Hereafter: New Book by Terry James and Jonathan Brentner!

HEREAFTER: It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine 

Have you ever wondered what your life will look like in Heaven?

In our new book, Hereafter, Terry James and I explore what the Bible reveals about eternity. What we discovered from our examination of Bible prophecy is just what the subtitle says, “It’s Far Better Than You Can Imagine.”

Understanding our lives in the Hereafter changes everything for us:

  • The joy set before us strengthens our hearts for the many trials that come our way.
  • Anticipation of the joyous reunions and jubilant celebrations in Heaven that will take place after the Rapture loosens our grip on the temporary things of this life.
  • Awareness of the rewards for our faithfulness service encourages our hearts during times when we think no one notices our service for the Lord.
  • Knowing that we will reign with Jesus in His earthly kingdom broadens our understanding of all our experiences here below.
  • The glimpses of our future glory in Scripture help us understand that our joy and fulfillment in eternity will exceed anything we can imagine.

While some things regarding our life in Heaven remain a mystery, Terry and I endeavor to address questions such as the following:

  • Will our immortal bodies possess supernatural abilities?
  • Will we sleep?
  • Will there be animals in Heaven?
  • How will we move about in the huge New Jerusalem?
  • What is Heaven, anyways?
  • What might our days look like when we reign with Jesus?
  • Will we be bored in Heaven?
  • Will the Hereafter consist of one long worship service?
  • Should we fear the judgment seat of Christ? What about the crowns mentioned in the New Testament?
  • How will living in the New Jerusalem far, far exceed even our most fanciful imaginations of beauty and wonder?

If any of these questions resonate with you, please pick up a copy of Hereafter where we address all these matters and many, many more. It’s now available on Amazon and at the Defender Publishing online bookstore.

Thanks so much!

Jonathan Brentner