The Beginning of Nuclear War? :: By Jim Towers

World News:

I would be remiss not to mention this bit of information FIRST about continuing world events.

Once again, I will state that Almighty God is gearing prophetic things up as the rapture approaches. There are revivals across the land with many young people being baptized as they see these world events unfold.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Severe flooding in Dubai (2 years of rain in one day) has caused excessive flooding in this desert-dominated region. Also in Oman, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Is this a sign from God that these are truly the “last days” and that the rapture is nearly upon us? Even flooding in Dubai was man-made by “seeding the clouds.” God let this catastrophe happen to let man know that He is ultimately in control and not frail, faulty human beings who – left to themselves – always ultimately screw things up.

Saturday 4/12/2024

Biden cut yet another vacation short (this man has never worked a day in his sorry life) and returns to the White House Saturday, having been briefed about an impending drone strike on Israel by Iran.

Sunday 4/14/2924

Drudge Report today states that the “world stands on the edge of all-out war” because of the drone strikes on Israel by Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

It’s anyone’s guess how all this will play out – according to the Bible, these things WILL happen. This could be a false flag or warning – but better safe than sorry.

My good friend and benefactor John B. in England reports, “Netanyahu says he wants to build a regional coalition before he responds to Iran. He knows the world’s opinion will turn against him quickly (again) unless he creates a few allies. I also wonder why Iran sent its slowest-moving drones against Israel, as if they wanted them to be intercepted. I feel they’re playing a cunning game here.”

I’m sorry to have to always be writing about doom and gloom – but somebody has to do it since you won’t hear a peep about this troubling news from American church pulpits (even though it will eventually affect all of its congregants). I only write about these things to warn the brethren and to strengthen them with the Word of God about the inevitable fulfillment of prophetic scripture. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s beginning to look like we may have to go through hell on earth – but how else is God going to get people’s attention?

Are the drone attacks a precursor of the war of Gog and Magog? Many of the players have already begun flexing their military muscles in a willingness to ignite this historical event without thinking of the global consequences.

If you had read the Bible, you would have known this. But not to worry; it will be short and nothing like the next one, which leads to the war of Armageddon – which will be a real doozy.

Monday 4/15/2024 5:28 EST

Iran has bombed an Israeli airbase in Jerusalem – but with little damage.

Tues 4/16/2024 EST

Iran Attack Suffers HUMILIATING Defeat; Hamas REJECTS Hostage …

So, there you have it; we’re back to square one, but rest assured, these things will come to pass sooner rather than later. (Iran will catch its political breath and continue to make threats.) These radical Muslim Ayatollahs are relentless in their desire to rid the world of the Jewish people.

Knowing the Bible the way you do, you already know how this animosity came about and the result in the “Last Days,” but in case you don’t, here is a short summary:

A long time ago, a man named Abraham had two sons, one by his wife’s handmaiden and the other by his wife. This caused jealousy between them. The handmaiden was sent away at the wife’s request, and eventually, there was enmity between the two boys due to this fracture. The handmaiden’s son eventually became a Muslim, while the other became a Jew. The Muslims were what was known as Persians (which today are known as Iranians). They split and became two factions, Sunni and Shiite, who are at enmity with one another as well. (The Bible says they would become as unruly as donkeys and even be at odds with one another – and it was so.)

Friday 6:49 AM

Israel launched a strike on Iran, but it was called a lame one – even by some Israeli leaders. It did little damage to nuclear sites and military installations. And the chess game continues.

Book review:

Open Letter to the Christian Church by A. Metaxas is an eye-opening book about how the church should react to the infusion of woke politics in the church.

Signs and Secrets of the Messiah by Rabbi Jason Sobel is a short read, and if half of the things he says are true – then it’s well worth the read. I only wish there had been more miracles to read about. Although I don’t know much about this man (the latest Messianic Jew to claim healing powers), I will take a chance and urge you to read what he has to say about these miraculous healings he claims to have experienced – since we need all the encouragement we can get, and God cares about us enough to step into our lives to make them better—that is if we call out to Him in earnest.


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