The Future of the Multipolar World :: By The Gospelist

Every day, we get closer to the appearance on the world stage of the beast with seven heads and ten horns.

The planet is not far away from being introduced to the monster whose rider is none other than the Mother of Prostitutes and the abominations of the earth.

We already know that the “Mother” is a wealthy “woman,” that she is an apostate church, and that she is drunk on the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. We also know there is only one church in world history that matches that description.

However, we are still waiting to see how the “scarlet beast” will manifest himself.

The seven heads of the beast are seven kings who once ruled with great power on the earth. The likely culprits of the five who have fallen, or passed into history, are:

Egypt – Rameses

Assyria – Sennacherib

Babylon – Nebuchadnezzar

Persia – Cyrus

Greece – Alexander

The one that ‘is’ is likely Domitian of Rome since he was the emperor when John wrote the Book of Revelation. We know that John was banished to the Isle of Patmos “because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus” during the reign of this particular despot.

Since John was not a criminal, we can assume this emperor did not like Christians very much. This was a fairly severe judgment for someone whose only ‘wrongdoing’ was preaching the Gospel.

We are not given much information about the seventh king other than he has not yet come, but when he does, he must remain a little while. I have speculated that this is Constantine, who ruled for 25 years between 312 and 337. This speculation is based on the following history:

  • He issued the Edict of Milan in which Christianity was ‘elevated’ to be on par with the other religions of Rome.
  • He entitled himself the “Bishop of all things outside of the church.”
  • He appointed Christians to various positions in his administration, which began the fornication of the Roman church with the kings of the earth.
  • He received an extra-biblical vision of the chi and the rho, which he interpreted as the first two letters of Christ, and heard the words, “By this symbol (the cross) you will conquer.” He used this vision to gain an inordinate amount of influence in the church.
  • He was considered a defender of the Christian faith even though he still worshipped the other gods of the empire. He believed the Christian God was only one God among many.

The eighth king will be the antichrist. He is the “little horn” of Daniel 7:8, and he “once was (Nimrod: the rebel?),” but when John wrote Revelation, he “was not,” but he belongs to the other seven and is going to his destruction.

When Christ returns and takes hold of him, he will bypass hell and will be tossed directly into the Lake of Fire (Revelation 19:20).

The ten horns are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom. They will receive authority as kings along with the antichrist. The antichrist will then ‘uproot’ three of them, and the remaining kings will surrender their authority to him by mid-tribulation.

I assume the ten kings will receive their power from the evil Globalists who will install those who are on board with their satanic agenda into their kingships. We already have our first king, or at least the office now has prominence, with all the hype surrounding the inauguration of King Charles III.

He will probably step down or pass on before the time comes for him to assert unchecked power. His primary use seems to be to condition the population to accept the idea of a king until he, or the next king, is ready to be endowed with ‘divine authority.’

For the most part, we are currently seeing a unipolar world with America in the lead. However, after observing the feckless Biden administration and his host of deluded Democrats, the world no longer trusts America to lead the world.

And the appearance of so many bought-off or compromised Republicans going along with them does not encourage optimism around the globe.

China and Russia have now stepped in to build a ‘fairer’ multipolar world. Xi Jinping and Putin have declared themselves old and dear friends and are ready to start dividing the world in a more equitable manner.

There is nothing more comforting than two murderous totalitarians offering to make the world a better place.

This new alliance is going to counter American dominance in the Middle East and will shape policy toward the nation of Israel.

We can all rest assured that Israel is not going to benefit from the ‘reshaping’ of the Middle East, especially with these two nations at the helm.

Xi is taking full advantage of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza to showcase his ambitions to reshape the global order. His ‘vision’ is to expand Beijing’s influence abroad with infrastructure projects that create dependency on the communist state.

It seems that Xi and Putin have a much better plan for bringing peace to the Middle East than the pathetic Democrats who currently hold power. They are highly critical of America’s foreign policy and apparently have a superior idea of how to handle things.

They are keeping their plans close to the vest, however.

The two despots believe that they can become a force for stability in the world. They will put an end to “ideological confrontation, geopolitical rivalry, and bloc politics.”

These types of lofty goals are usually achieved by Marxist totalitarians through censorship of the truth and the murder of political opposition.

China and Russia are powerful nations, and their new partnership is said to have “no limits.” They intend to work diligently to coordinate their foreign policies to deal with the difficult conditions created by U.S. hegemony.

At a recent world conference, European Union countries were largely absent. Instead, there were nearly 150 developing nations who participated and seemed to be very happy with the new world order that was being proposed.

China has disbursed close to one trillion dollars among these nations. These were mainly loans to build power plants, seaports, and other infrastructure across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

But some of these countries are finding their debt obligations onerous.

Wow, I didn’t see that one coming!

I wonder what they will have to give up for China’s ‘generous donations’ that they foolishly thought were meant to improve their lives.

Putin has discovered that his new friendship with Xi has become very profitable. With this new ally, he can present himself as a global power broker despite Western efforts to isolate him.

Beijing and Moscow are in conflict with how the U.S. is dealing with issues in the Middle East. They are concerned about the ‘humanitarian crisis’ that the U.S. and Israel have created in Gaza.

However, they have no concern about the humanitarian crises that they have created in Ukraine and among the Uighur population in China.

They have avoided condemning Hamas for its attack on Israel, probably because they see no ‘humanitarian crisis’ caused by that particular terrorist attack.

They did take the initiative to criticize Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and called for a revival of talks with the ‘Palestinian state.’

They believe Israel should submit to vicious attacks from their neighbors and then negotiate with the ‘leaders’ of the imaginary state the world calls ‘Palestine.’

I guess with this statement, we are seeing the formation of their foreign policy for the Middle East.

It seems fairly obvious that China cares nothing for the security of Israel. Xi is far more interested in currying favor with the 55 Muslim nations that want to see Israel wiped off the map.

According to China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, “The crux of the issue lies in the fact that justice has not been returned to the Palestinian people.” He believes Israel’s retaliation in Gaza after October 7th had “already gone beyond self-defense.” He also called on Israel to halt the “collective punishment of the people of Gaza.”

Like prophecy, teacher John Haller likes to say, “If hypocrisy was water, these people would drown.”

These remarks were said to signal a shift away from China’s stated policy of ‘non-interference’ in another country’s internal affairs. Of course, no one took this ‘shift’ seriously because China is bent on world domination. The people of Hong Kong learned that the hard way.

And Taiwan is about to learn what ‘non-interference’ means to communist China.

The human rights abuses of the Xi government are legendary, especially in Tibet and Xinjiang. We can all rest assured that these abuses will continue in any country that they control.

Oops! I mean those countries that are subject to China’s ‘non-interference’ policy.

China has maintained close ties with the ‘Palestinians’ and recognized the Palestinian state in 1988. It has established diplomatic ties with Israel, but its allegiance with the ‘Palestinians’ goes back to the days of Mao Zedong.

Now, there’s a guy who had a strong grasp of the concept of justice.

It is clear that China and Russia will oppose any policy that the Western powers support. They will align with the Muslim world, which is in complete opposition to the existence of the nation of Israel.

This will not set well with God.

To make matters worse, we find that China is now building schools in Iraq because they care so deeply about the education of young Iraqis. It is said that through this investment in educational infrastructure, China is addressing challenges, enhancing opportunities, and building bridges of knowledge and understanding between nations.

Yeah, right.

I wonder when Xi and the rest of the world will get around to rebuilding Babylon.

When China and the rest of the world get this rebuilding started, the merchants of Babylon will be the world’s great men. And by its ‘magic spell,’ all the nations of the world will be led astray by her.

That means the nation of Israel will also fall under its spell during the Tribulation.

At one time, Israel was a valley of dry bones. However, the Lord has begun to breathe life into them, and they will soon be revived. After the rapture, these dry bones will become the whole house of Israel.

Many said of Israel, including many Christians, that the nation of Israel was dried up, and their hope was gone. That they were forever cut off from the land that God promised them through his prophets.

But God opened their graves and brought them back to the land of Israel. God declared that he would put his Spirit into the people of Israel and he would settle them back into their own land (Ezekiel 37:13, 14, 21).

During the Millennium, they will have one king over them, Jesus, and they will never again defile themselves with idols or vile images.

Christ will save them from their backsliding and cleanse them.

Among the leaders of our ‘multipolar world,’ there will arise Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. He will descend from the extreme north of Israel, which, if we examine a map, is the nation of Russia.

It looks like God has already shown us what Russia’s foreign policy will look like for the Middle East, especially regarding Israel.

God will put hooks in his jaws and bring him out with his whole army against the nation of Israel. He will be strongly aligned with the Muslim nations who are zealous for the destruction of this small strip of land.

Ezekiel prophesies that in ‘future years’ they will invade the nation of Israel. They will advance like a storm, and like a cloud, they will cover the land.

They will devise an evil scheme and attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people. This invasion will be on a much grander scale than the recent Hamas attack on the peaceful and unsuspecting Israelites.

The terrorists of October 7th only wanted to terrorize, but the purpose of this invasion will be to take plunder.

God will draw them out and bring them against the people of Israel. Russia will be strongly aligned with the Muslim world because they view them as the key to great worldly power.

However, God will have a different foreign policy. He will drag these people out to their deaths to show himself holy in the eyes of the world.

When they attack the nation of Israel, the hot anger of the Lord will be aroused. In his zeal and fiery wrath, he will send a great earthquake in the land of Israel. All the world will then tremble in his presence.

God will execute judgment upon these people with plague and bloodshed. He will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones, and burning sulfur. They will die on the mountains of Israel and serve as food for all kinds of carrion birds and wild animals.

Then the nation of Israel, and all the world, will know that the God of Israel is the Lord.

This will eliminate Russia as a viable power in the world. It will also be the end of Islam.

There will be only one central religious institution during the Tribulation, and that is the Church of Rome.

Russia and all who participated in its invasion will then be dominated by the ‘kings of the east.’ There is a strong likelihood that the once-Muslim nations that participated in this invasion will fall under the rule of the House of Saud. But they will all easily succumb to the religious leadership of Rome.

Even though these kings are fully aware that the God of Israel protects his people, a mere seven years later, they will make their final move against God’s people. They are very optimistic that their ‘beast’ and his false prophet, with his magical spells, can easily defeat the creator of the universe.

Prior to the battle of Armageddon, the seven angels will be pouring out the judgment of God upon the rebellious nations. When the sixth angel pours out his bowl, the great river Euphrates will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East.

China will no doubt be among them.

Satan, his antichrist, and his false prophet will perform miraculous signs that will convince the world that God can be defeated in battle. The kings of the whole world will then gather the nations for the battle of the great day of God Almighty.

God will gather them all to the place that is in Hebrew called Armageddon. At that time, according to the prophet Joel, the nations will be judged:

“For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land, and have cast lots for my people, and have traded a boy for a prostitute, and have sold a girl for wine and have drunk it” (Joel 3:1-3).

This will spell the end of the multipolar world that was created by the Godless. In its place will stand the Millennial kingdom of Christ. It will be much different than the multipolar world as imagined by Xi and Putin.

“It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be lifted up above the hills; and all the nations shall flow to it, and many peoples shall come, and say, ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths.’

“For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide disputes for many peoples: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore” (Isaiah 2:2-4; Micah 4:1-5).

And the church will judge the world with him (I Corinthians 6:2).

The government will be on the shoulders of Christ. Of the increase of his government and of his peace, there will be no end.

With this in mind, may the grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people.