Greed is Not Good :: By Rick Segoine

In the movie “Wall Street,” the main character was a ruthless day trader named Gordon Gekko. Gekko coined the now infamous slogan, “Greed is Good.” Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

Greed equals wickedness.

Some people will do anything for money, regardless of the consequences. The consequences are often tragic for anyone involved, including themselves.

Greed can be like a runaway train with no brakes and constantly picking up speed. If left unchecked, the inevitable result is to crash, burn, and destroy everything in its path, along with everyone on board.

Greed is a devouring monster. All those who worship this monster become like the monster.

Ephesians 6:12 says this: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Greed is one of the main tools of these wicked principalities and rulers of the darkness of this world.

Monsters come in many forms, and human-greed monsters are among the nastiest and ugliest.

The paradoxical nature of human life makes it possible to be beautiful and highly attractive outwardly and, at the same time, be a raging, devouring, exceedingly ugly, deceiving greed monster inwardly.

For the decent and honest people who are being devoured by greedy human monsters, the only encouraging news is, eventually, these monsters, lest they repent, will either crash and burn on the greed train or devour themselves.

If they somehow manage to escape justice in this life, they will receive precise justice at the White Throne Judgement (Revelation 20:11-15).

In these modern times, greed monsters like the evil globalists control many large corporations of the national and international kind. Companies like Blackrock and Vanguard. Moms and Pops and smaller business owners are often gobbled up like snacks.

These corporate greed monsters have such insatiable appetites that they make Jabba the Hut look anorexic.

The spirit of greed far exceeds the spirit of need.

The greed of the few breeds the needs of the many (1 Timothy 6:10).

Money may be an inanimate object, but nonetheless, metaphorically speaking, money is multi-lingual and speaks the language of greed and corruption.

Greed is a lingo that has been understood by the “lovers of money” in every nation and language on earth throughout history.

From a military standpoint, Alexander the Great was brilliant in war strategy and truly deserved his title.

From the standpoint of common decency, however, Alexander was as greedy a man as ever lived. When he had finally conquered the entire known world of his time, he wept because there was no one left to conquer.

Many men throughout history were and are today as greedy and as ambitious as Alexander, perhaps just a little less brilliant. Some are close, though.

A few years back, there was a real estate tycoon who owned millions of acres of land, and when asked when he would be satisfied, he replied thusly, “When all of my land touches.” He wanted it all.

Robber-baron globalist John D. Rockefeller, as he approached the age of 90, was asked when he would retire. When would he, a multi-billionaire, have enough? His reply was, “Just a little more.”

Those whose hearts are infected with mega doses of greed can never get enough.

Greed and brilliance have no problem coexisting in a person’s heart, mind, and soul.

Greed and loving your neighbor as yourself, however, are completely and utterly incompatible.

There is nothing sinful about being prosperous as long as prosperity is achieved in an honest way, especially when compassion and generosity are your chief advisors.

But beware of greed, that subtle and insidious usurper.

Greed, corruption, and the lust for power. These are a few of Satan’s favorite things. Today in real time, we can see this being played out and lived out by relatively few individuals and on a planetary scale.

Massively greedy individuals, many of whose names are now quite familiar, elites who are not satisfied by the billions of dollars they already possess but rather driven, like Alexander or the real estate mogul, to have it all. All of the money and all of the power and control over everyone and everything. They are 0.0001% of the world’s population.

If these greedy monsters did not have prophecy to contend with, it seems plausible that, eventually, after they had subdued all of humanity and depopulated the earth in completion of their 2030 Agenda, their cooperation with each other would fracture. Their alliance of necessity would crumble. A time would come when they would fight each other for absolute power because their unbridled greed would drive them to it. It would be “last man standing.” It would likely end up similar to Frank Herbert’s Dune trilogy with the richest, most powerful family cabals, the ones with trillions of dollars, large nuclear arsenals, and access to space travel, having their own planets. That would, in turn, lead to intergalactic wars over solar systems and whole galaxies in their greed-fueled quests to rule the universe and achieve godlike status.

The same is true for all evil alliances of necessity and convenience. For example, the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance. The main players are Persia (Iran), Russia, and Turkey, with lots of help on the side from North Korea. If they ever achieved their goals as an alliance – which, according to Jesus, they won’t, but if they did – can anyone imagine Kim Jong-Un or Vladimir Putin bowing down to the Ayatollah under Sharia law? No way; once again, it would come down to “Last man Standing.” The main things any of them have in common are a wicked lust for power, massive amounts of greed, and a total unwillingness to recognize the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Even Iran and Turkey, which are both Muslim, though they might temporarily put their centuries-long feuds aside, would end up at odds, Iran being Shiite and Turkey being Sunni, because they both inherited the traits of that “wild donkey of a man” called Ismael.

If what they desire has to be obtained by way of flagrant greed, corruption, deception, and mass murder, then like their father Satan, they seem to be fine with that.

Fortunately for believers and unfortunately for the greed monsters, they do have prophecy to contend with. They will have God’s wrath upon them during the seven years of Tribulation. The wrath revealed in the Book of Revelation as described to John by Jesus Himself. At the end of the Tribulation, whatever plans any and all evil cabals have left will come to an abrupt end. Jesus will return to earth and see to it personally (Revelation 19:11-16).

One Word from Jesus has more power than all of their weapons and their arrogance combined. And it isn’t even close.

Jesus said to be merciful to the poor. Still, this side of the Tribulation, the wicked continue to gouge the poor, exploit them, and slowly strangle them with obscene levels of usury.

Greedy landlords, land brokers, and central bankers drive up the price of homes for sale or rent and call it fair market value.

Those who are driven into poverty or homelessness by unfairly high rents, high-interest rates, and excessive property taxes might call this practice economic ruthlessness.

Gougers of the poor rationalize their greed by portraying it as sound business principles.

What the poor say about the gougers is unprintable in a family-oriented publication.

Some justice is served in the here and now. Greed, being insatiable by nature, brings misery to those who practice it.

To those being exploited, however, it brings little comfort to know that the greed merchants are among the most miserable, godless, joyless, unhappiest, and loneliest people on the planet.

Jesus said to pray for those who persecute you and spitefully use you. It is not easy, but it will make us more like Him (Matthew 5:44).

The cries of the oppressed are heard by Almighty God. The wicked deeds of all oppressors, including usurers, will be remembered on judgment day.

The cries of the oppressed are a witness to the wicked deeds of the oppressors.

Wicked, greedy oppressors are free to repent, be forgiven, and change their ways. For those who continue to oppress, however, none, not even one, will escape justice.

When God’s justice is visited upon the wicked, each judgment will match each crime perfectly.

The greedy must be delusional and believe that they will escape justice. If they only knew what was in store at the White Throne Judgement, some might make every effort to overcome their insidious affliction with the evil mental and spiritual illness known as greed and thus turn their lives over to Jesus for healing and salvation.

Wickedness seems to impair a greedy individual’s ability to see the big picture.

The wicked prey upon the good. The good pray for the wicked.

The first natural thought of the oppressed is understandably that the wicked greed monsters would just drop dead or worse. To pray for them, however, is a higher calling (Luke 6:28).

Pray for the wicked greed monsters to repent and turn to the Lord for forgiveness, and at the same time, know this:

God hates greed and all wickedness, and “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.”

Spiritual strength and character are everlasting. Physical strength and worldly wealth and power are temporary and feeble by comparison.

As for those who might be tempted to consider Gordon Gekko to be some kind of fictional financial guru, here are some simple words of refutation:

Greed is not good. Greed is wicked and evil. This includes any, every, and all types and sizes of greed.

Generosity and blessing the less fortunate is very good, and the greatest good of all, and the greatest gift of all, is salvation.

If you do not already know the Lord but would like to, and because the Rapture could occur at any time, today would be the perfect day to invite Jesus into your life and into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior. Pray a sinner’s prayer of repentance:

Lord, I am sorry for all of the sin I have committed in my life and all of the sins I know I will commit in the future. I want to live my life for You, doing what is right and is pleasing to You. I need a Savior because I can never pay the debt on my own that my sin has incurred. Jesus, thank You for dying on the cross and shedding your blood to pay for my sin.

I accept that You did this for me, and I ask that You extend Your eternal grace to me. Lord, please transform my heart and my life in your image, write my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and seal me with the Holy Spirit.

I praise You for your love, your righteousness, and your infinite mercy. Thank You for forgiving me, and thank You for saving my soul.

If you prayed this prayer for the first time, you will be so glad that you did. Welcome to the eternal family of God. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Your friend in Jesus, our most precious Lord and Savior,

Rick Segoine