Bible Kicked like a Football Superbowl Sunday At Church:: By Jim Towers

In a galaxy – millions of light years away, there was a Supreme Being. One who could think outside the box and was supremely creative. He was not a female nor a transvestite – but a male. Anyway, He got together with his alter ego and said, let us make man in our image and in our likeness as well. This God – as it were, made his very own words come alive, and together, they made man. Angels were obedient servants who varied from one another and who could fly at the speed of light. But Lucifer (meaning light-emitting one) was so puffed up with his beauty and intelligence that he dared challenge his creator for His throne. He managed to get one-third of the angels on his side.

God sent him and his fellow rebels to a newly created sphere He called Earth. Until then, this beautiful blue planet teaming with water was uninhabited until He created fish and an untold number of varied animals. He came up with a creature He called mankind. For the lonely man – God made woman – who was taken out of the man.

Since then, the earth, in all its splendor, has never been the same.

Now, many millennia have passed, and mankind has become rebellious, just like those who preceded him.

This can’t be true – but it is. On Superbowl Sunday, a church put on an utterly despicable display (with helmets and all the rest) for the entertainment of their congregation from the pulpit. But the real kicker was that they used the Bible as a football and even kicked it out into the crowd for amusement. The audience roared with laughter and applause.

This is what many people have done with Almighty God and His word – giving way to sexual perversion and hate for His word – they have kicked Him to the curb.

This was a display of utter contempt for the Bible and God. For me, this atrocity cannot be justified by any stretch of the imagination. Can there be any reason for God to relent from His divine punishment?

Parts of Argentina have now been destroyed by water, while southern California continues getting soaked. Now, a stretch of the central states is being hammered by howling winds and snow, with some places receiving more than six feet of it. You can only imagine what will happen when the snow melts.

Wildfires ravaged Texas and fried many livestock. Some think it was an act of terrorists or arsonists, but according to the news, the power company says it was their equipment that caused the fire. One lawsuit claims it was a downed power line caused by a decaying telephone pole due to faulty maintenance by the power company.

What are we to make of all this? One can only extrapolate that we are in for more of the same and worse, according to the Bible.

The Bible is an awe-inspiring book – there is nothing like it in all the world. In it, you will find the reason for being, how mankind materialized, what love is, the first rebels, how to acquire a peace that surpasses all understanding, and from it – hope springs eternal. It tells of the beginning and also of the end. It is like a field of treasure where nuggets of truth are to be had freely.

I am a nobody in the larger scheme of things, but like me, if you can’t see God’s wrath bearing down on the planet, I would urge you to ask God to open your eyes and repent. Ask God to forgive you for ignoring Him and taking His goodness for granted. Read His Book, the Bible. In it, you will read the signs that time is running out on the atomic clock, and soon, we may be facing nuclear war as well.

As for me, from the time I received Christ, I began to read the Holy Bible. First, the King James Version, then the Good News for Modern Man, The Living Bible, the New American Standard, and back to the New King James. Even today, the Bible is my mainstay, my inspiration, my hope, a light for my path. I still read it nightly, searching for hope in this dying and dark world filled with evil. Without realizing it, I was memorizing many verses, verses with meaning that stood the test of time. Today, I know without a doubt that the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom – just like the Bible says. Who wouldn’t want that kind of knowledge? Only a fool spurns and desecrates it.

I saw another video on the internet of people in China clamoring and crying and holding the Holy Book to their breasts as though it were gold when receiving one. Yet, many here in the United States treat it like dirt.

Is there any reason why God should look the other way when his creation turns their backs on what He has to say? Shouldn’t He be weary of looking the other way? Even after He has made a solution for mankind to escape His righteous wrath, they are hesitant to obey Him. The church has become a place of entertainment and confusion where man-made theology is taught.

The Bible teaches that Jesus will rule with a rod of iron, which can only mean one thing – that mankind will continue to be disobedient and unruly during Christ’s thousand-year reign. And lest we forget, the Bible also teaches that there will be NO criminals, liars, or cowards in heaven – something our politicians should take note of.

The opening of this article is written much like a novel or a screenplay narrative, but I have misgivings about making the Bible out to be a fable or just another story, much like Narnia or The Screwtape Letters or even the Left Behind Series of books. It is much more than that; it is truth, in a nutshell, given to mankind by God, yet another precious gift by which to navigate life.

My book Visions, Miracles” Peace and Power is completely true in every respect and was written to bring hope to unchurched people about the reality of God and the spirit world. One of the first things you will note is that it doesn’t deviate from the Word of God – nor are there talking animals in it. Even the great Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has had life-changing experiences and rude spiritual awakenings like me – taking him from being a former atheist to a seeker and finally to a believer – and he’s a clinical psychologist!

Kicking the football can be seen here – Ohio Megachurch Pastor Punts Bible Off Stage During Super Bowl Sunday Service (

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