Saving America with The Gospel Before It Collapses… :: By Jim Towers

It hurts me to have to say this, but we “Christians” must stand up – or we are doomed.

As the saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” Anyone can talk unless they are unable to for one reason or another. If ever there was a time to reach out to our fellow man – now is that time – before we lose our country to our vicious enemy – Satan, who goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

In keeping my readers informed of world events and the spiritual climate of our country, I can’t help but run into videos of so-called drug zombies and drugged-out youth on the internet, where most of my research is done.

Last night, I stumbled onto videos of the multitudes of hopeless (mostly drug-addicted young people) across our once great country. Blue states are the main gathering places of the hopeless and dying since they kicked God to the curb, and now the problem is epidemic across the nation.

There is no hope for atheists and agnostics who pin their futures and hope in man – which is a false hope.

What a heart-wrenching scene it is to see women lying on sidewalks and men standing in one place bowed over with lifeless arms dangling at their sides – frozen in time and caught between hell and eternity.

Not to mention lawlessness.

I think God would be pleased to see Christians put our money where our mouths are – as it were.

We instinctively know what we should do – and that is to help these hopeless people for God’s sake. As for me, I feel called to do just that in one last attempt before the rapture to redeem – at least – some of these lost souls from the snake pit of drugs and hopelessness through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (If you have the stomach for it, I have posted more videos of such on my website.)

With time running out, it is imperative to quit playing church and get real with God and our destitute fellow man, lest we lose our country altogether.

Beginning today, I will be taking names of those who want to participate in this endeavor.

Jesus said, “Only those who throw their lives away for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will ever know what it means to live” (Mark 8:35, TLB). And I know that to be true in my life, having shared Christ and prayed for people even on the street or in public places as well.

This, of course, will take some planning and organization and will begin only when we have the resources for food and lodging and the rain dries up in Miami.

This isn’t just about preaching but loving and ministering to those we encounter. At the same time, we will distribute “little red Bibles” with the plan of salvation in them and pray for some of the neediest. If possible, we may also distribute bottled water to some who need it.

If you can join us, we will all meet in a designated area, such as the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Naples, on February 24th and again at a designated meeting place on March 4th, ready to pay for our own food, transportation, and shelter.

This venture is not for the timid or shy but only for those who are strong in the faith and able to quote scripture verbatim as I do in my outreach encounters.

Here are examples of drugs sweeping the nation due to hopelessness:

WATCH: Fentanyl Turning Homeless Into Mindless Zombies (

No sissies or attention seekers need apply. (No women either – since we may encounter resistance.) Our banner is the American flag /Christian flag, and our songs (that should draw a crowd) are:

“Battle Hymn of the Republic”

“Glory Hallelujah”

“Soldiers of the Cross”

If you are so inclined, please contact me at the address below. If not, you can at least pray for us and your fellow man.

To volunteer, you can reach me at and briefly tell me something about yourself.


I will try to gather our country’s leaders, such as Jordan B. Peterson, Josh Hawley, Jason Chaffetz, and my Christian colleagues in the movie industry as well. Plus, other like-minded Christians in this endeavor to save our country with the Gospel of Jesus Christ AFTER the crusade during Spring Break.

The Gospel is our last and only hope for redemption.

Book report

The book Red Handed by Peter Schweizer is the best book I’ve read in many months. Only The Laptop from Hell comes close. It chronicles the names of Democrats and RINOs who are presently in bed with the Chinese Communist Party and selling out our country for millions of dollars.

This book alone has enough information to send the Biden family to prison for years. What an eye-opening book – I urge all my readers to read it – of course, after reading my book Visions, Miracles, Peace and Power.


Jim Towers

You can write to me at or visit me at My book Visions, Miracles, Peace, and Power can be ordered on Amazon Books and Kindle. You can also find me on my newly restructured website, which now features many videos of worldwide events taking place in the present time.