10 Dec 2023

Diminutive and mysterious, the Pentagon’s X-37B set to launch again
Is it a secretive Pentagon weapon? Is it stealthy? Does it sneak up to satellites? What exactly does it do in space? And why is it up there for so long? The Pentagon won’t say. And the veil of secrecy over the X-37B continues ahead of its launch Sunday at 8:14 p.m. Eastern on its seventh mission. But this time there are some clues that at least something is different.

In historic decision, FDA approves a CRISPR-based medicine for treatment of sickle cell disease
The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the world’s first medicine based on CRISPR gene-editing technology, a groundbreaking treatment for sickle cell disease that delivers a potential cure for people born with the chronic and life-shortening blood disorder. The new medicine, called Casgevy, is made by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and CRISPR Therapeutics. Its authorization is a scientific triumph for the technology that can efficiently and precisely repair DNA mutations — ushering in a new era of genetic medicines for inherited diseases.

Two ‘traitors of Ukraine’ killed in separate incidents
Two Ukrainians who collaborated with Russian authorities have been killed — one in a shooting in a village southwest of Moscow and the other in a car bombing in the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine’s Luhansk region. Russia’s Investigative Committee later confirmed Kyva’s death and announced that a criminal investigation has been opened.

“Beyond Shocking”: ACLU Will Represent NRA In Free Speech Supreme Court Case
“We’re representing the NRA at the Supreme Court in their case against New York’s Department of Financial Services for abusing its regulatory power to violate the NRA’s First Amendment rights. The government can’t blacklist an advocacy group because of its viewpoint,” the ACLU announced on ‘free speech’ platform X.

“They Look Like America”: Clip Of Kevin McCarthy Fluffing Democrats Goes Viral
“When you look at the Democrats, they actually look like America. When I look at my party, we look like the most restrictive country club in America,” McCarthy said to laughter and applause.
(Watch) “McCarthy is not some weird outlier, he is not a “RINO”, he held THE key leadership position in the party until a few weeks ago … The clip resurfaced within a day or so of McCarthy announcing his support for Trump.

We’re Starting To Find Out What’s Beneath The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We’ve All Been Taking For Granted
Unlike so many people around the world, those of us that live in the United States were fortunate enough to grow up in a relatively civilized society. Unfortunately, we have turned our backs on the values that our forefathers handed down to us, and so now we are starting to find out what is beneath the thin veneer of civilization that we have all been taking for granted all these years.

Hatred Of Toward Israel: It’s Not A Different Point Of View… It’s Evil Vs Good
Johnnie Moore, president of the Congress of Christian Leaders, told me, “When they say things like ‘from the river to the sea,’ that’s a call for the genocide of the Jewish people. It’s not the ‘two-state solution.’ It’s the Final Solution.” “A lot of people in politics don’t believe in evil. They just think that people have different points of view in the world.” But, he said, “No. There’s good, and there’s evil.”

‘Who made us live in poverty in Gaza? Not the Jews, Hamas’
The speakers were translated and voiced over, and their identity protected, using animated pictures after, according to the group’s founder and president, Joseph Braude, protests of Hamas in the Strip, as recently as last July, were violently shut down. Braude said some of the recordings were made since the outbreak of the war. one woman said the wars in Gaza are waged by Hamas for political reasons alone. “If you’re a Gazan citizen who opposes war and says, “I don’t want war,” you’re branded a traitor.

Egypt mulls plans for global resettlement for Gaza’s Palestinian population, report says
Arab newspaper Al-Akhbar quoted sources on Saturday claiming that Egypt is exploring ways to deal with the Palestinian migration that may begin in early 2024. One option the country is looking into is the possibility that other countries will agree to host the Gazans who’ll be allowed to leave via the Rafah border crossing.

Where did Hamas’ spokesman go?
Abu Obaydah, Hamas’ spokesman, has been absent from Hamas video publications since the end of November. Since Friday, Palestinian Arab media has reported that he was either killed or seriously injured in an IDF attack last week.

As IDF ups ops in Gaza, Hamas targets troops from schools, mosque
terrorists holed up in a school in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City ambushed Israeli soldiers, who responded with fire to eliminate the threat.

Yemen’s Houthis Warn They Will Target All Ships Headed to Israel
Yemen’s Houthi movement said on Saturday they would target all ships heading to Israel, regardless of their nationality, and warned all international shipping companies against dealing with Israeli ports. The Iran-aligned group is escalating the risks of a regional conflict amid a brutal war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist Hamas.

Shooting towards Ariel on Friday
On Friday, two bullets fired by terrorists from the Arab city of Salfit entered the city of Ariel in Samaria. According to the municipality, “this was not direct fire, but something that apparently was fired into the air.” … it is clear that this is not a coincidence or mistake. There is no such thing as stray bullets. Every bullet has an address.

Pew poll: 50% of Democrats blame Israel for war in Gaza
More than twice as many Democrats (50%) as Republicans (21%) say that the Israeli government bears “a lot” of responsibility for the war against the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip. That’s according to a new poll that the Pew Research Center conducted of 5,203 adults between Nov. 27 and Dec. 3.

IDF Chairman says Hamas operatives surrendering, criticizing their leaders
On Saturday, IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari reported the surrender of many Hamas terrorists and the disconnection between Hamas operatives and the terror group’s leadership. In leaked footage from Northern Gaza on Saturday, a Hamas operative surrounded by numerous terrorists can be seen putting his assault rifle down on the ground in a gesture of surrender. “In Shejaiya and Jabaliya, terrorists surrendered and handed over weapons and equipment.”

Ugandan minister accuses US gov’t of using visa restrictions to push ‘LGBT agenda’
‘Why don’t they impose the same sanctions on the Middle East countries which have the same or harsher laws against LGBT?” Henry Okello Oryem, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs in Uganda, wondered.

Dean Phillips campaign: Democratic primary ‘corrupt, rigged’
Phillips plans to file challenges with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) regarding his exclusion from Democratic primary ballots in Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The Florida Democratic Party submitted only Biden’s name despite multiple candidates, including Phillips, expressing their desire to appear on the primary ballot. Weaver described the process as “corrupt” and “rigged.”

Biden Threatens To Send Troops To Fight Russia
Totalitarian sociopath, Joe Biden is threatening to send American troops to fight Russia. If Congress won’t approve more military financial aid for Ukraine, he thinks sending human cattle to kill and be killed is an adequate trade.

Legal experts warn Hunter Biden faces ‘real chance of jail time’ if convicted on new tax felony charges
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told Fox News Digital said Biden could face jail time if he is convicted of the three felony tax charges filed by special counsel David Weiss in California Thursday. Turley said Weiss repeatedly emphasized in Biden’s indictment “that this was a four-year effort to knowingly evade taxes to spend on ‘an extravagant lifestyle.’” “It is hard to see how prosecutors would make such a case and not seek jail time for knowingly criminal conduct.

Weather alerts hoisted for Northeast ahead of impacts from storm system
The Northeast is now on the clock for impacts associated with a storm system that can be traced back to the recent deadly flooding in the Pacific Northwest.

Deadly tornado outbreak leaves extensive damage in Tennessee, Kentucky
A powerful storm system that is bringing snow, wind and heavy rainfall across the eastern U.S. this weekend also brought with it deadly tornadoes that tore across parts of the South on Saturday.

Amazon’s AI Reportedly Suffering “Severe Hallucinations”
In a surprise announcement last week, Amazon’s cloud computing division announced a flashy new AI chatbot aimed at businesses called Amazon Q — not to be confused with OpenAI’s secretive Q*, pronounced Q star, which is rumored to be a separate and powerful new AI system.

Shocking Poll Finds Nearly a Quarter of Gen Z Would Ban Bible for ‘Hate Speech’
This is shocking. But then again, the way things are going, maybe not. Nearly 25 percent of young people in the U.K. believe the Bible should be banned if it is found to contain “hate speech.”

Red Cross reprimands Israeli hostage families: Think about Palestinians
Families of Israelis being held hostage by Hamas were reprimanded by representatives of the Red Cross in a meeting earlier this week, with the Red Cross telling one family they need to “think about the Palestinian side,” KAN reported on Thursday night.

U.S., South Korea, Japan to step up actions on North Korea cyber threats
The United States, South Korea and Japan agreed new initiatives on Saturday to respond to North Korea’s threats in cyberspace, including cryptocurrency abuses and space launches, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said.

Hatred Toward Israel: It’s Not A Different Point Of View… It’s Evil Vs Good
…Johnnie Moore, president of the Congress of Christian Leaders, told me, “When they say things like ‘from the river to the sea,’ that’s a call for the genocide of the Jewish people. It’s not the ‘two-state solution.’ It’s the Final Solution.”

US vetoes UN Security Council resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza Strip
The United States vetoed a United Nations resolution Friday backed by almost all other Security Council members and many other nations demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where Palestinian civilians are facing what the UN chief calls a “humanitarian nightmare.”

ABLECHILD: Ohio Whistleblower Says Schools Hiring Professionals to Push Big Pharma Drugs on Children
An Ohio school teacher reached out anonymously to describe the increase in professionals and social workers in schools used to push Big Pharma drugs on children.

Number Of Attacks On US Bases In Iraq & Syria Pushes Past 80
Much of the American public believes troops in Iraq & Syria are serving no purpose…

‘Turning a corner today’: 142 Mississippi churches leave UMC over homosexuality debate
The United Methodist Church has approved the disaffiliation of 142 Mississippi congregations, joining more than 7,000 churches that have left the mainline Protestant denomination since 2019.

Mexican citizens to face up to 24 years in prison if lawmakers pass ‘conversion therapy’ ban
More than 170 pro-family civil society organizations have reportedly voiced their opposition to a proposed national “conversion therapy” ban in Mexico, fearing it could effectively criminalize attempts to receive counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction.

SRP24 founder Steve Slepcevic issues urgent warning – Wealthy ELITES preparing to hole up in heavily-stocked BUNKERS 
SRP24 founder Steve Slepcevic issues urgent warning – Wealthy ELITES preparing to hole up in heavily-stocked BUNKERS

Colombian Health Minister tells Senate covid vaccines are the greatest experiment carried out in human history
During a First Committee of the Senate debate on the supply of medicines, Colombian Health Minister Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo said vehemently that “all Colombians who are vaccinated [against covid-19] served for the greatest experiment that has been carried out in the entire history of humanity …  We cannot continue experimenting with the Colombian community.”

China orders mystery pneumonia outbreak ‘cover-up’ as officials told to ‘downplay illness & BAN word Covid’
CHINESE officials have been ordered to downplay the mystery pneumonia outbreak raging across the country, an insider has claimed. Beijing has also ordered medics not to reveal the cause of the illness and urged officials to avoid using the term Covid-19,

Lynn Forester de Rothschild wants to use AI to radically change economies; to “save capitalism” 
The Council for Inclusive Capitalism (“CIC”) was formed at the height of the covid pandemic. It is essentially everything that conspiracy theorists have been warning about for years packaged into a single Orwellian entity.