Rapture Video in Style of “Night Before Christmas” :: By Randy Thomas

I post this short video every year on Prophecy Update. I have tweaked/updated it, and I have already gotten several nice comments, like the following:

Comment: The Lord bless you, Prophecy Update, for your newsletters and these videos. It was because of you – and I do not even recall how I found you about three years ago – that I have found the best Bible teachers that I have been following and the church I am now attending here in Phoenix, AZ.

I have been seeking the Lord on how to reach out to my half-sister, and after watching this Rapture Before Christmas video, I started to cry because I know I am to share this with her. I pray the Holy Spirit lifts the veil off of her heart and that she accepts Jesus as her Savior. I do not want to leave her behind – nor anyone else – to suffer the wrath that is coming upon this world and then hell for eternity.


The Rapture Before Christmas  https://rumble.com/v40wjmn-the-rapture-before-christmas….html  – Blurb: A rapture dream as told in the style of the “Night Before Christmas.”