Australia Has Gone. Look Out, USA!

Before I begin today, can I raise two matters?

  1. Pray for me. I feel I am under attack right now through a whole lot of incidents. I am doing a lot of writing and several series. The enemy is aware.
  2. If any person has written to me over the last whatever and I have not replied, I apologise to you. I try to answer every email, but sometimes some might slip through.

I want to share some thoughts here today. None of us has the full understanding of our times or what lies ahead. Some think they do, but they don’t. This posting is like a quiet chat. Just sharing some thoughts.

It has been very much on my mind lately just how to understand this Timothy verse – 2 Timothy 3:13 “Evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” Because this verse is contained in the section dealing with the last days – 2 Timothy 3:1 “Realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come,” meaning days of hardship, then it places verse 13 in the section in the closing days of the Church.

For some time, I have been placing verse 13 in the political area, and it is true that the political stage is where we see this operation clearer because the people are a bit more transparent. However, I think it must be embracing and covering all facets of society. I have had some dealings lately with such wicked, dishonest people, unlike those we used to know in the decades after WW2. There has been a full turnaround. Nearly all fit the verses in 2 Timothy 3.

People can’t be trusted; standards have gone; people are treacherous. We can cry all we like about that, but it is the state of things now. The Police Commissioner of my State was pushed out by ones under her because she was so bad. Those who follow the corruption in the USA know how evil the judiciary, the FBI, and the White House have become. I could go on all day, but I would be missing the point.

I find it strange sometimes to see the American attitude to the world. I might generalize, but this attitude of “the great U S of A” and “we are the top nation, the best and most powerful…” – it is a great misconception, a delusion. The contributors to RR and the readers here know that is not true and that the USA is in steep decline. Let me put it this way: the USA is chasing after Australia as fast as it can. Australia has fallen.

That brings me to Donald Trump. He is campaigning on MAGA – Make America Great Again. I like Trump; I think he has some decent ideas. Yet, I come back to the 2 Timothy 3:13 verse. How do I reconcile Trump with evil men proceeding from bad to worse? Could anyone who follows Biden ever be worse than Biden?

I am wondering if it is a principle that it proceeds from bad to worse with some hiccups. Maybe Trump is a hiccup. My thoughts often go to King Josiah, one of my favorite characters and one I want to meet in heaven. Josiah was living on the eve of Nebuchadnezzar’s overthrow of the Southern Kingdom, but he was the best king after David and every bit as good. Josiah was prophesied right back before he was born – 1 Kings 13:2 “and he cried against the altar by the word of the LORD and said, ‘O altar, altar, thus says the LORD, “Behold, a son shall be born to the house of David, Josiah by name, and on you he shall sacrifice the priests of the high places who burn incense on you, and human bones shall be burned on you.'”

However, his grandfather was Manasseh, who had the longest reign and was the most evil king ever in Judah. When he died, the few righteous ones were glad, I suppose, and hoped for better; but along comes Amon his son, and here is his description – 2 Kings 21:20 “He did evil in the sight of the LORD as Manasseh his father had done.” Things were going from bad to worse, but along comes the hiccup, Josiah, Amon’s son – 2 Kings 22:2 “He did right in the sight of the LORD and walked in all the ways of his father David, nor did he turn aside to the right or to the left.”

With such a righteous father, one would hope his own sons would follow in their father’s footsteps, but alas, this is the record of Josiah’s son:

2 Kings 23:31-32 “Jehoahaz was twenty-three years old when he became king, and he reigned three months in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Hamutal, the daughter of Jeremiah of Libnah, and he did evil in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his fathers had done.”

When you read the prophets, especially Jeremiah, who lived in the time of Josiah and his sons, you will see that Judah was totally corrupt, and Jeremiah spoke out against the people over and over. They definitely proceeded from bad to worse until God said enough.

What about us? I have a remarkable book that impressed me so much and clarified so much when I read it a bit under 50 years ago. This is an internet summary of it:

How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture” is a Christian cultural and historical documentary film series and book. The book was written by pre-suppositionalist theologian Francis A. Schaeffer was first published in 1976. The book served as the basis for a series of ten films.”

I did not see the films. The book traces the rise of Western culture until its zenith, but then how it started to come apart. In the 50 years since the book, the disintegration has been immense.

What this world has become is horrible. I said in the title, “Australia Has Gone,” and I am not being sensational. It has entered a pagan and satanic phase of its fall. Americans should not switch off when I mention Australia. We are leading, but the USA is on its heels. You will become this mess soon in your own way.

Let me share a news item from several days ago:

Man faces jail for ‘angering the Rainbow Serpent’ under Aboriginal heritage laws

Sky News Australia 15 Feb 2024

Western Australian real estate agent Tony Maddox faces jail under the “abused” Aboriginal heritage laws after building a bridge over a creek on his property. Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt said the Aboriginal heritage laws were being used to defend what, in his opinion, is “the imaginary.”

“Tony is a real estate agent in Toodyay, north-east of Perth, and he decided to build a bridge over the tiny creek at the front of his property that kept washing away the path,” he said. And while he was at it, he added a bit of a pond, which was quite nice. Little did he know that he was angering the Rainbow Serpent that nobody has ever seen.”

In the clip above, it mentions the Rainbow Serpent. That is what we would call Satan and was the key aspect of Aboriginal life. Satanic worship. Tourists are taken to see corroborees, an aboriginal dance form that is connected again with their spiritism. People think it is harmless, but it is not.

The religion of the Australian aborigines was the most satanic on earth. It was full worship of Satan (portrayed as the Rainbow Serpent) and the worship of evil spirits. In short, it is spiritist. Sadly, the religion is being taken into schools with “Aboriginal culture” in many art and music forms, with murals and sculptures all over. It comes at people over the radio, on airplanes, on television, every Government agency and document. Not to go along with it is to brand you a racist.

One of the evil practices of the Aborigines was the “smoking ceremony.” In this, they lit leaves and bark and waved the smoke over their faces and bodies. It is an incantation to the evil spirits. It is a satanic practice. Now, they open the Federal Parliament with that smoking ceremony and not prayers. It is being done by Councils also. Australia has done its best to obliterate God by the overthrowing of all biblical commands, such as what marriage is and all the rest. Paganism replaced that, and now Satanism. All over the nation, they are changing names, even those given by Captain Cook 250 years ago, to Aboriginal names, some of which I think are made up. We are truly putting ourselves in subjection to darkness.

The USA does not have that problem, but you would have your own decay. The difference is the USA has a lot more Christians, percentage-wise, so the full onslaught of evil is still holding off.

Getting back to Donald Trump. Maybe he will get elected if that is God’s will. If he does get back, he may bring in some reforms (the border). So did Josiah, many of them. On paper, Josiah created a very godly place, BUT the people did not follow as a nation. They were as wicked as could be. Begin to read Jeremiah to see that. He writes of those exact times.

I like to look into things, and I wonder if Jeremiah knew Josiah. They lived contemporaneously, both godly men, so I like to think they knew each other and would meet with each other. Josiah must have known the prophecies (some of them) that Jeremiah was speaking and writing, so he knew the heart of the people and how evil it was.

Nevertheless, he proceeded with his reforms.

In the face of opposition, Christian men and women of influence must push on with trying to maintain decency and a semblance of godliness in their nation. It will be an uphill battle, and it will be frustrating, and it will be stressful (the way I am feeling right now).

When I was able to go online – before my Internet provider ruined my phone and most of the internet connection and won’t fix it, nor was I concerned about it – I saw some videos from Forbes in the USA of the Congress and Senate hearings into the prospective judges for American courts. I could not believe how utterly corrupt some of those prospective judges were, but every single one of them was being endorsed by every single Democrat, no abstention or No vote. May God bless every nation whose people read RR. The time is short, and the darkness enfolds us all, but the darkness will never extinguish the light of God’s people, for Jesus is the light of the world.