearly 700 Migrants from China Apprehended for Illegally Crossing California Border in Just One Week.


Homeland Security released illegal immigrant accused of killing Laken Riley, claiming lack of detention space. Jose Ibarra abducted and killed her just 2 months ago.

Tennessee Republicans Pass Law Allowing Trained Teachers to Be Armed; Democrats Cry “Fascism”

North Carolina: Student Assaults Teacher in Profanity-filled Rant. “Ain’t nobody even coming. You got slapped,” the student says. “B—-, go back to teaching.”

Houston Police Union Warns the Texas City is Not Safe; Many Suspected Murderers Walk the Streets while the police department battles officer shortages. It’s not safe in major cities.

2 Killed, 6 Injured In Shooting At Memphis, Tennessee, Block Party. Hundreds of shots fired (video).

‘It’s about drugs and money’: 2 charged in deadly Florida carjacking caught on camera. The female victim was found shot dead in a flaming car afterward.

Sheetz Convenience Stores Accused of Discriminating Against Minorities By Refusing to Consider Job Applicants With Criminal Record.

Haiti warlord orders gangs to ‘burn every house you find’ & storm presidential palace. Haiti’s capital has been rocked by a fresh wave of violence.


Alcohol Abuse and Tragic Consequences: In Michigan, a drunk driver barreled 25 feet into a building at high speed where a child’s birthday celebration was taking place, killing two siblings. 15 others (8 of them children) were taken to hospitals with life-threatening injuries.

Over nine million lethal doses of fentanyl seized in San Francisco operation spanning a 10-block radius. US Fentanyl Crisis Is ‘Chinese Communist Party-Run Operation. After the U.S. sanctioned a Chinese mafia leader for fentanyl trafficking, he received an award in Beijing. Fentanyl overdose is the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45.

Bird flu spreads further in US cows: 32 herds in 8 states.

WHO, Media Drum Up Fear of Bird Flu Spreading to Humans. The World Health Organization again sounded the alarm about bird flu, warning it has an “extremely high” mortality rate among humans.

Other African countries recall J&J children’s cough syrup as a precaution after Nigeria lab tests showed a high level of diethylene glycol, linked to dozens of children’s deaths in Gambia, Uzbekistan, and Cameroon since 2022.


Covid Cover-up: Shocking truth about Wuhan and federal agencies. In 2018, multiple U.S. government agencies had intel that Wuhan Institute was modifying and enhancing coronavirus strains to create pathogens of pandemic potential.


Jobless Numbers Government Gives Us Are Fake. Even though large companies are conducting mass layoffs all over America, we’re given laughable numbers that indicate everything is fine. Why Are There So Many Americans That Can’t Find a Job Even Though They’re Desperate to Be Hired? According to government, the unemployment rate is very low, and there are lots of jobs available. So, why are so many Americans not able to find work? Some haven’t been hired even though they’ve applied for hundreds of jobs.

Everyone Needs to Prepare for When Devastating Cyberattacks Take U.S. Power Grids Down. We should have never exposed our power grids to the Internet; now we’re incredibly vulnerable. FBI Director Wray publicly admitted that Chinese hackers have been targeting our power grids.


U.S. Plains on alert for multiday severe weather, including tornadoes and hail, threatening over 55 million residents with strong tornadoes, hail the size of baseballs, and damaging wind gusts. The region braces for potentially destructive weather through the weekend.

Flooded uranium mines in Russia’s Kurgan Region raise radioactive contamination fears.

Record-breaking rainfall in Guangdong, China, leaves 4 dead, 10 missing . Water levels in the Bei River exceeded 50-year highs, causing widespread floods, deaths, and extensive damage.

Severe floods in Iran claim 10 lives (as of April 23), damaged or destroyed over 2,000 homes, with critical supplies dwindling and more rain expected.

Fatal landslides and widespread flooding strike Kyrgyzstan amid heavy rainfall since April 20. At least one fatality and hundreds evacuated.

Over 150 fatalities in Tanzania as heavy rains cause widespread floods and destruction.

Record rainfall in UAE triggers severe flooding and waterborne illness outbreak; a year’s rainfall in 12 hours. Water contamination has sickened residents.

Tel Aviv, Israel, breaks 85-year April temperature record on April 25, as temps soared to a record-breaking 40.7 °C (105.3 °F).

Thailand heat index soars to ‘extremely dangerous’ levels; 30 deaths as of April 25. The capital, Bangkok, reached over 52 °C (125 °F) on Thursday.

Hospitals take emergency measures, schools close as Bangladesh records hottest April in 75 years, with a record 23 heatwave days.


141 Earthquakes Rattle Eastern U.S. Over Last 30 Days, most in New Jersey and southern Appalachians.


Vicious antisemitism across universities and among Democrat Party. This is cultural Marxism our universities are indoctrinating young people with.

Columbia University’s Rabbinical Leaders Urge Jewish Students to Stay Home Amid Extreme Antisemitism and Anarchy until the situation has dramatically improved. Columbia Professors Come Out in Force in Support of Anti-Israel Protesters; Refuse to Condemn Hamas Killers.

At Yale University, a Jewish student journalist reporting on anti-Israeli protest was stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag – with her assailant going unpunished.

And Hatred of America: ‘Death to America’ fliers circulate at University of Michigan Gaza camp. Pro-Hamas students planted their flag at University of Michigan and shared their propaganda.

Drag Queen has children chant ‘Free Palestine’ during Queer Storytime for ‘Palestine,’ even though Hamas tortures gays. Lil Miss Hot Mess read “If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know It” and told the children: “If you’re a drag queen and you know it, shout ‘Free Palestine.'”

Canadian Doctors March For Hamas, Echo Chants Celebrating Oct 7th Attacks in Israel. The Leftists and Islamic supremacists hope for more attacks on Israelis, Jews, and their supporters.

Qatari Official Calls for Israel’s Annihilation, ‘Allah Willing’ (Video). He doesn’t say God willing, as the headline actually stated; he says Allah willing.

Italy’s Epidemic of Islamic Immigrant Families Killing and Abusing Female Relatives was spotlighted in a report titled “Violent Islam: The Hidden Horrors on Women.”


UK Navy Reports Two Vessels Attacked In Red Sea by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis, One Damaged.

500-dollar Russian drones are destroying 10 million-dollar American tanks in Ukraine.

China is rapidly becoming more aggressive in its rhetoric and actions across Asia.

Israeli strike inside Iran was more extensive than we thought. Israel’s missiles evaded Iran’s radar detection and damaged a system that forms part of the defense of Iran’s Natanz nuclear site. Israel’s message to Iran was that it can bypass its defense systems undetected.

Israeli jets attack Iran terror proxy base in Iraq’s Babylon Province on April 20.

Iran-Linked Iraq Militia Says It’s Resuming Attacks On U.S. Forces. The prior period of constant attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria, which corresponded with the opening of Israel’s Gaza operations, could soon resume, after at least five rockets fired on an American base in Syria.

Israel’s long-threatened invasion of Rafah could be imminent.

IDF destroys Hamas launchers, kills terrorists in Gaza Strip.

Hezbollah Slams Israel’s North, IDF Hits Back Hard. Israel is not only fighting a two-front war, but Israel’s North appears to be sliding into an open conflict with Iran’s most hardened proxies.

IAF strikes Gaza launch pads after rockets fired at Israel on Passover.

Iran could build nuke in weeks. A senior Iranian official said, “We have everything; it’s disassembled.” Iran’s activity “raises eyebrows.”

Why Students of God’s Word Aren’t Surprised By Russia, Iran, and Turkey’s Mutal Hatred of Israel. The Bible, in Ezekiel 38/39, speaks of a future attack on Israel from the north with the three main players—Russia, Iran, and Turkey.


Are Nations Seeking to ‘Impose’ (Force) a Peace Covenant Between Israel and Her Neighbors? A Time article, “A Million Dollar Middle East Peace Plan,” insists “the international community” needs to “impose a solution” and lays out a ‘peace’ scenario chillingly similar to what the Bible predicts.


“You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy.” The panel discusses the slow takeover of society by globalists who are revealing their last days’ plan for all of us.

António Guterres calls for UN to have power to declare a crisis and dictate response worldwide. Alex Newman, author of Deep State and Indoctrinating Our Children to Death, says UN’s quest for total tyrannical control of your life is coming sooner than you could imagine.

Global warming, biowarfare, and Pandemic Treaty grifters congregate to raise funds. EcoHealth Alliance held a fundraiser to promote the Pandemic Treaty’s One Health approach around the world. “We are witnessing a convergence…” WHO is NOT backing down on its pandemic plans; there’s no “major victory for freedom.” Much has been made of the draft released last week. Although some changes have been made and some wording moved around, the plans are the same as before.

Climate Change Narrative Is Preventing Africa From Modernizing and Gaining Prosperity.

How Do You Kill 7.5 Billion People? Globalists want us dead. The World Economic Forum has stated many times that the planet is overpopulated and survival depends on controlling climate change, reducing population, controlling the food supply and owning of cars. They’ve created a crisis atmosphere to frighten and brainwash people into submission to achieve their goals. People must trust the population and climate to God. That’s not what the WEF, the WHO, the UN, and most world governments have in mind, including major global corporations that have jumped on the train to Hell, as well as media and medical authorities we used to trust.


Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).

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