25 Dec 2023

Knesset Member declares from podium: “I believe in the Messiah
Distel-Atbaryan described a gathering of hundreds of soldiers singing “Ani Maamin” (“I believe”) before going into combat in Gaza. The song’s words are “I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, and, though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming”. It is the twelfth of Maimonides’ thirteen-point version of the principles of faith and is a declaration of a belief that the Messiah will surely come. At least one of the MKs in attendance echoed her ‘amen’.

Israel starts building Gaza buffer zone
The security area will be located on the Gaza side of the border and access will be restricted to IDF personnel.

HORRIFYING VIDEO: American College Students Openly Support Campaign To Kill Jews
Horowitz is seen asking students if they are willing to contribute financially to “arms and weapons against the Jews” globally. He specifically mentions targeting “soft targets, schools, hospitals, Jewish cafes.” Horowitz tells one student, “All we have is rockets and suicide bombers, that kind of thing.” Reactions from the students were varied but deeply concerning. “I would totally be down,” one student said. Another student responded, “I like what you’re saying,” while another said of Jews, “I think their behavior and the actions are evil.” In all, 28 out of 35 students asked expressed support for killing Jews and 17 out of 35 – nearly 50% – offered money to kill Jews.

Hezbollah withdraws Radwan force from Israeli border in fear of attack
Hezbollah has begun withdrawing its special Radwan forces from southern Lebanon over the weekend, amid fears over a surprise IDF attack and escalation of the conflict in Israel’s northern border, according to Israeli media. The IDF received intelligence suggesting that Hezbollah forces were partially moved from Lebanon’s south to its north, mostly due to the high number of casualties suffered by the Lebanese terror organization since October 8,

President Herzog: ‘This moment is a test: We will not break, blink, or fall apart’
The president called on Israeli citizens to show a united front: “Do not forget, we are in the middle of a campaign against those who rose up to murder Jews, to rape, torture and kidnap Jews – and alongside the many Israelis also foreign citizens, and those of other beliefs and religions. It is a difficult, onerous, prolonged, and painful campaign.

Israel finds Hamas bomb belts adapted for children
Among the facilities was a building in northern Gaza where civilians were staying that contained a Hamas weapons complex. Soldiers found explosive belts adapted for children, dozens of explosives, hundreds of grenades and intelligence documents, the IDF said. The weapons complex was located close to schools, a medical clinic and a mosque.

UN’s Francesca Albanese is delusional
Critics of the United Nations special rapporteur for the Palestinians—and there are many—say that Francesca Albanese’s historically chronic fault-finding of Israel and repeated comments and actions deemed antisemitic make her unfit for the job. An Italian lawyer, Albanese serves as what many supporters of Israel say is a microcosm of the United Nations’s hyperfocus on demonizing Israel at every turn,

US: We shot down 4 UAVs targeting an American destroyer in the Red Sea
An American warship sailing in the southern part of the Red Sea intercepted four UAVs that were launched toward it from Yemen last night (Sunday).

Donald Trump lays blame for Israel/Hamas war at feet of Joe Biden
In a pre-Christmas interview with the Salem Radio Network, former president Donald J. Trump says the administration of his successor Joe Biden is directly responsible for events which led to the October 7 Hamas attacks.

Jesus was not Palestinian, we need to dispel that myth forever
With Christmas bells a’ringing and billions soon to begin their celebrations, Jesus, a Jew, would be in for a real surprise (and identity crisis) to hear guests on his birthday claiming that he was from Palestine, a term he might have never encountered during his lifetime. In reality, Jesus was a proud, observant Jew who lived in his indigenous homeland of Judea and Galilee – from manger to grave.

Now Colorado courts gain reputation for ‘banana republic election interference’
It was only a few years ago that Colorado’s courts were scolded by the U.S. Supreme Court for their “hostility” to Christianity. That came in the case in which the state persecuted baker Jack Phillips for his decision not to violate his Christian faith by promoting the LGBT lifestyle choices. Now, after the Colorado Supreme Court, without charges or a conviction, declared President Donald Trump guilty of being an “insurrectionist,” it will be known for its “banana republic election interference.”

Messiahs false and true
In America, the last time a political figure was worshipped as a messiah, someone in whom millions of people invested all their hopes and dreams for the future, was the elevation to the presidency of Barack Obama in 2008. A messiah, at least in the Christian sense, is not only supposed to lead people out of bondage and oppression, but to take away their guilt and past sins. But instead of cleansing us of our national guilt, Obama and his administration, including Joe Biden and Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, cynically magnified and enlarged our guilt, using it as a weapon to confuse, confound and divide us, to neutralize patriots and critics, all for the unholy purpose of amassing ever more power.

Terror Alert: Christmas and New Year’s Eve Under Threat By the ‘Most Dangerous’ Terrorist Organization Sending Jihadis to Europe Disguised as ‘War Refugees’
The recent arrests linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISPK), recognized by intelligence services as the most dangerous terrorist organization actively dispatching terrorists specifically to Europe, resoundingly corroborate Clare Lopez’s stark warnings in her 2021 RAIR interview, pressing the urgent need for Western nations to counter this escalating Islamic terror threat.

Israel’s Military Strikes Hezbollah Command Center In Serious Escalation
Early in the conflict most days witnessed a handful of rockets & mortars fired across Israel’s northern border… now it’s dozens each day.

Francesca Albanese: Palestinans have right to kill Israeli soldiers
United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese claimed that Palestinian Arabs have a right to kill Israeli soldiers in an interview with podcast Makdisi Street, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Major winter storm to impact Christmas travel in Plains and Midwest with heavy snow, blizzard conditions and ice
The NWS Weather Prediction Center warns of heavy snow, blizzard conditions, and freezing rain across the Northern Plains, Central Plains, and Upper Midwest, significantly impacting holiday travel through December 26, 2023.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Christmas Message: Unite with Israel in Battle Against Barbarism 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a Christmas message urging the condemnation of Hamas and calling on the Christian community to support Israel in its battle against terrorism.

ICE Arrests 26 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders, Including Pedophiles, in California
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested 26 illegal immigrant sex offenders, some of whom are pedophiles, in a two-day sting operation in California.

Iran ‘Shortly’ Expected To Execute Swedish Citizen Accused Of Spying
Tehran claims he fed crucial info to Mossad, leading to an Israeli assassination campaign…

Europe on high alert as Christmas terror plots foiled in France, Germany, Austria
Several Muslim suspects have been arrested in France, Germany and Austria for allegedly planning Christmas terror attacks, according to reports, which say there’s a “very high level of terrorist threat” from Islamic terrorists in France. Spain is also on alert.

Egypt proposes 14-day ceasefire in Gaza, Hamas to release 40 hostages
Egypt proposed a new outline for a hostage release deal on Sunday that would see Hamas release 40 Israelis taken into the Gaza Strip in exchange for a 14-day truce, Israeli and foreign media reported.

AIDS, Apartheid, WHO and Gates. The FactBid Deep Dive That Must Be Heard! 
Public health agency documents describe how the World Health Organisation (WHO) received “enthusiastic support” from South Africa’s apartheid regime to administer an experimental vaccine made from chimpanzee blood, exclusively to black communities after these documents proved it had transmitted the AIDS to America’s gay community, according to Factbid who asks us to, “Please help me pressure scientists and officials to address their own data.” FactBid asks, “Will they fact-check in good faith, or are they so drunk on pharma Kool Aid they’ll continue to insist nothing happened in 1978?”

Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents
A controversial forecast by Deagel, a global intelligence and consulting firm, gained attention in 2020 for its startling prediction of a significant depopulation event across the Western World by 2025. This was a very bold claim to make. ‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.

Putin Now Serious About Negotiating End To War: Diplomats
In a fresh weekend report The New York Times says that President Vladimir Putin is ready to negotiate an end to the nearly two year-long ‘special operation’ in Ukraine, at a moment most of the territory which forms the four ‘annexed’ oblasts remains firmly under Russian military control.

Italian legislation aims to punish teachers who ban Nativity scenes: ‘Attack on the deepest values’

A bill introduced in the Italian Senate this week by members of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s political party would punish teachers in the country who ban Nativity scenes in an attempt to keep from offending non-Christians.

Taiwan says eight Chinese fighter jets crossed strait’s median line
Taiwan’s defence ministry said on Sunday that over the previous 24 hours it had detected eight Chinese fighter jets crossing over the median line of the Taiwan Strait, as well as one Chinese balloon.

Police are searching for a suspect after a deadly shooting at a Florida mall
Police in Florida have issued an arrest warrant for a man wanted in connection with a Christmas weekend shooting inside an Ocala mall that left one man dead and another injured on Saturday.

Frustration builds around Biden amid negative poll numbers
Frustration that President Biden is trailing former President Trump in polls despite a growing economy is building at the White House.