17 Nov 2023

Top U.S. Vatican Official Claims Pope May Make the Faith Up as He Goes
It might seem that Francis fired Strickland for being a genuine Catholic, and speaking openly about Francis’ ongoing abuse of faithful believers, and his promotion of sexual radicals who support the LGBT agenda. Strickland dared to quote a speech by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who openly asks if the pope’s new, false teachings throw into question his right to call himself a Catholic — and hence the pope.

Iran will do ‘whatever it takes’ to help Hamas in war with Israel: Quds Force chief
Iran will do “whatever it takes” to help Hamas in its war with Israel, Iran’s Quds Force commander Esmail Qaani said in a message to top Hamas commander Mohammed Deif, state media reported on Thursday. “Your brothers in the resistance axis stand united with you and will not allow the enemy to reach its dirty goals in Gaza and Palestine,” Qaani said in a letter addressed to Deif, leader of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

Raytheon Whistleblower: Directed Energy Weapons That Can Cause Earthquakes Hidden In Antarctica
Former Raytheon employee and whistleblower Eric Hecker has claimed that the US has developed highly advanced technology that is capable of causing earthquakes.

Mutiny on the Biden
A longtime conservative activist in Washington, DC, isn’t surprised that unmistakably anti-Israel statements critical of the President’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war have surfaced from within the Biden administration. First it was an internal State Department “dissent” memo that was leaked to the press accusing Joe Biden of “spreading misinformation” in a speech he delivered on October 10. The approximately 100 State Department and USAID employees who signed the memo, says Axios, claimed Israel is committing “war crimes,” and that Biden’s continued support of the Jewish nation makes him “complicit in genocide.”

New Tropical Storm Watches Issued for Developing Potential Tropical Cyclone #22
A developing system in the Caribbean labeled as Potential Tropical Cyclone #22 by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has prompted authorities across many islands to issue fresh tropical storm watches. The governments of Cuba, the Bahamas, and Jamaica have decided to issue watches because the NHC believes the potential cyclone will become an actual cyclone soon.

Significant storm to blast Northeast, Midwest just before Thanksgiving
Following some rain and spotty snow into this weekend, a bigger problem awaits Thanksgiving travelers in the Northeast and Midwest next week as a potent storm will take shape and spin toward the Great Lakes, triggering areas of heavy rain, snow and gusty winds, AccuWeather meteorologists say.

Judge Upholds Biden Administration’s Approval of the Massive Willow Oil-Drilling Project in Alaska
Alaska’s massive Willow oil project moves forward after judge rejects protests by environmentalists and native tribes. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy welcomes the District Court Decision. “Today’s federal court decision reaffirms that the Willow project is an environmentally responsible energy project in an area Congress specifically designated for oil and gas development,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy in a press release.

The Parties Have Irreconcilably Different Visions For America
The sad reality is that very few Republican and Democratic officials or candidates agree on the state of the country or what the actual problems are that we face. More importantly, they do not have shared goals for what our community or nation ought to be. For example, a decade ago in Pennsylvania, the fight over natural gas centered on whether it should be separately taxed – and, if so, at what rate. No more. Today, the divide is that most Democrats do not want any more natural gas extracted, refined, or moved across our state or beyond – a vision shared by almost no Republican.

Iranian IRGC Commander Warns Israel to Expect Further Pogroms Like Oct. 7
“Just as the al-Aqsa Storm came from a place the enemy did not calculate, they must wait for other storms that will reach them from where they do not figure out,” Gen. Hossein Salami declared in a speech on Thursday in the city of Isfahan, using the official nomenclature chosen by Hamas to describe its onslaught in southern Israel last month that claimed the lives of more than 1,200 people and the seizure of over 200 hostages.

New Jersey To End ‘Basic Skills Test’ Requirement For Government-School Teachers
If Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy gives his assent, government-school teachers in the state will soon no longer have to show they even have the most basic skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic to teach children. Yes, seriously.

‘It’s scarier by the day’: Antisemitism wave reaches Australia
Jewish communities say pro-Palestinian rallies and antisemitic incidents surged to unprecedented levels amid Israel’s war against Hamas

‘Not peaceful’: Police release new details on violent riot outside DNC headquarters
Demonstrators blocked the exits to the DNC building with dumpsters, pepper sprayed officers and “attempted to pick up the bike rack,” according to a press release from the USCP. Officers tried to disperse the crowd by pushing them back, pulling them away from the entrances and “clearing them from the area.” “We have handled hundreds of peaceful protests, but last night’s group was not peaceful.

The Inside Story of How Palestinians Took Over the World
The brilliant Palestinian plan to capture the pliable minds of American college students was laid out in front of me 25 years ago, during a very sinister business meeting in Israel. It was around the time of the Oslo Accords.

Biden: War will stop when Hamas can no longer murder Israelis
Joe Biden made clear Wednesday that he still firmly backs Israel’s position that the ongoing war against Hamas cannot end until its capacity for attacking Israel is destroyed.

Bus drivers refuse to drive Jews to pro-Israel rally in Washington
A great portion of the contingent of nearly 1,000 Detroiters, bound for the “March with Israel” rally in the nation’s capital, never made it to the demonstration, after bus drivers refused to drive them from the airport. The bus company with whom they had contracted transit from the airport to the rally called a wild-cat strike and refused to take them to the event.

Israel: UN agencies ‘complicit’ in Hamas war crimes
“For too long international agencies and officials have been tacitly complicit with Hamas’s long-standing abuse of hospitals as human shields,” said Prime Minister’s Office Spokesman Eylon Levy at a press briefing. “We are demanding full accountability from them. What did you know? Why did you not say anything? Why do you continue to do propaganda for Hamas instead of doing your jobs?” he asked.

Herzog: ‘Very strong force’ needed in Gaza after Hamas defeated
“We can’t leave a vacuum” that could enable the coastal enclave to turn “into a terror base again,” said the Israeli president. Israel will need to maintain a significant presence in Gaza to prevent the Hamas terrorist group from regaining control of the enclave, President Isaac Herzog said in an interview with the Financial Times published on Thursday.

Elon Musk correctly diagnoses reason why radical abortion laws are passing
Business magnate Elon Musk correctly diagnosed the moral problems that underly women and men’s support for abortion, but he apparently fails to recognize how he contributes to a culture of death himself. He is correct in one reason why men and women vote for allowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, which could be the result of Ohio’s vote several weeks ago. Our culture does teach men and women that an “accidental pregnancy is the worst thing that could possibly happen.”

Anchorage, Alaska, could see its snowiest November ever
The city of Anchorage, Alaska, could see its snowiest November ever – and the snowfall so far this month has already spelled misery for residents, quickly burying roads and prompting an emergency declaration.

Report: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Europe Leapt by 44 Percent in 2022
Religiously motivated hate crimes against Christians in Europe jumped by 44 percent in just one year, reveals a sobering report by a prominent Christian persecution monitoring group.

VICTORY! Wisconsin city officials retract ‘absurd, unconstitutional’ Christmas ban
…the mayor said it wouldn’t be called a Christmas tree but instead a Holiday tree. “There was a big uproar,” Staver said. Christmas is back in style, but only because people were willing to fight and defend it. “A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree — it is only used to celebrate one holiday,” Staver said. “It isn’t Thanksgiving. It isn’t Kwanza. It isn’t Hanukah. It isn’t New Year’s. It isn’t the Fourth of July. It’s a Christmas tree, so call it a Christmas tree.”

Iranians secretly translating Bible into their heart languages
As the underground Church continues to grow in Muslim-majority Iran, Bible translators are putting their lives on the line to bring the Gospel into the local dialects so that their friends and neighbors can have access to the written word of God for the first time.

Iran Uses Hamas-Israel War to Launch “Execution Spree” Killing 107 Anti-Regime Activists As Biden Gifts Them Another $10 Billion 
Joe Biden seems intent on keeping the mullahs of Iran well funded proving the means to continue their assaults on the world and on their own people.

TOO LATE: US Army Removes COVID Vaccine Requirement for Recruits Following Historic Low in Recruitment Since 1973
The United States Army has removed the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for new recruits. The Army’s recruitment challenges have been mounting in recent years, exacerbated by the stringent COVID-19 vaccine mandates that were previously in place.

A $34 billion market: How Ukrainian security forces make money by selling children to the West
Director of the Department for Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights of the Russian Foreign
Ministry Grigory Lukyantsev said that dozens of Ukrainian families are asking for help in finding their children forcibly taken to Europe. Who in Ukraine supports this business?

Voting Machine Company That ‘Flipped’ Votes in Pennsylvania Admits ‘Someone Programmed the Election’ 
A top executive from the company behind the voting machines that “flipped votes” in Pennsylvania on Tuesday has admitted that “someone from our team programmed the election.”

Church of England backs plans for trial blessings of same-sex weddings
General Synod’s narrow vote in favour means services to celebrate gay marriages could be held within weeks

Maldives saw 50% spike in death rate six months after COVID vaccine rollout: report 
Data from the Republic of Maldives provides yet more evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are not only harmful but lethal, says a prominent vaccine watchdog and COVID establishment critic.

World Economic Forum Stripped Naked
The World Economic Forum (“WEF”) reminds Dr. Vernon Coleman very much of the Scientology cult – although, as a replacement for the Bilderbergers and a promotional organisation for the European Union and the United Nations, it is infinitely more dangerous and it has influence far greater than would seem justified.

US Congress interviews Peter Daszak; his ties to coronavirus research were deeper than suspected 
As Joe Biden met with Xi Jinping on the West Coast, one of China’s favourite scientists, Peter Daszak, had a rough day on the East Coast – where he revealed to Congress that his ties to controversial coronavirus research were deeper than suspected.

German MP tells Bundestag that the only ones who need the digital euro are those who want total surveillance of citizens
Last week, German Member of Parliament Joana Cotar gave a speech in the Bundestag. Nobody needs the digital euro except for the European Central Bank (“ECB”) and politicians who have something else in mind, she said.  And that something else is the total surveillance of citizens.

U.S. Government confirms 1433x increase in Deadly Cancer Cases due to COVID Vaccination
Cancer…is the No. 2 leading cause of death in the United States. Unfortunately, it appears the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 injections. Because official U.S. Government data confirms the risk of developing cancer following Covid-19 vaccination increases by a shocking 143,233%.