15 Dec 2023

‘Scientific Dictatorship’: Critics Warn UN Climate Plans Would Usher In ‘Insane’ Totalitarian Form Of Global Governance
Top leaders at the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are seeking the power to prescribe “climate” policy at the international level and then potentially even oversee its implementation and enforcement. Critics, however, warned that the demands were not just unscientific, but would undermine self-governance while ushering in an “insane” totalitarian technocratic form of government.

Large Solar Flare Reported: Here’s What That Means
A huge solar flare was just reported. Known as an X-class flare, it’s among the most potent solar flares that can occur, and it’s causing some shortwave radio blackouts on Earth. Here’s what else you need to know. (watch)

War Cabinet stops Mossad chief’s attempts at new hostage deal
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who heads Israel’s War Cabinet, prevented Mossad chief David Barnea from traveling to Qatar earlier this week to examine the possibility of reaching another deal to release hostages held by Hamas amid continued fighting in Gaza, Israeli broadcasting channel Keshet recently reported.

Gallant to Sullivan: Israel needs more than several months to destroy Hamas
The Israeli military has been planting and detonating explosives in Hamas tunnels, killing terrorists as part of a new technique; Israeli Air Force cooperates with ground forces to hit 500 Hamas targets this week. Hamas “is a terrorist organization that built itself over a decade to fight Israel and built infrastructure under the ground and above the ground, and it is not easy to destroy them. It will require a long period of time; it will last more than several months,

Vladimir Putin lost for words as he confronts his AI ‘double’
Putin appeared briefly lost for words on Thursday when confronted with an AI-generated version of himself. The “double” took the opportunity to put a question to Putin about artificial intelligence during an annual news conference where dozens of callers from around the country were hooked up to the president by video link. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, hello, I am a student at St Petersburg state university. I want to ask, is it true you have a lot of doubles?” the double asked, prompting laughter among the audience in the hall with Putin in Moscow.

What will Israel’s presence in Gaza look like after war? Ex-intel head explains
Israeli government officials have been making more and more noise about maintaining a security zone in Gaza even after the future withdrawal of most forces, but no one has discussed the elements of what this zone would look like and how it would operate. Israeli commandos would need to have freedom of action to go back deeper into Gaza to hunt for terrorists, a former defense leader told The Jerusalem Post.

Senior US official: Sinwar’s days are numbered
A senior US official told reporters in a briefing on Thursday that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar’s days “are numbered”. “He has American blood on his hands and he is holding American hostages. I think it’s safe to say it doesn’t matter how long it takes…justice will be served,” the official said.

Zionist Arab puts hostage photos, Israeli flag outside Rashida Tlaib’s office
Yosef Haddad, an Arab Israeli Zionist activist, posted a video of his putting up photos of hostages in front of the office of Progressive Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and hanging an Israeli flag over her Palestinian one.

Israel puts a bounty on the heads of Hamas leaders in Gaza
The Israel Defense Forces is urging Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to help topple Hamas rule, with flyers dropped in the coastal enclave promising up to $400,000 for information on the whereabouts of Yahya Sinwar and other terror leaders. “Hamas’s end is near.

The end of Hamas
The original Philistines, for whom the land of Palestine was named, were a civilization known for being voyagers who migrated to the Holy Land in the twelfth century BCE. They were not Arab. They were of Greek origin. They built five city-states: Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gath and Ekron. The current Palestinian people are not related to the original inhabitants of Gaza or what is called, Palestine. They have no long-standing historical claim to the lands of Israel.

British ambassador to Israel: ‘We do not call for a ceasefire – the mission to eliminate Hamas has not ended’
Simon Walters, the British ambassador to Israel, stated in a special interview with KAN News that the United Kingdom does not discuss deadlines for the war in Gaza in terms of weeks or months: “We don’t use that term. We say the sooner the war ends, the better, but we are not calling for a ceasefire because we know the mission to eliminate Hamas has not been completed yet.”

Terrorists killed in underground tunnel
This evening, the IDF and ISA reveal special footage from an operation that took place in recent days, in which IDF soldiers killed terrorists underground in one of the major tunnels of the Hamas terrorist organization. The tunnel was exposed by the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Division in cooperation with the ISA. The terrorists were identified and killed by soldiers of the Combat Engineering Yahalom Unit using a variety of means.

Toyota Electric Vehicles Will Get Wireless Charging Thanks to Israeli Technology
Electreon Wireless, an Israeli startup that creates wireless chargers for electric vehicles, has announced a partnership with Toyota and the producer of automotive parts DENSO to integrate its wireless charging technology into Toyota electric vehicles.

Divine Irony: Turkish MP’s Collapse Following Harsh Words Against Israel
In a striking turn of events that underscores the complexities of Middle Eastern politics and the power of words, … Bitmez, 53, concluded his impassioned address with a strong condemnation of Israel, stating, “You will not escape the wrath of Allah.” These words, heavy with foreboding, were his last before he unexpectedly collapsed, his head striking the floor,

Winter storm could dump over a foot of snow in NM, CO as heavy rain soaks Texas
Nearly a foot of snow has piled up in parts of the southern Rockies and High Plains as a winter storm blasted the region littered with winter weather alerts. The warm side of the system will also dump heavy rain on Texas through Friday.

Florida braces for possible tropical-storm-like conditions this weekend
The final weekend before Christmas is going to be a messy one across Florida as a low pressure system sweeps into the state from the Gulf of Mexico and brings with it possible tropical-storm-like conditions including heavy rain, gusty winds, flooding and potential for severe weather.

Powerful pre-holiday storm to pound 20 states, slow early Christmas travel
Christmas travel is getting underway this weekend, but the FOX Forecast Center is tracking a powerful pre-holiday storm that will impact millions in at least 20 states as it slides up the East Coast this weekend and into early next week, slamming the region with heavy rain and strong wind.

Satanic Statue in Iowa Capitol Gets Destroyed by Christian Veteran
The Republican Sentinel has reported a Christian veteran has beheaded the controversial Satanic statue that was erected inside of Iowa’s Capitol.

Netanyahu: ‘We Will Destroy Hamas’ Regardless of ‘International Pressures’
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told soldiers on Wednesday that Israel “will destroy Hamas” regardless of “international pressures.”

Gallant warns US war against Hamas will take ‘more than several months’
Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Thursday told visiting US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that the military campaign against Hamas will not be completed within the next few months, as intense battles raged for control of the terror group’s redoubts in the northern Gaza strip.

One person dies and five are put on ventilators after catching deadly disease from contaminated WATER in California
A California resident died after being exposed to water that was contaminated with a deadly bacteria. They were one of more than a dozen people who contracted Legionnaires’ disease linked to a poorly-maintained water system in Napa County, about an hour northeast of San Francisco.

“Son of a B*tch… This Is Our Country!” – Muslim Youths Physically Attack Santa Claus in Germany, Rip His Costume
54-year-old Ranier B. has performed as Santa Claus for several years in Kassel, Germany. This year was different. A group of Muslim youths attacked Ranier, beating him and ripping his Santa suit. The Santa Claus performer was forced to flee as the youths screamed that this was “their country”

Nine abortion centers in Pennsylvania failed health inspections in 2023: report 
A total of nine abortion centers, making up half of the killing centers in the state of Pennsylvania, failed a health inspection in 2023, according to information made public by the state’s Department of Health.

These Amendments Would Open the Door to a Dangerous Global Health Bureaucracy
The Covid pandemic gave the World Health Organisation and its partners unprecedented visibility and a tremendous amount of “soft” power to shape public health law and policies across the world. Over the past year or so, the WHO has been pushing hard to consolidate and expand its power to declare and manage public health emergencies on a global scale.

Islamized Tennessee: Muslim Family Violently Attacks Son for Christian Conversion, Exposing the Dangers of Apostasy in the West
Islamic teachings, as confirmed by the words and deeds of Muhammad, state that those who abandon Islam are to be executed.

US Navy whistle-blower who exposed spike in pilot heart-related conditions post-vaccination has been placed under investigation 
An active-duty officer, Navy Health Administrator and Medical Recruiter in the US Navy Medical Service Corps blew the whistle and revealed data indicating a significant rise in heart-related issues among military pilots following covid injections. Two weeks later he was placed under investigation.

London’s spontaneous bus combustion: How is this being allowed to happen?
Why are London’s buses spontaneously bursting into flames? And why are our politicians not addressing the problem?

SHOCKING: BBC Unwittingly Exposes COVID Vaccine’s Part in Historic Death Spike
The people of the UK should now be in a state of shock. Instead, they have been distracted by non-stop coverage of war in Ukraine, Palestine and Israel. So they will have most likely missed the tragic and devastating information published by BBC News of all organisations. Information that reveals the UK suffered the highest number of excess deaths throughout 2022 in over half a century.