They call Satan their “Bae”? :: By Candy Austin

Definition of Bae: A person’s boyfriend or girlfriend; an acronym that stands for “before anyone else” or a shortened version of baby or babe.

Hey Celebs, just for the record and for what it’s worth… Satan is NOT your friend, much less your “Bae”!

In fact, Satan is the enemy of every person/soul who has ever lived, and his only wish and desire is to destroy every single one of us! Here is a link to plenty of scripture to prove it, too!


It has been insightfully said that a picture is worth a thousand words, meaning that so much can be conveyed through a single shot or image, which turns out to be true in many ways. For example, certain social media platforms are well known for giving people the opportunity to make a statement. Just by posting extraordinary, profound, or even dull and mundane photographs, videos, and memes online, one can be very influential.

Sharing snapshots is an avenue that is my favorite, by the way, because this is one method that helps to capture memories by freezing them at a certain moment in time. A technique that can enable, validate, and solidify the said experience. An episode that now cannot be so easily forgotten, taken back, or even undone, though someone may want or try to.

A few years ago, while perusing such social media sites, I remember being aghast upon seeing a certain female celebrity’s post of a photo of Satan with a caption down at the bottom, labeling him with an endearment by calling him “Bae.” This type of thing shouldn’t be surprising, though, because we know that many a celebrity by now has conveyed similar sentiments toward this evil being, even while publicly receiving trophies, accolades, and awards on the worldwide stage. Yes, these lost yet famous people will stand there for all to see while proudly and unashamedly vocalizing their props to none other than that old, disgusting serpent himself!

Still, as believers in Yeshua Hamachiach, to see and hear all of this is utterly mortifying, and just speaking for myself, it is inconceivable for someone to have the audacity to give themselves completely over to the enemy of all of mankind like that! Either way, those who are of the world and who have allowed themselves to be spiritually blinded by the devil by giving him control of their lives will now not even have the capacity to think with their right mind, hence the reason I’m writing this today.

Another example, even among non-celebrities, exists as well, such as in the recent news of those involved in a Satanic Temple up north who boldly put up a controversial tree at a public gathering complete with the pentagram and a picture of the gross Baphomet alongside it! When confronted, they acknowledged their right and claim to share in this historically pagan ritual/homage to Sol Invictus and plan on making this an annual holiday practice and hopefully a favorite, too. Once again, here is another individual or group showing their love for Satan.

Although people are spiritually blinded and celebrities the world over proudly pay homage to this ultimate foe, it definitely does not come without a cost. Oftentimes, these lost souls will suffer in many ways for doing this. For instance, through many of their own testimonies, they will explain how they are tormented by demons day and night. Details such as paranormal things happening while they are alone in the privacy of their own homes, to randomly smelling sulfur, to seeing occurrences of apparitions, flies, and things moving around, to waking up to sleep paralysis and other evil and harmful things happening to them during the wee hours of the night!

Sadly, not only do they pay the dear price in the here and now mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically, but the raw truth of the matter is that if they do not repent and turn to true saving faith belief in Jesus Christ before they die, they will also be paying dearly with their soul in fiery torment where the worm dies not for all of eternity as well!

Clearly, any person in their sane and right-thinking mind would see that serving Satan is not a good tradeoff in the least, even for all the shiny things that this world has to offer, or will ever be remotely worth it at all! The fact of the matter, in light of all of this rampantly increasing demon worship throughout our world, is that Jesus is coming back sooner than we can really imagine!

Basically, time is running out! Rapidly running out for that one more chance, for repentance, to be able to go back and make better choices, to change what has been done, and especially to be able to humble oneself and turn to Christ and finally make amends with the Heavenly Father!

When all is said and done, and fates are sealed, it will just simply be woefully too late for the countless millions who chose to be unbelievers. Once again, Satan will not be your friend on that final day… much less your “Bae.” In fact, it will be quite the opposite!

If I could share a final takeaway, it would be this: there is Someone who should be “Before Anyone Else” because He is a friend that sticks closer than a sibling, loves you with an everlasting love, promises never to leave or forsake you, was sent to this earth to be a Sacrifice to pay for all of our sins, and paid that price with His own blood! All you have to do now is to trust in Him and believe in His death, burial, and resurrection on your behalf, and your soul will be gloriously and graciously saved! Here is a link to scriptures proving this fact, too!


This Someone has a name, too, and His Name is Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamachiach, Emmanuel (God with us), YHWH, The Great I Am, King of kings and Lord of lords, the Creator of the universe, among many other names and titles that we cannot fully wrap our brains around and fathom!

Bottom line: He is the Ultimate Saviour, and He loves you more than you will ever know this side of eternity. Satan cannot even hold a candle to that or ever be able to compare!

Scripturally, remember this: Satan wants to destroy you, and God wants to restore you. If anything, my plea would be to please wake up and turn from unbelief to belief in Jesus Christ before time runs out! In Jesus Christ’s Sweet, Precious, Holy, and Powerful Name, Amen!

Until next time… Maranatha!

Sincerely & In Christ,

Candy Austin