8 Jan 2024

Severe Storms Could Spawn Dangerous Tornado Threat In The South, Including At Night
Dangerous severe storms could produce tornadoes, including in the overnight hours, in parts of the South as a powerful storm tracks across the region. The storm will also produce flooding rain and strong, gusty winds. T​his bout of severe weather will play out in the warmer air ahead of Winter Storm Finn. Go to the links below for more details on the snowy side of the storm and the flooding rainfall and high wind threats the Northeast is facing.

Zephaniah’s Cry: Don’t Rely on America!
Israel’s dependence on America is not merely bad policy. As the prophet Zephanaiah teaches, it is a national sin and a spiritual brokenness that is preventing the people of Israel from fulfilling its Godly mission on this Earth. “The great day of the Lord is near; it is near and hastens greatly, the sound of the day of the Lord, wherein the mighty man cries bitterly. That day is a day of wrath; a day of trouble and distress; a day of ruin (shoah) and desolation (m’shoah); a day of darkness and gloom; a day of clouds and thick darkness”

IDF chief: Fight against Hamas will last all of 2024
“We will be at war in Gaza, I don’t know if all year—we will be fighting in Gaza all year, that’s for sure,” Halevi said following a situational assessment with officers and commanders of the IDF’s Judea and Samaria Division. The Defense Ministry expects to recognize at least 12,500 IDF soldiers as wounded veterans in the wake of the Hamas-initiated war,

Elon Musk’s SpaceX sues US agency, claiming that its in-house courts are unconstitutional
Attorneys for Elon Musk’s technology company SpaceX filed a lawsuit alleging that the National Labor Relations Board’s in-house courts are unconstitutional. The complaint was filed on Thursday in the southern district of Texas and is reliant on a pending case titled Jarkesy v. SEC., which is set to go before the U.S. Supreme Court. In that case, the plaintiff alleges that agency tribunals violate constitutional rights to a jury trial in civil cases. “The NLRB’s current way of functioning is miles away from the traditional understanding of the separation of powers,”

“The Death Toll Of A Global War”: Bret Weinstein And Tucker Discuss COVID Vaccine, WHO’s Authoritarian Plans For Humanity
Weinstein also discussed the demonization of alternative treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and suggested that there have been 17 million deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine. “So I’m not a math genius, but one in eight hundred shots times billions is a lot of people…..17 million deaths from the COVID vaccine?” asked Tucker. “Just for perspective. I mean, that’s like the death toll of a global war.” To which Weinstein replied: “Yes, absolutely.

Prophetic Mega-Trends Reshaping Our World In 2024
AI, China’s impact on global events, upcoming elections, major developments in Israel, and many more events are shaping the world in 2024. I would like to provide a brief overview of what I consider “six mega-trends” for the upcoming year, which carry important prophetic significance.

IDF finds evidence of Iranian effort to help Hamas build precision missiles. 
Israel Defense Forces troops operating in Gaza City’s Daraj and Tuffah districts discovered components used by Hamas to produce precision-guided missiles and other strategic weapons with direct assistance from the Islamic Republic of Iran, the military announced on Sunday. Nahal Brigade troops found “components proving terrorists of the Hamas terror organization learned under Iranian guidance how to operate and build precision components and strategic weapons,” the IDF said on X, sharing photos showing a rocket engine and warhead.

Palestinian Authority calls terror organization unification to rule Gaza after war
The Palestinian Authority’s Fatah leaders claimed they are confident that once Israel defeats Hamas’s infrastructure, these leaders will unite with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations to rule the Gaza Strip, according to a Sunday Palestinian Media Watch report.

Netanyahu approves Aharon Barak as Israeli-appointed judge at hearing in Hague
The 16th judge in the hearing. Former Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak has been selected as the Israeli-appointed judge to sit on the panel of judges at the hearing of South Africa’s petition against Israel at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Minister Gideon Sa’ai responded, “In a moment of truth, the incitement, the defamation, and the delegitimization gave way to international status, to the reputation that has been acquired over decades, to professionalism. I congratulate the Prime Minister and the State Attorney for their correct and accurate decision.”

Israeli minister: ‘The Palestinians will willingly leave Gaza the way it looks now’
“I support voluntary resettlement. Take them and send them away,” he said. Ben-Gvir continued, “I think that hundreds of thousands of them will leave with how Gaza looks today.” Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich also supported a move to “encourage voluntary emigration” of Palestinians from Gaza and raised the possibility of Israel resettling the area after the war.

Israel needs a bigger army, suggests prescient retired general
Prophetic ex-general lambasts former IDF chiefs of staff for pursuing the policy of a “small and smart” army too reliant on air power and intelligence.

Hezbollah claims to hit ‘eyes of the state’ of Israel; IDF strikes several terror targets in response
Over 40 rockets, projectiles and drones were launched into Israel throughout the day, targeting several military sites, including an Israeli Air Force (IAF) base in Meron, often referred to as the “eyes of the state”. The Hezbollah terror group claimed responsibility in an official announcement: “We carried out 62 launches in response to the killing of al-Arouri.”

In Jerusalem, former US VP Mike Pence warns US southern border must be secured or Americans could suffer terror attacks like Israel did on Oct. 7
As a devout Evangelical Christian, Mike Pence believes that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people and has great love – and a special plan – for the nation of Israel. So, while he’s no longer in high office – and no longer running to be president – the 48th vice president of the United States is here in Israel on a five-day visit.

Peter Sweden: Climate INSANITY – It’s Too COLD for Electric Busses
Busses are being canceled as Sweden experiences the coldest weather this century As you might have heard, we are still waiting on the global warming in Sweden. We just had the coldest temperature this century.

 Powerful storms target the South bringing threat of tornadoes, damaging winds
A stormy and windy start to the workweek looms for the South as the FOX Forecast Center is tracking a potent multiday storm threat from Texas to the Carolinas, bringing the threat of severe weather, including tornadoes, damaging winds and hail.

NWS confirms tornado near Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
A tornado swept through Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Saturday, January 6, 2024, causing damage to boats and downing power lines, with the National Weather Service (NWS) confirming reports of the twister near Federal Highway around 17:50 local time. NWS is expected to conduct a damage survey on Sunday to determine the strength and path of the tornado.

 Death count rises over 100 in aftermath of Japan earthquake
The death toll of the New Year’s Day earthquake that struck western Japan has risen to 110, according to Ishigawa government officials.

Flooding continues across England – in pictures
The most dramatic photographs from the last two days, when almost every river in England reached an exceptionally high level and some reached record levels. The Environment Agency still has 244 flood warnings in place where flooding is expected

Biologist Blows Whistle: Covid Shots Killed 17 Million People
…Biologist Bret Weinstein dropped several bombshells during a new interview with independent news anchor Tucker Carlson. While raising the alarm about the power grab of the United Nations (UN) World Health Organization (WHO), Weinstein left Carlson stunned when he stated how many people have died from Covid mRNA injections.

 New Hampshire House Passes Bill Banning Genital Transgender Surgery on Children
The New Hampshire House of Representatives has passed a bill that prohibits some transgender surgeries on minors, though the measure falls short of the initial intent of the measure that sought to ban all so-called “gender reassignment” procedures for children.

Is the US Ready for China’s Mass-Produced Humanoid Robots?
The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology unveiled its plan to mass-produce humanoid robots in a November guidance document. The sweeping ramifications of the policy are still being uncovered.

What Is Going To Happen To Our Society As AI And Robots Take Most Of Our Jobs?
If you haven’t lost your job yet, you should be very thankful.  Artificial intelligence and robots are taking more of our jobs with each passing day, and there will be no end to this high tech invasion.  Eventually we could get to a point where AI and robots can do virtually everything far more efficiently and far more inexpensively than humans can.  So what will happen to the vast majority of the human population when their labor is no longer needed?

Woke California Gives Illegals 1 Sick Handout – And No, Sadly This Isn’t Satire
….massive problems facing Democrat-run California. The “woke” state government is facing a massive budget deficit this year…It doesn’t seem as if the liberals running the state are at all concerned with these issues. Instead, they are allocating what will amount to billions to a government-run healthcare program. And they just announced they will pay for this…for illegal aliens.

California Schools Create Trans-Indoctrination Lesson Plans For K-12
…From pre-school to high school, many of the more than 19,000 children enrolled in schools belonging to the Hayward Unified School District now get to experience the joys of pro-transgender propaganda! The school district, located in the Bay Area (what a surprise), has created numerous lesson plans and resource lists to help ensure its students are thoroughly groomed into the gender identity cult.

 ‘I’m afraid every day for my children’: As antisemitism soars, French Jews flee to Israel
Freddo Pachter says that in his 17 years coordinating the immigration of French speakers to Israel for the Aliyah and Integration Ministry, he has never seen such high demand — and that includes after events such as the Hyper Cacher supermarket terror attack, the jihadist murders by Mohammed Merah, and the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Enters Red Sea 
An American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is in the Red Sea, U.S. Naval Institute reported on Friday. The deployment is said to be a part of Washington’s effort to prevent the Iran-backed Houthis’ attack on vessels in the area.

German farmers gain some ground but will not stop protesting until the government capitulates

The German government on Thursday dropped part of its plans to cut agricultural subsidies in the face of massive protests from farmers that began last month. After farmers in their thousands brought Berlin to a standstill, the German government announced on Thursday it would progressively reduce diesel tax breaks, rather than stop them altogether this month as initially proposed.

NASA’s Project Blue Beam – as told by Serge Monast
Many of us so called “conspiracy theorists” have been made aware of the technology to beam holographic images into thin air that can trick us into believing that they are real. We have been warned that they will, at some point be used by the globalist cult in order to terrorise the world population into a submissive state in order for them to be able to enact the next stage in their New World Order. This pre planned event has been termed Project Blue Beam and was allegedly first brought to light by the French-Canadian journalist, Serge Monast.

South Korea Ask Island Residents To Evacuate After “Provocation”
South Korea has asked the residents living on the island of Yeonpyeong to evacuate after North Korea live-fired over 200 live rounds toward the Korean Islands. This “provocation” follows repeated warnings from that it is prepared for war against South Korea and its United States ally.

Shock Number: 38 Percent Of U.S. Companies Anticipate That They Will Conduct Layoffs In 2024
We experienced a tremendous amount of economic turbulence in 2024, but at least the employment market was relatively stable.  Unfortunately, that period of relative stability appears to be ending.  The pace of layoffs really seemed to pick up steam at the end of 2023, and the outlook for the coming year is not promising at all.  In fact, a survey that was just conducted by Resume Builder discovered that a whopping 38 percent of U.S. companies anticipate that they will conduct layoffs in 2024…