World War III Threatened and Still More Signs :: By Jim Towers

The signs of the times continue without abating. In fact, they are getting to be even more prevalent and devastating. With continents splitting apart and new sightings of UAVs (UFOs), that leaves little doubt of their veracity. It’s only a matter of time before the rapture occurs.

A Pentagon insider on the internet revealed today that we are on the cusp of World War III. Now, whether that means one or the other really doesn’t matter – does it? (A picture of the crazed Ayatollah introduces the article on the internet.)

I used to read the newspaper daily or watch the evening news with notable newsmen and women. But now I check out the world news on the internet with videos to boot. Since the former news sources have become woke, and far-left opinions try to be ‘open-minded,’ I have given up on them completely and have not watched television in over ten years.

In a recent article, I jokingly speculated about how Joe Biden and his wayward son might deflect attention from their criminality here at home.

At first, it was as simple as bribing Ukraine with billions of dollars to keep their mouths shut about the Burisma scandal that took place over four years ago. But that well has run dry. And now the Bidens are attempting to cover their folly by igniting wars wherever possible. The Houthis in Yemen made that possible by lobbing bombs at Israel indiscriminately and targeting vessels of commerce in the Red Sea. This gives the current administration an excuse to wage war with any and all comers.

Russia, an ally of Syria, has threatened to go after us for bombing Syria yet again, along with Israel. They threatened to target the U.S. and UK for doing so, thereby setting the stage for World War III, or, as the Bible says, the first war of Gog and Magog.

Iran is readying its forces for all-out war with Israel – even as we speak – and Joe Biden probably couldn’t be happier. Whew! Has the Biden family dodged the bullet yet again with war breaking out on all fronts and deflecting from their own troubles here at home?

The Biden criminal family has been in operation for years while Joe was becoming the youngest congressman in U.S. history back in the day. Today, they even have the audacity to produce a film about the proposed innocence of their activities. Great idea, reverse psychology, and outright lies. But still, there are some who believe the lies of the devil, who was “a liar from the beginning.”

With all that’s happening in the world today, I was reflecting on what I may have left undone or overlooked in my years of ministry.

Yes, I’ve shared the Gospel with family and friends and even total strangers. But Richard was a tough nut to crack.

In an excerpt from my book Visions, Miracles, Peace and Power, I detail how my coffee shop ministry came into being.

“The Dunkin Donuts shop became my ministry station, and I would go there daily for a long period of time. Before long, I began to know all the regulars, and many of them were smokers. A young man named Richard came over to me asking for a cigarette. I told him I didn’t smoke and that Christ had delivered me from the addiction to cigarettes. “So, you’re a Christian too?” he asked. And I replied in the affirmative. At this, Richard got his coffee from an adjoining table and joined me. We became fast friends. He and his wonderful family, who once owned the first Pizza shop on Miami Beach, took me in, and I slept on their screened-in porch for a time. I had lucked out; his mother made the best lasagna and pizza in the world.

We would talk about faith and church, during which I would share scripture with him. It seems he had tried to attend a couple of churches in the area but was scared away by the “Tongues” phenomenon that was contrary to his Catholic background.

Since I was also raised in the Catholic faith, we could communicate easily.

Although Rick could be a rascal at times, he was the best friend anyone could ever have. It was right around the time that I was living by the skin of my teeth with no work coming in. I was hungry one evening and popped into the donut shop hoping to find a friend who might buy me a cup of coffee, although they never did, that is, except for Richard; the then young man in his mid-thirties even lent me three hundred dollars to help me buy another van. Naturally, I paid him back promptly.

Back at the donut shop, I was becoming “The Preacher” to many of the regulars, many of whom were retired or semi-retired Jews. I made it a point to introduce myself to each one and to talk about the things that interested them. I truly found each person interesting. And because I never pushed my faith down their throats, they always respected me, and so I often initiated our conversations.

Nevertheless, I began to understand why God had me there and was able to share Christ with my newfound friends. I stayed with Richard for a couple of years since acting roles were petering out – for lack of interest – and I began to focus on my newfound ministry, going so far as starting a preaching ministry in a park nearby with Richard’s help.

Now, thirty years later, I was still trying to get a “Christian movie made and had made a trip to Miami yet again to film exteriors – even while struggling with angina.

While there, I called my old friend Richard, and he said his single brother had died, and he was now saddled with both elderly parents to take care of. A month or so later, he told me over the phone that his father had died. Finally, soon after his father passed away – his mother died too – three losses in less than a year. Now Rick was alone – really alone, and he went to stay with a sister to grieve with her for a time.

After an appropriate amount of time had passed, I wrote to him but spoke of other things to take his mind off the calamity he had just gone through. Primarily, I spoke of his relationship to God, explaining the Gospel as best I could, using scripture and nothing else (which is the way I work).

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink. That was two days ago. What could he be thinking?

Please pray for Rick.


Jim Towers

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