The Observance of Days and Times :: By Candy Austin

Galatians 4:9-11 “But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain.”

Topical Bible: Observer of Times (

Excerpts: Strong’s Hebrew: anan – to practice soothsaying. Definition: enchanter, observer of times, soothsayer, sorcerer…

The Unclean Spirits. “…shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times…” – END SOURCE

Paganism, paganism; everywhere we look, hear, think, or do is in line with sheer and utter paganism! Think anything from wreaths, rings, masks, steeples Church Steeples | Biblical Truth signs, symbols, and even the tooth fairy of all things! Pagans and paganism are so steeped into our culture it’s not even distinguishable from Christianity or the American way of life anymore!

What is a pagan/paganism, one may ask? Well, it has come to simply mean “not of the book” (specifically not of the Bible), supposedly not religious or of any religion (especially not Christian), and who follow a variety of spiritual paths including Wicca, Druidry, Occultism, and many others, which is obviously Witchcraft and Satanism, but I digress.

For the casual believer or observer, my question is, did you know that pretty much most things in our daily life come from nefarious means? Meaning that, for example, even the names of our days and months of the year on the calendar are rooted in paganism.

For those who didn’t know, this article is for you. Here are some quick examples: for instance, the days of the week are basically named after some Roman/Nordic gods, not to mention after some of the planets as well. Also, not surprisingly, the months of the year are named after Roman/Greek gods and goddesses and Latin number meanings to boot.

Here they go as follows:

Sunday (Sunnudagr) – named after the Sun – “Sun’s day”

Monday (Manadagr) – named after the Moon – “Moon’s day”

Tuesday (Tysdagr) – named after the god Tiw – Germanic god Tiu or Twia

Wednesday (Odinsdagr) – named after the god Odin – “Woden’s day” in Norse, ‘Odin’

Thursday (Porsdagr) – named after the god Thor – “Thor’s day”

Friday (Frjadagr) – named after the goddess Frigg – Freya the wife of Woden

Saturday (Laugardagr) – named after the god Saturn – “Saturn’s day”


January – named after the Roman god Janus

February – named after the Roman festival called Februa

March – named after the Roman god Mars

April – named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite – Latin “Aprilis”

May – named after the Greek goddess Maia

June – named after the Roman goddess Juno

July – named after Julius Caesar

August – named after Augustus Caesar

September – comes from the Latin word “septem” which means “seven”

October – comes from the Latin word “octo” which means “eight”

November – comes from the Latin word “novem” which means “nine”

December – comes from the Latin word “decem” which means “ten”

Also, not to mention the observance of the Winter and Summer Solstices, the Lunar Calendar, Wheel of the Year, various hedonistic Festivals, and whatever else pagans ceremonially practice and celebrate as a type of homage to none other than Satan himself, whether they choose to realize it or not!

And this is just ‘scratching the surface’ on the rampant amount of paganism rooted throughout our culture. The rabbit hole and research on all of this and so much more can go on and on indefinitely!

My point in writing about this today is to maybe help the casual observer or nominal believer to hopefully see the truth about most of the things that we have been taught in our lifetime – that a lot of what has become ‘common’ in our daily world is really tied to paganism, all of which is nefarious in nature, and for us to just to be aware of it so as not to continue on in ‘spiritual blindness’ as most of us have been throughout our lives.

For further exemplification, we had a favorite Southern Baptist preacher in recent years who was super nice and friendly all the time and one who ‘never knew a stranger’ (we will never forget him). But he also had a wife and her sister in the church who were staunch advocates of Helloween/Samhain, especially in their online posts of all things.

Oddly enough, during Bible studies, they would preach against paganism but then turn right around after church and talk about how much “fun, fun, fun” Halloween is, especially for the kids. (Incredulous stare) Seriously? #confusedmuch #snowedanddeceived #morethanlikelypartofasecretsociety

Case in point: there is a family on YouTube that we love to watch who are also on fire for God. They have 3 boys and another one on the way and have taught these young men well in the ways of the Lord during their time in home school, which is so impressive to me!

Just recently, though, due to some circumstances, they tried sending their boys to a local Christian/Private school only to have to take them back out after a mere 4-5 days due to the amount of paganism that has infiltrated even in this arena!

Overall, I was so impressed with their little boys and their testimony about not wanting to watch a video or read a book in class with a witch in or on it! Hooray for such Godly discernment with these kids still being so young. Praise the Lord! Here is their video concerning this impactful episode:


Families like these make us feel less alone because we are “not normal” either, and we, too, don’t want to participate in pagan holidays and traditions of men. I also agree that we should not pledge our allegiance to anyone or anything other than only to Our Almighty God/Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you, I.A.G. (It’s All About God) Farms Family for not being normal, too; y’all are a blessing to us and other subscribers, I’m sure, as well! We need more of us who are like-minded believers to band together on our biblical resolve to stand for God’s Truths instead of the lies of satanism/paganism!

For example, just recently, as we were leaving a local consignment shop due to selling some furniture, we noticed a new adjacent shop nearby that was obviously nothing but pure evil! Sadly, more and more, we are seeing these dark witchcraft/satanic shops and stores popping up all around that sell nothing but things that are purposely tied to be used in paganism/satanism!

Things such as apothecaries and taxidermies for casting spells, clothing items that say, ‘Hell Bound’ among other curses/cursing, items plastered with pentagrams with circles around it (a witchcraft symbol which is seen everywhere nowadays as a normal logo, btw), and basically any and all things tied to satanism is what these shops are all about… just completely disgusting!

Another example is in some of the last ‘so-called family shows’ that we thought we could still watch but are not really even fit for television anymore – such as baking or cooking shows that have the baker or chef cursing and cussing with F-bombs over and over (just in normal conversation, btw), or a dating/finding love show that has the bachelor blatantly using the Lord’s Name in vain while anguishing over deciding who to pick between the last 2 women.

Or even just randomly turning on the TV only to have a paranormal show accidentally cast into our living room for a few seconds, which is utterly disturbing. Or how about a past favorite family show that no longer holds to any biblical values and approves of their daughter becoming a fornicator and having a baby out of wedlock? The list of all of the degenerate shows that are cast through the airwaves of “Tell-a-Vision” mind control/programming can go on and on, but hopefully, by now, we can start to see the roundabout ‘behind-the-scenes’ point.

For instance, as we were driving on our way to a wholesome Amish/Mennonite fair event just the other day, we were mortified as we passed by a Satanic Library/Museum in town complete with the all-seeing eye, triangles, and other Egyptian/Occultic carvings on the stone building! Like, seriously… evil doesn’t even have to hide itself anymore!

Anyhow, just look at the After School Satan Clubs popping up all over the country with very little pushback, and apparently, all-out Satanic Temples are becoming more and more of a thing, too… are we in the last days or what?! Obviously, even to the common/casual observer, it is becoming more and more evident that we are!


Time is short; for the Christian, it is for us to use this ‘grand opportunity’ to tell others about the gospel message of Jesus Christ so that they can repent before it is too late. There is coming a day when there will be no more chance like we have now. Things will not go on as they are indefinitely; the Bible clearly warns of this.

Please wake up and repent if you haven’t already, especially while you still can; you will be glad that you did! #theclockisticking #thehourglassoftimeisrunningout #weareinthelastofthelastdays #dontmindthescoffers #ithasallbeenforetold #wakeup #Jesusiscomingsoon

Our Visit to the Homestead Heritage Fair 2023:

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Until next time… Maranatha!

Sincerely & In Christ,

Candy Austin

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