Holy Dwelling :: By Lisa Heaton

The holidays are here, more aptly, the holy days, that time of year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Set aside the arguments of when, specifically, the Christ child was born, and most believers will agree that December is a time when even those who don’t know Jesus as Savior are more willing to consider His birth. That’s a miracle in itself. There’s something special about this month in the hearts and minds of most, but what I’ve noticed over the years is how the trappings of the act of Christmas tend to overshadow the birth that Christmas observes. I’m as guilty of that as anyone.

We, as rapture watchers, need something true and excellent and lovely and pure to fix our eyes upon, something besides the evil of the WEF, the UN, the WHO, the IMF, the …, well, you get it. Can we take a break from the darkness rising and watch for that Christmas star signifying the coming King? I think our rapture-waiting hearts need it, to get caught up in the exquisite glory of God with us, Immanuel.

This year, my question is: How can we dwell in the holiness of Christ-mas rather than being trapped by all its trappings?

Don’t get me wrong; I love the trappings of Christmas, the decorations and music and movies. I like buying presents for my kids and grandkids and even the explosion of festive confetti left in the wake of them tearing into those gifts. I don’t want to give all that up, but I do want to find a way this year for my mind to remember the reason for the season above all the clamor of family and food and fun. Each year, I start off strong with determination to keep Jesus as the Main Attraction, then good distractions like traveling to see family and hosting a big Christmas breakfast engulf my mind and cloud my vision. Before I even realize it’s happening, the enemy has me entangled in the holidays rather than me being caught up in the holy days.

A recent spiritual battle, what I can only describe as an unholy war against my mind, has served as a warning and reminder as I enter the Christmas season. What should be upcoming days of holy dwelling with and on Jesus can easily become holly jolly holidays if I’m not on my guard. The enemy would love nothing more. I hope you take that as a warning as well. We should never assume he takes a holiday off from his distractions and deceptions, so we must expect his advances and prepare for them by intentionally dwelling on holiness.

With that in mind, for an upcoming season of lights and festivities and busyness, my admonition for myself and for you is to take care that we don’t lower our defenses. Lights limit vision. Festivities frazzle minds. Busyness burdens hearts. Any and all can weaken our spirits. Rather than becoming trapped by the trappings, this is a time for “dwelling on these things”:

“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things” (Philippians 4:8).

While this verse is more general in its implications, meaning for us to dwell on things that are true and honorable and right, etc., the Lord showed me a practical Christmas application. Jesus is the truth. He is honorable and right and pure and lovely…. To focus on Jesus is holy dwelling. It’s a safe place with walls of protection that will guard our hearts and minds from the onslaught of lies and temptations by the enemy. Even good distractions, such as family and food and fun, can clutter our minds and overshadow the Main Attraction. The world tells us to direct our eyes toward Santa and stockings and snow. But the Word assures us that peace is present for those whose minds are stayed (Isaiah 26:3) on the One who once came as that holy babe in a manger.

Lights and festivities and busyness can be a part of the celebration of the joyous birth of the Savior. I don’t mind any or all of those when they’re outshined by the Star of the season. Now’s the time to set aside “trib watch” and simply Jesus watch, to dwell on the One who is true and excellent and lovely….

Truth came in excellence as a lowly and lovely baby, pure and honorable and of good repute, the only One who can make mankind right with the Father, the only One worthy of praise. Join me in dwelling on these things and this person, Jesus, the reason for the season.

I hope to see you all in the sky before the New Year. If not, I’ll connect with you here on Rapture Ready.

Christmas blessings to you and yours from me and mine,


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