Dome of the Rock :: By Jim Towers

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dome of the Rock wasn’t destroyed by a stray missile, and the whole Islamic world would then be at war with the Israelis. This could also happen by a “Lone Wolf hoping to incite the billions of Islamists in the world. It wouldn’t take any more than that incident to spark World War III.

Already, the Houthis of Yemen are/were shooting ballistic missiles across the Red Sea at Israel near where the two primary Islamic Mosques are located. But after being bombarded back to the Stone Age by Israel in retaliation, they have quieted down for now.

The initial action initiated by the terrorist organization known as Hamas was planned months in advance, with Iran leading the way with armaments bought by U.S. taxpayers provided by our own government – through Barack and Joe. But God is on the throne and is flooding some of these countries with Biblical floods, even as we speak.

The U.S. has more Jews than even Israel, and they are still scattered all around the world, usually to the benefit of the host countries. They are innovators, scientists, bankers and the like, which isn’t to say they aren’t capable of sinful activity. In fact, like all the rest of humanity, they too can fall into sin and be a stain on the chosen people of God. But alas, these wayward souls are simply a microcosm of the rest of humanity.

We have to wonder where the gay rights marches will be held this year in Israel or if they will be held at all in the days ahead. Let’s hope these perverts wake up and repent.

I’ve had many Jewish friends during my lifetime and have found them, for the most part, to be benevolent, kind, and understanding. But like the rest of humanity, some can also be brutish. Most have the propensity to be wary of their fellow man, and rightfully so, since from the beginning of the Jewish race, they have been vilified and mistreated.

I just finished reading the book A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson, a British historian. The book is the largest one I’ve ever read and one of the most compelling next to The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico by Bernal Dias De Castillo, which also contained over six hundred pages and was bought at a library sale for fifty cents. The funny thing about obtaining this latest book is that I bought it at another public library for a dollar – thirty years later.

Not only that, but I bought it a day before the war between the Israelis and Hamas! Even before I knew such a thing would happen (I bought it on a Friday, and the war began the day after I bought it – Saturday. The timing couldn’t have been better).

The book was as thorough as a book can get, with dates, names, and places and detailing the events that the displaced and persecuted Jews endured and why. This gives me a greater insight into the reasons for the unbridled hatred of the Jewish people.

As the writer of this book states (and I quote):

No people have been more fertile in enriching poverty or humanizing wealth or in misfortune to creative account. This capacity springs from a moral philosophy, both solid and subtle, which has changed remarkably little over the millennia precisely because it has been seen to prove the purposes of those who share it. Countless Jews, in all ages, have groaned under the burden of Judaism. But they have known in their hearts that it carried them. The Jews were survivors because they possessed the law of survival.

The Jews have been great truth-tellers, and that is one reason they have been so much hated. A prophet will be feared and sometimes honored, but when has he been loved? Yet a prophet must prophesy, and the Jews will persist in pursuing truth, as they see it, wherever it leads. Jewish history teaches, if anything can, that there is indeed a purpose to human existence and that we are not born to live and die like beasts. In continuing to take comfort in the injunction, thrice repeated, in the noble first Book of Joshua: “Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee wherever thou goest.”

Today, the Jews are once again fighting for their very existence and rightful place in life. A place that God Himself gave them. Surely, as in the past, the Israeli Jews will prevail with the intervention of Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

We should not be alarmed nor take sides in this historical event since many people will die. Good and bad alike. Instead, we should pray that God’s will be done to bring about the eternal salvation of others.

With Islam warring factions uniting against Israel – it looks like we Americans might be drawn into a larger and protracted war alongside our Israeli allies against terrorism. This to the chagrin of former president Barak Hussein Obama, who is a Sunni Muslim himself and who, in fact, sent billions of dollars to Iran on pallets in the dead of the night while he was yet in office, and with Joe Biden waiting in the wings to do the very same.

In my view, this move by Joe Biden is only to divert attention from his failings and blunders as the leader of the free world and to cover up his shady dealings with Ukraine. Joe continued to pay ransom by sponsoring their war as well. Thank God the conservatives in Washington just stopped him from giving the Ukrainians billions more.

The Turks and Iranians (formerly known as Persia in the Bible) are now saber rattling and making threats of entering this war. Now, everyone is walking on pins and needles, hoping that peace will somehow come about before we Americans are dragged into this cauldron of endless killing. Nevertheless, Joe Biden is increasingly getting us directly involved by sending troops and armaments to further fan the flames of war, while the Israelis were perfectly capable of defending themselves – especially with God on their side.

In doing so, Joe is hoping to deflect the focus off himself and his family from their worldwide criminal activities. (The timing couldn’t have been better. But as God reminds us, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” If not now, surely in the hereafter. “It is appointed unto man, once to die, but after that, the judgment.”)


Jim Towers

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