12 Dec 2023

A Gigantic New ICBM Will Take US Nuclear Missiles Out of the Cold War-Era But Add 21st-Century Risks
A new nuclear missile is coming, a gigantic ICBM called the Sentinel. It’s the largest cultural shift in the land leg of the Air Force’s nuclear missile mission in 60 years.

What Strong Consumer: Hasbro Lays Off 20% Of Company On Plunging Toy Sales
that holiday spending was stellar (online was indeed a record, foot-traffic however which is the bulk of retail sales declined again), and that spending – despite continued economic headwinds and record prices – is strong. And then there is the reality that parents can no longer afford to buy presents for what is (or should be) most precious to them: their children.

USAF cracks down on ‘need to know’ violations in wake of Discord leaks
Wing commander fired, 14 more disciplined after hundreds of documents were posted to a chat platform. Just because you’re cleared for secrets doesn’t mean you have a “need to know” them. After hundreds of classified documents were leaked earlier this year, the U.S. Air Force is trying to ensure that airmen clear both bars before they access sensitive information.

An Extremely Rare Occultation of Betelgeuse
For years, astronomers have worried that Betelgeuse might explode. Instead, it’s about to disappear. On Dec. 11th (USA) and 12th (Europe), main belt asteroid Leona will pass directly in front of Betelgeuse, a first-magnitude star in the shoulder of Orion. Millions of people in a narrow path stretching from South Florida to Italy and Greece can look up and see the red giant dim or even vanish. Much is unknown about this occultation.

Impossibly Long Odds Or Prophecy Fulfilled? Many Christians Are Too Ignorant Of Prophecy To Know The Difference
To an outside observer, the idea that a widely dispersed people would uproot themselves once again and return to the God-forsaken place where they once lived seemed ludicrous. It would be as if people calling themselves Trojans decided to regroup after 3000 years and rebuild the lost city of Troy. However, unlike the Trojans, the Jewish people maintained their identity through the long years of the diaspora.

Israel expressed willingness to discuss another hostage deal
“There are offers that have been submitted, but there is no ready agreement and further negotiations are needed,” said the report. Meanwhile, Axios reported that Israel expressed to Qatar its willingness to discuss another hostage deal.

Tensions Soar in Red Sea as Yemen Rebels Declare Blockade on All Ships Heading to Israel
Tensions are building in the Red Sea following the shooting down of two drones by a French naval frigate on Sunday as Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen doubled down on threats to attack Israel-bound vessels. Yahya Saree, the Houthis’ military spokesman, said that the rebel movement — whose slogan is “Death to America, Death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory to Islam” — would prevent commercial ships from navigating the Red Sea on their way to Israel regardless of nationality.

MK Deri: When we achieve our goals – we will stay in Gaza
The Palestinian Authority is unable to control Judea and Samaria – it does not have the capabilities to control Gaza. Until we are convinced that there is no longer a threat and there is a body of the Gulf states that will rehabilitate and manage civilian issues in the Strip. Israel will stop supplying it with water and electricity.

Mossad keeps fighting Iran in the shadows as Gaza war drags on
Last week, the National Security Council put out an unprecedented warning to Israelis traveling to over 80 countries, including European ones normally thought of as quite safe. In fact, under the radar, the intelligence agency is now likely operating at a high point in terms of its activity worldwide to protect Israelis and Jews.

Tehran warns of ‘explosion’ if war continues
The continuation of the Gaza war will lead to a regional explosion, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian told the Doha Forum on Monday, as he explained that the scope of the conflict had already expanded to include Lebanon and Yemen. “At any moment there is a possibility of a big explosion in the region, one not controllable by any party,” he said

Damascus hit in Israeli Air Force strikes
On Friday, four people were reportedly killed by an alleged Israeli drone strike on a vehicle in Syria near the shared border. Iranian-backed Hezbollah said three of its operatives were killed, including Hassan Ali Dakdouk, the son of Ali Mussa Dakdouk, who oversees the terrorist group’s operations in southern Syria.

Freed Bedouin hostage said Hamas kidnapped family ‘even though we are Arabs’
Bilal Ziyadne, 18, a Bedouin hostage freed along with his sister, Aisha, describes how Hamas kidnapped his family even though they were Arabs. He recounted to Channel 13, “I told them we were Arabs. They said to us, even though we’re Arabs, they’re kidnapping us.”Bilal and Aisha are the only two members of their family who have been freed so far. Hamas also kidnapped Bilal’s older brother Hamza and his father Youssef, who are still being held in Gaza.

Israeli ministers recommend not letting in Palestinian workers
Israel’s Socioeconomic Cabinet on Sunday evening voted to recommend not reintroducing tens and thousands of Palestinian workers from Judea and Samaria into the country’s pre-1967 lines. The measure was reportedly opposed by almost all 15 members of the Socioeconomic Cabinet,
The days that Israel will rely on the labor of Palestinian workers are over,”

Netanyahu criticizes Russia’s ‘dangerous’ cooperation with Iran in top-level phone call with Putin
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, voicing displeasure with Russian ties to Iran. The two leaders reportedly discussed several issues on the 50-minute call and Netanyahu particularly expressed “robust disapproval” of Russia’s “dangerous” cooperation with Iran, according to the Israeli statement.
The Israeli leader also blasted Moscow’s anti-Israel position during the ongoing war with the terror organization Hamas.

Spielberg initiates project documenting ‘unspeakable barbarity against Jews’ by Hamas on Oct. 7 in effort to combat antisemitism
“I never imagined I would see such unspeakable barbarity against Jews in my lifetime,” Spielberg said, according to the USC Shoah Foundation, which currently hosts the world’s largest video collection of Holocaust survivors’ witness testimonies.

“Resign In Disgrace!” – Ackman Takes Aim At Harvard President As PhD Plagiarism Allegations Appear
“In her short tenure as President, Claudine Gay has done more damage to the reputation of Harvard University than any individual in our nearly 500-year history,” the Harvard alumnus wrote on X, adding that Gay had “catalyzed an explosion of antisemitism and hate on campus that is unprecedented in Harvard’s history.” But, things just got even stickier for Gay, as she appears to have plagiarized sections of Ph.D. dissertation,

Trump blesses Israel on Hanukka but White House is concerned about Islamophobia
The heartfelt Hanukkah greetings sent by Donald Trump and family to the Jewish people stood in stark contrast to the terse tweet sent out from President Biden. Even more concerning was the response from the White House Press Secretary to a question about Hanukkah cancellations due to antisemitism. She assured the media that the White House was indeed concerned about…anti-Islamic hatred.

GOP lawmakers demand Pentagon stop removal of Confederate memorial in Arlington National Cemetery
House Republicans are aiming to block the Pentagon from removing a Confederate memorial from Arlington National Cemetery. A group of GOP lawmakers led by Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Monday demanding he keep the Reconciliation Monument, also known as the Confederate Memorial, in place until the end of the fiscal year 2024 appropriations process.

Hamas threatens no hostage will leave ‘alive’ if ‘demands of the resistance’ are not met:
The Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas warned on Sunday that no hostage will leave the Gaza Strip alive unless demands like additional aid for Gaza are met, according to reports.

With the Israel-Hamas war, Sunni and Shia armed groups find uncommon unity
The Gaza war has pushed together powerful Iran-backed Shia Muslim paramilitaries with militant Sunni factions in what appears to be closer cooperation between groups that differ in religious ideology but are united by opposition to Israel and the United States. Both Hezbollah and Hamas are designated terrorist organizations …

Elon Musk calls Media Matters ‘evil propaganda machine’ ahead of lawsuit
X CEO Elon Musk eviscerated the media watchdog Media Matters for America as an “evil propaganda machine” while discussing his upcoming lawsuit against them on Sunday. At the 2:46:23 mark is when he made his comments about Media Matters and insisted the lawsuit will also target anyone funding the group. “Media Matters is an evil propaganda machine. I just generally am against evil propaganda machines.

M6.1 earthquake hits Tonga region
Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are highly vulnerable to earthquake shaking, though some resistant structures exist. The predominant vulnerable building types are unknown/miscellaneous types and wood construction.

Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds under fire over Satanic idol and altar on display at Iowa state capitol at Christmastime
An Iowa lawmaker has demanded that Governor Kim Reynolds remove the Satanic display from the Iowa Capitol building. Brad Sherman doesn’t just want to remove the Satanic, mirrored, caped statue of Baphomet, complete with a black and red “holiday wreath” with a pentagram in the center, but wants to make sure nothing like this happens again. The display was placed by the Iowa chapter of the Satanic Temple. Sherman called the display “disgusting.”

Last Chance To Get Out Of Dodge?
Time is running out. Lately, I have been hearing from so many people that believe that 2024 will be the year when our society goes over the edge. Our financial system is teetering on the brink of disaster, crime is absolutely exploding all over the country, homelessness is rising at the fastest pace ever recorded, food banks are facing unprecedented demand for their services, and I believe that 2024 will be the most chaotic election year in the entire history of our nation.

Deadly Rocky Mountain spotted fever outbreak in California likely came from Mexico, CDC says
An outbreak of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) in southern California has led to three deaths, according to a Dec. 8 health advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

142 Mississippi churches leave UMC over homosexuality debate 
The United Methodist Church has approved the disaffiliation of 142 Mississippi congregations, joining more than 7,000 churches that have left the mainline Protestant denomination since 2019.

One in five young Americans believes the Holocaust is a myth, poll finds
One-fifth of US citizens between the ages of 18 and 29 believe that the Holocaust is a myth, according to a new poll from the Economist/YouGov.

Hamas terrorists, including those involved in Oct. 7, surrendering 
Many of the Hamas terrorists surrendering to the IDF were involved in the October 7 massacre, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated on Monday evening during a televised address.

Satanic Abortion Rituals—A Counterfeit of What God Has Done?
Many people were shocked when news outlets began reporting that Cosmopolitan had published an article sharing “steps for how to have a ‘Satanic Abortion Ceremony.’” But this shouldn’t be shocking—after all, Satan always attempts to counterfeit everything God does. Now, what do I mean by that?

Immigrants Now a Record 15 Percent of U.S. Population
The total foreign-born or immigrant population in the United States was a record 49.5 million in October 2023, according to a Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report that cited the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS). The data included an estimated “4.5 million increase since President Biden took office.”

Dem witness who cannot define what a woman is says women should ‘learn to lose gracefully’ against trans athletes
Head of the National Women’s Law Center, Fatima Goss Graves, encouraged women who are forced to compete against men in women’s sports to “lose gracefully.” This she sees as the preferable alternative to keeping men out of women’s sports at the scholastic level altogether. She made these remarks at a hearing over Title IX in the US House.

The UN General Assembly “Uniting for Peace” Resolution Has Been Invoked
Egypt & Mauritania have invoked United Nations General Assembly Resolution 377 (UNGA Res 377) the “Uniting for Peace” resolution to address the attacks in Gaza. Resolution 377 states that if UN Security Council, due to lack of unanimity of the permanent 5 members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility to act to maintain international peace & security, the General Assembly can promptly address the issue. The emergency session is set for Tuesday the 12th December.

25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS, Cambridge Scientists Warn
A bombshell study conducted by top scientists at the world-renowned Cambridge University in England has concluded that 25 percent of all people vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots now have Vaccine-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

Former DEA chief: China running several operations to get as many Americans hooked on illicit drugs as possible
Back in January 2023 the Epoch Times published an article detailing China’s alleged role in running an operation that is dedicated to getting the American people addicted to illegal drugs.

Yuval Noah Harari discusses the creation of a massive class of useless people and what should be done with them
In 2015 and 2017, historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari discussed how a massive class of useless people was being created. The artificial intelligence revolution is beginning to create “the useless class,” he said. When asked if his 2015 book provided any solutions, he responded: “At present, the best guess we have is to keep them [the useless class] happy with drugs and computer games.”

Secret Plan Exposed: Government & Pfizer Documents Implicate Gates & Schwab in Depopulation Scheme
If an experimental vaccine were to damage the heart and immune system in a significant number of individuals who received it, it is possible that it could lead to a decline in the overall population size. This could occur for several reasons.