Our Not So Supreme Court :: By The Gospelist

William F. Buckley once wrote that he would “rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the telephone directory than by the Harvard University faculty.”

His point was that ordinary people have common sense, and understand the struggles of life, and can be trusted more than those who have ‘book sense’ and live in ivory towers.

That was over 50 years ago, and our Ivy League universities are far more morally and intellectually bankrupt today than they were then.

Our latest example is Harvard President Claudine Gay, who found herself in an international controversy due to her inability to answer a simple question. When Representative Lauren Boebert inquired regarding whether it was against Harvard’s rules regarding bullying and harassment to call for the extermination of the Jews, she struggled to answer along with her equally morally bankrupt colleagues.

The obvious answer to this inquiry is, ‘Of course it is.’

After all, if anyone called for the extermination of the mythical group we call “Transgenders” or for members of the LGBT, they would have been expelled and had legal charges brought against them.

However, at Harvard, it is apparently open season for Jews.

Ms. Gay responded, “It can be (against Harvard’s rules) depending on the context.”

I wonder under what context it is acceptable to call for the extermination of the Jews. When Adolf Hitler did it, things did not work out so well for the Jewish people.

I guess we should not expect much intellectually from an alleged serial plagiarist.

Even after this outrageous admission, Harvard continued to stand behind her. This institution revealed itself to have absolutely no academic or moral standards whatsoever.

And these Ivy League incompetents are educating the vast majority of our Supreme Court justices.

When we review which colleges these people went to, it is easy to see where the problem lies.

John Roberts: Harvard Law School

Sonia Sotomayor (the wise Latina): Yale Law School

Elena Kagan: Harvard Law School

Ketanji Brown-Jackson: Harvard Law School (and still cannot define a woman)

Clarence Thomas: Yale Law School

Neil Gorsuch: Harvard Law School

Brett Kavanaugh: Yale Law School

Amy Coney Barrett: Notre Dame Law School

Samuel Alito: Yale Law School

Of all these justices, only two seem to take their judicial duties seriously: Thomas and Alito. That means we can expect a little less than a 25% success rate when we draft justices from these institutions.

And don’t get me started on Notre Dame.

According to Blackstone, the primary purpose of the judiciary is to protect people, their liberty, and their property. This is what serious jurists do.

The premiere guide to serious jurisprudence is offered in the Blackstone commentaries and his observations on the laws of England. Blackstone’s ideas were cited in support of the American Revolution and the United States Constitution, so they were instrumental in the founding of this country.

That means his writings should carry a lot of weight.

His purpose in writing his commentary was to take all the statutes and legal decisions and create a coherent legal system that was understandable to the layman.

If we look at how our Supreme Court has ruled over the last sixty years, they also seem to have created a coherent legal system that is understandable to those who are paying attention.

According to Blackstone’s legal theory, no human law has any moral validity or force against natural law. What this means is that no human law has validity if it contradicts God’s divine law.

That is bad news for Ketanji Brown-Jackson. She believes there are more than two sexes, that abortion is lawful, that there is such a thing as gay marriage, etc.

Even though our Supreme Court is not in line with God’s law, they seem to have a somewhat coherent legal system that is in line with another agenda.

Most of their rulings seem to be in line with the desires of the evil Globalists. Although we are thrown a bone or two to make themselves look reasonable, there is no question that the hopes and dreams of our overlords are taking precedence over the liberty of the common citizenry at (NS)SCOTUS.

There is no question that the evil Globalists are trying to take down America so that they can institute their Satanic one-world government. They have purchased a number of our politicians who, in turn, have selected jurists who are morally flexible.

It seems that our courts are slowly doing the bidding of their masters while continuing the façade that they are acting in the best interest of the American people and the law.

Nowhere is this more obvious than their rulings on the fictional group of people called “Transgenders.” No one in their right mind would think that just because a guy dresses like a girl, he should be able to hang out in the girl’s locker room.

That is completely insane and was recently illegal in all fifty states since the founding of the nation.

However, many of the not-so-serious jurists on our Supreme Court have refused to hear lower court cases where they upheld ‘Transgender rights’ in violation of the rights of sensible Americans.

Apparently, decent young women who object to guys violating their privacy in the restroom are discriminating against men who are basically exhibitionists and voyeurs. The ACLU, a group that could care less about civil liberties, zealously defends boys who want to be able to enter the bathroom consistent with their ‘identity.’

And ogle the ladies in the process.

I wonder why we never hear about girls who dress like guys hanging out in the men’s showers.

Refusing to allow guys to shower with girls now violates Title IX, which was passed in 1972 to prohibit sex discrimination in an educational setting. The fact that the people who passed this act never considered it being used in this way meant little to the court.

The original purpose of Title IX was to get more girls to go to college so they could become girl bosses and sacrifice family for a career.

Not only do those dastardly bigots who reject transgenderism theology violate Title IX, they are also in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Thanks to SCOTUS, it is now common knowledge that the civil war was fought so that guys could hang out in the girl’s bathroom.

The reality is that this amendment had everything to do with protecting those whose labor was stolen under slavery. The stretch from protecting ex-slaves to protecting guys dressing like girls was so obscene that I cannot believe any lower court could write this decision with a straight face.

The ACLU, who, once again, cares nothing for civil liberties, is proud of their achievement for a ‘transgender’ middle school youth from Indiana. In this court case, we learned from the lawless and corrupt courts in Indiana that kids who have been manipulated by deviants to use puberty blockers should be able to use the bathroom that reflects their gender identity.

We were informed that this case was about the fundamental right of every student to a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Unfortunately, no one asked the young ladies if they had a right to a safe and inclusive learning environment. They do not even have the right to play their own sports without being brutalized by ‘transgenders,’ so they should not have the right to shower with people of the same sex.

Who do these young women think they are violating this guy’s Title IX and Constitutional rights?

And our illustrious Supreme Court failed to rise and put a stop to this insanity.

In November 2023, the State of Tennessee had the audacity to ban ‘gender-affirming’ health care for youths under 18. In other words, Tennessee does not want its children sexually mutilated by mindless freaks who want to make money off ‘gender dysphoria.’

I am certain that when the lower courts correct this discriminatory law, the Supreme Court will not bother to hear that either.

It is the hopes and dreams of the evil Globalists to cause havoc in American society to bring it down. These rulings are not coherent unless they are understood in the context of powerful people who want to degrade our culture.

So, the Supreme Court just offered up one big win for the evil Globalists.

Blackstone must be rolling over in his grave.

It is amazing to me that whenever the left needs a big victory at SCOTUS, one or two of the allegedly conservative justices switch teams to deliver a serious blow to society.

This was evident regarding their decisions in favor of the LGBT community.

In a 6-3 ruling, the US Supreme Court declared that it was federal law to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The court found that discrimination against homosexuals is barred by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. However, this act was designed to protect against discrimination based on the sex that people were born with, not who they chose to sleep with.

This new definition of sex will now extend into education, health care, and every other facet of our lives. The degrading of our culture is now on steroids, and the people of this country have no one to blame but themselves.

After all, allegedly 72% of Americans support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people. That means their rights will trump the rights of the rest of us every time there is a dispute in court.

Due to this ruling, the Days of Lot are now upon us.

Although SCOTUS has been upholding religious liberty when it conflicts with homosexuality, these rulings are only temporary. Their previous ‘nondiscrimination’ rulings have caused our culture to devolve into chaos. This kind of moral anarchy will soon cause all our religious liberties to become obsolete.

And our right to keep and bear arms, as well as every other right, will be lost as well.

Once our culture is sufficiently degraded, removing all our rights will be like taking candy from a baby.

Moving on, the evil Globalists also care deeply about climate change, even though the term is nonsensical and silly. After all, the climate changes in most places about four times a year.

Be that as it may, our illustrious Supreme Court is not about to let their masters down.

SCOTUS recently allowed lawsuits brought by any municipality against our oil companies to move forward. That means any knucklehead who thinks that oil is causing climate change can sue for loss of business interests.

The left has been desperate to gain the ability to sue oil companies in State court rather than Federal court. They have a much better chance of winning awards and putting the oil companies out of business in State court.

Imagine these lawsuits in California, New York, or Washington, D.C., where it seems impossible to find one decent person to serve on a twelve-man jury. The oil companies had better fall in line with what the left wants if they want to stay in business.

The oil companies would prefer to develop technologies and public policies so they can produce ‘affordable energy.’ The last thing they should be involved in is pleading lawsuits for billions of dollars. Dollars that will inevitably find their way into the clammy hands of climate activists who want to eliminate reliable energy production.

This, of course, plays right into the hands of the evil Globalists, and oil companies had better start taking their dictates seriously. The Globalists understand that if they can control our energy production through the threat of lawsuits, they can control the oil companies.

That puts them in charge of our energy production.

It is their desire to put a stranglehold on the supply of all things that make civilization possible in an effort to control us. And they are achieving great success, especially by eliminating farms that produce our food.

If they can turn off your heat or air conditioning, they can return us to a more primitive means of existence. There is a lot of power to be had for those who control the energy sector.

Sometimes, the Supreme Court makes a few decent decisions, but only just in time for new bad ideas to take over.

Recently, the Supreme Court overturned affirmative action policies, which ended race-conscious admission programs at colleges and universities. The six allegedly conservative justices invalidated these programs.

They reversed a ‘precedent’ that such programs were constitutional, even though they clearly were not.

Of course, these programs were outdated and had already been replaced with the completely insane Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda. This is out-of-control affirmative action in which people who are clearly unqualified for a position can get it based on ethnicity or sex.

As usual, this precedent was overturned because it was no longer useful, and something more sinister had already replaced it.

Our airline industry has now applied DEI to our pilots who want to put women and minorities in the cockpit, even if they do not know what they are doing. This is done because there are too many white males who are aviators.

My guess is DEI will be upheld by the Supreme Court, or they will refuse to hear a lower court’s decision to uphold it.

The Supreme Court also finally ended Roe v. Wade, which could in no way ever be considered constitutional. However, it was time for it to go, not because it was unconstitutional but because it had already severely damaged the country.

And the abortion pill is now becoming the preferred means of infanticide.

And the left was more than happy to see it go because not only had the damage been done, but now they had something new to lie and scaremonger about.

The evil Globalists love it because it allowed them to kill a large number of children, which aided their population control efforts. The only reason that SCOTUS was able to overturn this demonic decision after 50 years of infanticide was because a new and improved way to kill the unborn is being developed.

And there are plenty of States run by Democrats who are eager to continue this genocide.

Finally, we get to the subject of immigration. It is fairly obvious that we have immigration laws, and it is the job of the courts to uphold these laws.

How is that going?

Well, the state of Texas is fighting against the evil Biden administration to stop the invasion of millions of people who have not been vetted. When SCOTUS got the opportunity to help Texas out and enforce immigration law, they failed by just one vote.

Two of the ‘conservative’ justices joined with the other three deluded morons.

There is no question that the evil Globalists are using immigration to bring down Western culture. Their lackeys teach this in our universities under the auspices of ending colonialism or racism but instead is designed to cause cultural chaos and make the world more amenable to totalitarianism.

It is estimated that over 6 million unvetted immigrants have crossed the southern border of the US in the last three years. This has inflicted a great deal of harm on millions of Americans across the country.

And most of them live in sanctuary cities, so it is hard to feel sorry for them since they voted for the corrupt politicians who ran on this misguided policy.

These voters may lose most of their rights, but at least they can still have their abortions.

Unfortunately, the illegal aliens can now move from the sanctuary cities to other states effortlessly.

My guess is that was the whole point of the Sanctuary City movement.

This has now resulted in a standoff between the state of Texas and the corrupt Biden administration. The state of Texas is putting up barriers to keep illegal aliens out until they go through the proper legal channels.

So, who did SCOTUS side with?

They sided with the corrupt Biden administration and the evil Globalists. SCOTUS voted 5-4 to let the feds remove the razor wire that Texas had put up to stop illegal immigration.

Do we really need any more evidence that the majority on the court serve the evil Globalists rather than the citizenry?

SCOTUS has abandoned its true duty to protect the common citizenry’s liberty and property.

By now, we should all be tired of hoping and praying that the current members of SCOTUS actually rule in our favor for once without introducing ‘poison pills’ in their decisions. That is not going to happen.

Even when they get rid of bad precedent, that is only because the evil Globalists and the Democrats have devised something worse to replace it.

Yes, we still have our guns, but I can assure you that right is precarious, especially when our society devolves into anarchy.

If we evaluate the time that we are in and have a proper understanding of Bible prophecy, we know how this is going to work out. Hard times are coming for those of us who wish to live a Godly life in Christ.

Our voting system has been so corrupted that it is becoming nearly impossible to remove Godless and corrupt politicians in favor of those who will represent us.

And our courts have no interest in attempting to restore sanity.

Everyone who wants to live a Godly life in Christ will be persecuted as a result of this kind of wickedness. All the same, Christ calls us to patiently endure until he comes for us.

One day soon, the Lord will look upon this evil and be sorely displeased that there is no justice. He will be appalled that there is no one to intercede for the righteous.

He will then don his garments of vengeance and wrap himself in zeal as in a cloak.

According to what they have done, he will repay wrath to his enemies and retribution to his foes. He will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along.

When this occurs, we will no longer need to worry about corrupt judges ever again.

Can I get a Hallelujah?