Faithful America :: By The Gospelist

The Marxist ‘Christians’ of the nation have banded together in an effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming President.

These wolves in goats’ clothing, called ‘progressive’ Christians, have circulated a petition calling for Catholic bishops to drop their support for President Trump. They have apparently found ‘thousands’ of like-minded heathen to sign their petition.

The group that issued this petition is called Faithful America (FA).

They appear to be a typical communist front group because they are neither faithful nor pro-American.

According to their website, they are the largest online community of Christians who are putting faith into action for social justice.

In other words, they are God-haters who hope to transition the true Gospel into the worldly philosophy of social justice.

Those who believe in social justice are enemies of the Gospel. And there is no such thing as a Christian who is an enemy of the Gospel.

The definition of social justice is the idea that those with power and wealth get to determine who deserves economic, political, and social rights and opportunities. If you are a member of a group that threatens those in power, your economic, political, and social rights can be terminated.

Social justice is driven by the autocrats of the world, not Scripture.

The purveyors of social justice routinely bear false witness against their neighbors, who are usually conservatives, by accusing them of being ‘racists.’ The term ‘racist’ is a demonic social construct used by people who are seeking worldly power by wicked means. The term was created by malicious fiends in an effort to cause people to betray and hate each other.

Those who use this term to attack their political enemies are devoid of the Holy Spirit.

The members of FA, who are allegedly Catholic, Protestant, and more (?), are “sick of sitting by quietly while Jesus’ message of ‘good news’ is hijacked by the ‘religious right’ to serve their ‘hateful’ political agenda.”

Wow! These people are the very embodiment of love and understanding.

FA claims to serve the noble purpose of challenging ‘Christian nationalism (the belief in a Godly country)’ and white supremacy (including all six proponents of this ideology) in order to renew the church’s prophetic role in building a more free and just society.

And all this time I thought we were to make disciples of all nations by proclaiming repentance for the forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus. Then, after having done so, baptizing all nations in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Don’t I feel like a rube.

The ‘II Timothy 3 Brigade’ is raising their collective voices through rapid-response digital campaigns to reach other deluded ‘Christians’ across the nation. They “stand against religious institutions that invoke a twisted definition of religious freedom to justify bigotry.”

Their god has ordered them to stand against all ‘hate groups’ that claim to speak for Christianity while working vigorously to destroy the reputation of any Christian who embraces “discrimination and partisanship.”

Maybe they found this version of the Great Commission in the gay bible.

This group has jumped in bed (pun intended) with like-minded heathen, such as the pope, to resurrect the Pornocracy or “the rule of harlots.’

In the tenth century, the Roman Catholic Church appointed about eight popes in eight years. They must have had a hard time finding the right pagan for the position.

The term ‘Pornocracy’ was used to describe the gross immorality of the popes during that time. In reality, the Pornocracy began in the fourth century with the first pope, Damasas, and never ended.

In a display of the mastery of verbal porn, FA has a message for those who support the candidacy of the mean orange man.

Any Catholic who dares to vote for Donald Trump, or support his campaign, will be held accountable by invoking the “inspiring words of Pope Francis.”

That’s not very intimidating. Pope Francis is incapable of uttering “inspiring words.”

Pope Francis has shown no interest in the proclamation of the Gospel but instead fights zealously for social, economic, and racial justice. He stands with the Black Lives Matter movement, which ’embraces the values of love, equality, and dignity.’

And arson.

The “inspiring words’ of the Jesuit pope are that we all must work together to make a difference for immigrants (who violate our laws), refugees (who also do not have to obey our laws), the climate (which is a totalitarian hoax), the LGBTQ community (who Christians are to call to repentance), and more.

As a side note, those who invoke the hallowed name of this homosexual group need to stop abbreviating their acronym. To show proper respect, they need to include all the vowels and consonants of this prestigious assembly and take the time to spell it out completely.


The members of FA are not affiliated with any institutional church, denomination, or parent entity. They were initially founded as a project of the National Council of Churches in 2004, and now they have joined the ranks of many other 501©4 not-for-profit front groups.

As a side note, the National Council of Churches is a demonic Globalist anti-church movement that works for the destruction of Christianity.

For the last five years, FA has been led by the right Rev. Nathan Empsall (he/him). We are not certain if Rev. Empsall started life off as a male or a female (and I have made no attempt to find out), but either way, he/she is a devoted proclaimer of social justice.

The Reverend Nathan is an Episcopal priest, which means he is a member of a denomination that abandoned Christ a long time ago. He holds a Master of Divinity and a Master of Environmental Management, as well as a B.A. in government and Native American studies.

Which fully explains why he has no understanding of the Gospel.

His credentials include his work for the UN as well as working for the denominations Task Force on the Care of Creation and Environmental Racism. He has been an online campaigner for the Sierra Club, and his writings appear in NBC News, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, The Hill, Sojourners, Red Letter Christians, and more.

Wow! This guy is more qualified to spread evil than most of Satan’s demons (I really need to stop being amazed at wanton depravity).

FA uses social justice to oppose Christian Nationalism (CN), which, of course, is what they have relabeled true Christianity.

To learn how these people define Christian Nationalism, all one must do is go to Google (a search engine that is devoted to the Globalist propaganda), type in this term, and you will receive a completely psychotic rendition of what these people are so frightened of.

According to these demons, we Christian Nationalists are Christian soldiers marching as to war. We mercilessly wield the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the word of God, in our tireless effort to strike down the sinner.

And we dare to believe that our rights come from God rather than the government.

We are mostly white, which cannot be sufficiently detested by Satan and his demons. We believe the American nation should be defined by Christianity, which is its historic root, and that no law should be made respecting the establishment of a religion or the free exercise thereof…

In other words, we tend to be lawful Constitutionalists.

We are also accused of treating minorities and non-Christians as second-class citizens, although it is unclear how we do this.

Wow! These people are a case study in projection. (Oops. I was amazed again.)

One would think that since we are called to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we would get some credit for including all nations in our congregation.

When we Christian Nationalists are in power, we enact policies that are hostile to immigrants and refugees. For instance, we believe that one must be a citizen to vote. Worse still, we expect our government to vet anyone who comes to this nation. We tend to ‘discriminate’ against immigrants because we are concerned they could be here to terrorize us rather than live in peace.

The standard Christian Nationalist is in favor of book bans and would burn many of the masterpieces of modern-day literature. Such classics as “Heather Has Two Mommies,” “I Was a Teenage Cabana Boy,” and “NAMBLA for Dummies” would no longer populate elementary school bookshelves.

According to the II Timothy 3 Brigade, this type of ‘censorship’ is a risk to the evil heathen’s way of life and a danger to all they hold dear. The attempt to force kids to read wholesome stories represents, to them, a threat to the very fabric of our nation.

Christian Nationalism is more than an idea, according to these people. It is a militia-type movement that uses angry, aggrieved people who practice violence to preserve Christian values.

Yes, projection again. (I have now summoned the emotional control necessary to withhold my amazement and disgust at the dishonesty of these people.)

They urge their listeners not to be fooled by our testimony that Christ died for our sins and our calls for repentance. They seem to have a vague understanding that the Gospel has the power to put an end to licentiousness, which is the heathen version of freedom.

Although those dastardly Christian Nationalists have not engaged in any violence yet, it is only a matter of time before we erupt. Currently, we are only interested in calling sinners to repent, but they assure us that soon we will initiate the stoning of sinners.

The danger is so dire that the II Timothy 3 Brigade has been forced to create words that do not exist in the dictionary (although I haven’t checked because too many idiotic words have already been added to the dictionary).

According to the deluded, the election of Donald Trump has given rise to the term Christofascism, which, among these white Christians, has caused them to blindly follow this Mussolini-type cult leader.

This term is as terrifying as it is nonsensical. We know that the Christ portion of this word means the Son of God, but no one can yet explain the ‘o’ part of this word.

Be that as it may, we all know what fascism is. It is allegedly a ‘far-right’ ideology even though it is socialistic in nature. Of course, socialism is far more indicative of the philosophy of the Democrat Party, which is ruled by the left.

Fascism is also anti-capitalist, unlike Donald Trump, but amazingly is a trait that is exclusively possessed by just about every member of the Democrat Party.

It is also authoritarian in that it does not approve of elections, uses the law to attack its political opponents, and believes in centralized government.

Every member of the left should be forced to purchase a mirror so they can identify a true fascist when they see one. We Christian Nationalists should add this to our list of things to do when Trump is elected president.

Who knows, one day, these Christian Nationalists might go so far as to prevent their political opponents from being able to run for office based on phony, trumped-up charges.

The corruption of the Democrat party is manifested by the many false accusers in their ranks. These people have much in common with such men as Lavrentiy Beria, who worked for Stalin, who once remarked, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

But rest assured, the term fascism will never be associated with a Democrat. Yes, Democrats, for all intents and purposes, are atheists and Marxists. Donald Trump, on the other hand, professes belief in God.

It’s almost as if the left started calling us ‘fascists’ because they knew we would accuse them of this once we had an opportunity to evaluate their tactics.

Also, when you control all sources of information and media, like fascists, you can get away with calling virtuous people anything you want.

In an attempt to hide their true nature, they have aligned themselves with the great Pope Francis, as he is God on earth, to bolster their position as ‘faithful people.’

The False Prophet Wannabe (FPW) (a.k.a. the pope) recently declared that Bishops “must behave in a more pastoral manner than this (supporting the candidacy of Trump) and that Christian Nationalist politicians like Donald Trump and their vile, hate-based policies do not speak for us—or for Jesus.”

And the papacy should know because it speaks for Satan.

The papacy abhors the words and actions like those they heard and read from Cardinal Dolan, Bishop Strickland, and others who were partisan, unpastoral, and extremely harmful to immigrants, the poor, and the marginalized.

Gee, I wonder which American political party the pope supports.

We can assume that the members of ‘Faithful America’ are going to support the pope by voting for the party that removed all references to God from its political platform.

Neither they nor the pope like God very much.

Faithful America and their pope have now crossed the Rubicon of God’s mercy by attempting to alter the Gospel in their pathetic pursuit of worldly power.

They opine:

“The Gospel teaches love, equality, and dignity — all values that the MAGA movement clearly rejects.

Please listen to the millions of faithful, loving Catholics and allies who want bishops to stay out of this election.”

The Gospel does not teach love, equality, and dignity, which, by the way, are virtues that no member of ‘Faithful America’ possesses.

Or the pope, for that matter.

It teaches us that Christ died for our sins and, due to this fact, we are to call sinners to repent and be forgiven in the name of Jesus.

The official position of the RCC is that the Catholic Church does not tell the laity which candidate or political party to vote for. However, they do provide a “teaching document” that is meant “to guide Catholics on what the Church teaches so they may form their consciences to make their decisions on election day.”

I wonder if part of this “teaching document” includes the idea that Donald Trump supports vile, hate-based policies that do not speak for us—or Jesus.

Faithful America celebrated in November after Pope Francis, the False Prophet Wannabe (FPW), removed Strickland from his position, calling the former bishop “a notoriously election-denying, QAnon-spreading, Francis bashing, vaccine-rejecting, LGBTQ-hating, division sowing, fire-breathing darling of right-wing Twitter.”

Does anyone have the phone number for QAnon? I have not meant a single person who knows anything about this group, and yet every kook in the world assures us that they exist and that they are a threat to the planet.

Poor Bishop Strickland was removed following a rare investigation into his ‘malfeasance’ because he dared to exhibit common sense and had the audacity to take Scripture seriously. His greatest error was apparently opposing the FPW’s reforms, which included blessing gay marriage and the recognition of ‘transgender ideology.’

The final straw was when he described Joe Biden, a practicing Catholic in good standing according to the FPW, as “evil.”

That really was beyond the pale. Calling an election-stealing reprobate like Joe Biden evil smacks of truth-telling, and the FPW will not stand for that.

During a meeting in Portugal last year, Francis criticized some conservative American Catholics for “backwardness” in putting their political ideology above church doctrine, arguing that “ideologies replace faith” among “reactionary” Catholics.

Let’s be honest, statements like those take a lot of nerve that most of us do not possess. No person with a conscience could utter them.

To cap it all off, Faithful America demands that Christians reject the insurrectionist ex-president in favor of a candidate that will do the bidding of the evil Globalists and the FPW.

They lament that Trump intends to double down on his ‘fascist’ tactics that, on January 6th, forced the Injustice Department (formerly the DOJ) and the KGB (formerly the FBI) to engage in an insurrection against the American people.

These organizations have not had to engage in this type of treason since they assassinated John F. Kennedy (I know, conspiracy theory, blah blah blah).

We can expect a lot more of this type of maliciousness from the minions of the evil Globalists leading up to the election. It is possible, however, that God has other plans and the plotting of the wicked will come to nothing.

They are confident, though, and don’t seem to be working that hard to cover up any of the criminal activity that they have perpetrated over the last four years.

Be that as it may, no Christian should be deceived by this nonsense from Faithful America. Paul was astonished when the Galatians were being fooled by those who wanted to replace the Gospel with Old Testament law.

What ‘Faithful America’ and the FPW are pushing is a different Gospel, called social justice, which is no Gospel at all. If anyone is thrown into confusion over this mindless idiocy, that person has probably been abandoned by God.

The pagans at ‘Faithful America,’ along with the FPW, are proclaiming a different Gospel and are eternally condemned. Anyone who plays these types of games with God’s word has earned everlasting contempt.

And anyone who approves of them is in the same boat.