Is Judgment Beginning Prematurely? :: By Jim Towers

Rain continues to pour from the heavens, on the USA, and all the earth – caldrons of molten lava spewing from below.

It seems like God is crying his eyes out and seething below the surface in frustration. His creation is doing it again. It seems there is nothing to keep them from sinning – (except for those with the Holy Spirit given to those who believe in Jesus Christ and try to live accordingly). And even they are becoming apostate and unable to resist the pull of bad doctrine and sincere sorrow for acting like the heathen they so easily condemn.

All seem to be intent on destroying themselves rather than to submit to God’s laws and extreme love for them. What a pitiful situation.

The “good old USA” is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles – (albeit you wouldn’t know it the way its inhabitants have been acting as of late). It is now experiencing severe flooding and crazy weather like never before. With a corrupt and atheistic government and drugged-out zombies barely able to hold themselves upright – we are becoming the worst of the worst. Hypocrisy and apathy reign supreme in a country that was once a beacon of light to the rest of the world.

When trying to find a church that is aware of these atrocities but overlooks them for the sake of trying to appease the powers that be, we are instead propagating the idea that church leaders know best what’s good for us. “Forget the Bible, listen to me” is their mantra.

Drummers bang on the drums in ear-splitting rhythm while blinding strobe lights flash on and off overhead. The stage has been set to accommodate youthful entertainment rather than instill the Word of God. The youthful preacher with his shirt untucked and spread out like a blanket in front of his too-tight or torn pants. In truth, if young people wanted entertainment, they would go to or view a concert featuring a popular singer/performer like Justin Timberlake or Lady GaGa.

Such men and women may think themselves modern-day prophets and such but leave much to be desired in their attempt to be popular and be looked upon as paragons of virtue and spiritual knowledge. They live in sumptuous homes and drive expensive cars when they should be on their knees asking God’s direction and crying out for forgiveness and for not compelling others to do the same.

They don’t seem to be aware of the signs of the times, spending all their time planning their church’s next extravaganza.

Time is shorter than we think, and if ever there was a time to repent of all these human compulsions, it is now.

Like in the days of Lot and Noah, our benevolent creator came to the end of his rope and will take those who have His Spirit away from chaos and hopelessness. Frustrated, exasperated, and finally enraged, He (except for a few) must make his move and destroy the evildoers – lest they corrupt the entire earth.

God knew this would happen but apparently took pity on mankind, who is no match for Satanic influence. Again, except for believers in Christ, to whom He promised, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” I suspect He hoped for the best.

If you were God, wouldn’t you be angry at watching mankind destroy His greatest gift to us by the millions – that is, children and humanity in general who kill one another indiscriminately in wars?

Day after day, something new and terrifying confronts us, yet these warnings are an act of love. God is giving us time to repent, but He won’t relent with His plan to destroy evil and evildoers.

Jim’s book report:

While I don’t usually buy a book at Barnes and Noble and instead peruse something to read at the public library, I ran out to buy my very own copy of Government Gangsters by Kash Patel.

I had my suspicions after reading the first few pages when I found it at the local library. I could tell it was going to be very interesting to find out how our government REALLY works. I was so glad to find this exposé by someone who’s been there and done that.

Naturally, and almost without exception, a man will give his account of a given situation from his perceived perspective. But this man has all the receipts, and taken together with whatever we can glean here and there from often skewered sources, we can begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle to create the larger picture. (But did you know that God can also cut through all the falsehood and façade that evil forces can throw at us? It’s called spiritual discernment.)

In this case, I had to do some research on my own to uncover outright lies I had been led to believe. Men I thought had at least some decency were found to be wolves in sheep’s clothing and interested only in their own well-being. Career politicians are the worst of the worst.

Tucker Carlson gave a speech in Canada that resonated with me. It was about when the wrong people take control of the country. He said, “There’s kind of no more inoffensive and peaceful group in the world than the Christians. In fact… their religion commands them to turn the other cheek and to put the concerns of others above their own concerns.”

Carlson also condemned the series of church burnings across Canada, declaring that if someone burns churches, “and the prime minister and his little weird buddies are endorsing [the] burning [of] churches… I don’t need any other facts of the case, you’re on the wrong side. In a country like that, in a world like that, if you think that preaching the Gospel is so dangerous that the people who do it need to be in prison, in shackles, you’re serving someone other than the people of Canada,” he stated.


Jim Towers

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