Chafer Conference… Israel: Past, Present, and Future :: By Paul J. Scharf

The Chafer Theological Seminary Pastors’ Conference met for the 19th time at West Houston Bible Church this past Monday through Wednesday, March 4 to 6. In the aftermath of Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, the conference focused on “Israel: Past, Present, and Future.”

Roughly 250 attendees came together on site, with 1,600 unique viewers observing online during the three days. They had the rare opportunity to hear from representatives of three leading Israel-focused ministries, along with connecting with many others who love and serve the Jewish people in various ways.

Dr. Randall Price (president of World of the Bible Ministries and a board member for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry) was one of the keynote speakers, along with Dr. Mike Stallard (vice president of international ministries for FOI and a professor for Chafer). They were accompanied by Dr. Mitch Glaser (president of Chosen People Ministries) and Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum (founder and director of Ariel Ministries).

Price delivered the three evening addresses. He drew on his many years of study, research, archaeological excavation, and living in Israel to provide responses to these three critical topics:

  • “Who Owns the Land?”
  • “What is the Cause of the Middle East Conflict?”
  • “How the Middle East Conflict is Preparing the World for the End Times”

“These are very crucial things to think about,” Price said. “It’s a desperate time. Israel is in a fight for its survival. The ramifications affect us in our country.”

Price added: “This is a religious war. People don’t get that. People in the streets don’t know what they’re saying because of the way they’ve been groomed and indoctrinated.”

Price explained how our woke culture is ignorant of the Islamic worldview, as well as the nature of this conflict and the Biblical importance of Israel—a dangerous combination that often yields a desire to identify with Hamas. “Much of the Western world is woke and indoctrinated against facts and logic,” he stated.

Stallard opened the conference with this topic: “What is the Meaning of the Word ‘Israel’ in the Bible?”

“Israel means Israel—don’t ever leave that truth,” he stated. “We’re pro-Israel, and the number one reason is theological. God loves Israel, and we need to love what God loves.”

Stallard concluded his opening lecture by looking at two problem passages for dispensationalists—Romans 9:6 and Galatians 6:16. “We only have two, and we have a couple thousand to throw at [our opponents],” he said with a smile.

“Every Jewish believer you meet is a signpost of God’s faithfulness,” Glaser proclaimed. “We are part of the remnant. The true ‘Never Forget’ is to never forget His promises because He is a God who raises the dead.”

Fruchtenbaum broke down the various views related to the regathering of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. He explored the often-overlooked Biblical teaching that the nation must first return in unbelief to face judgment—before coming to faith and experiencing God’s blessing in her final return to the land.

Other speakers included Paula Joffe (an advocate for the awareness of antisemitism, formerly of StandWithUs), Dr. Charlie Bing (founder and director of GraceLife Ministries and a professor for Chafer), and Dr. Andy Woods (pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church [Sugar Land, TX] and president of Chafer). Dr. Thomas Ice (director of the Pre-Trib Research Center) was unable to attend due to illness. His session was taken by Dr. Robert Dean (the host pastor and a board member and professor for Chafer and president of Dean Bible Ministries).

Joffe compared the current climate in the United States to that of Europe before World War II. “The majority of Jews live in fear,” she said. “Antisemitism is tolerated and accepted as an expression of free speech. [New York City] has become a cesspool of Jew hatred.”

Activities included a commencement ceremony for seven new Chafer graduates. Woods delivered a commencement address based on the Apostle Paul’s words in Acts 20:18-35. “This is the highest and holiest calling that you can do with your life,” Woods exclaimed. There are about 150 students taking classes from Chafer this school year.

Price concluded the conference with a rousing call for all to become alert to the realities of Biblical prophecy.

“End-time events have their focus on Israel,” he said. “It’s all about Israel—it always has been.”

Presentations from this year’s conference, along with previous editions, are available to view at

Paul J. Scharf (M.A., M.Div., Faith Baptist Theological Seminary) is a church ministries representative for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, based in Columbus, WI, and serving in the Midwest. For more information on his ministry, visit or, or email