22 Oct 2023

The Sun’s Magnetic Poles Are Vanishing
The sun’s magnetic poles are about to reverse as part of a regular 11-year sunspot activity cycle. “Right now it looks like the sun’s polar fields are fairly well in sync,” says Lisa Upton, a solar scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo. “They’re getting really close to zero, so they’re getting very, very weak, but we haven’t quite hit the reversal yet.”

NASA Reveals Terrifying Gap in Our Knowledge About Asteroid Threats
Now for the disturbing parts – of those 32,000 near-Earth asteroids, more than 10,000 are more than 140 m in diameter. By most common estimates, if one of those were to hit the Earth, it would be capable of wiping out an entire city.

Iran Raises Black Flag Over One Of The World’s Largest Mosques In Ominous Sign
All of the signs are telling us that a war between Israel and Hezbollah is imminent. And once it begins, the U.S. and Iran will inevitably get sucked into the conflict as well. We are literally talking about an apocalyptic scenario, and that is going to have enormous implications for all of us. Hezbollah has an arsenal of 130,000 missiles that it can launch at Israeli cities, Iran possesses even greater firepower than Hezbollah does, and the Israelis have quite a few surprises up their sleeves. I will just leave it at that for now. As this war evolves, the entire world will be shocked by the death and destruction that we witness. Unfortunately, there is no turning back now. In the contemporary Islamist movement, the black flag is used to evoke notions of jihad and of reestablishing the Islamic Caliphate. It can also be used as a symbol in Islamic eschatology heralding the advent of the Islamic Mahdi,

Homeland Security Official Who Handled Asylum Claims on Leave After Her Role in Palestinian Organization Resurfaces
The Department of Homeland Security placed an official on administrative leave after a report surfaced she previously worked as a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Nejwa Ali, who was an adjudication officer for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, was responsible for reviewing asylum claims for those seeking to enter the United States, The Daily Wire reported. The day Palestinian Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, killing over 1,400 people and capturing approximately 200, Ali, who is American-born, wrote in an Instagram post, “F*** Israel and any Jew that supports Israel.”

Soldier killed, two foreign workers hurt as fighting continues with Hezbollah
Hezbollah continued to attack Israel in the North with rockets, anti-tank missiles, and gunfire on Friday and Saturday, killing an IDF soldier and wounding at least two foreign workers on the Israeli side. The IDF responded using aerial strikes, artillery, infantry, and other means to widely attack Hezbollah positions on the border several times …

Russian cruise missiles have US Air Force scouting for thousands of acres of land
The U.S. Air Force is moving ahead with its plan to build homeland-defense radars that can detect a new generation of Russian cruise missiles—including a search for sites whose total area could cover nearly half of Manhattan.

Turkey’s Erdogan Discussed Gaza with Hamas Leader
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan discussed Gaza in phone call with the leader of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, on Saturday.

Report: Trucks with aid to Gaza were not inspected for weapons
The convoy of 20 trucks which entered Gaza through the Rafah Crossing with Egypt on Saturday were not checked for weapons, the New York Times reported. The convoy was supposed to be carrying food, water, and medical supplies. According to IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari, no fuel was brought into Gaza on the trucks, NYT added. However, according to the NYT, the first 20 trucks were not inspected for weapons, as Israel demanded they be.

Israeli forces raid Samaria home of Hamas’s second-in-command Saleh al-Arouri
Israeli troops raided on Saturday the Samaria home of top Hamas terrorist Saleh al-Arouri and detained several of his relatives, according to reports. Al-Arouri, who is currently based in Lebanon and Hamas’s top commander in Judea and Samaria, is Ismail Haniyeh’s deputy.

Syrians try to bomb Israeli embassy in Cyprus
Cypriot police were on high alert early on Saturday after an improvised explosive device was thrown 30 meters away from Israel’s embassy in Nicosia. The “homemade bomb” exploded around 1:30 a.m. local time. Following the blast, two people walking near the Israeli mission were detained, as were two others in a car. Police found two knives and a hammer inside the vehicle. The four arrested are all Syrian nationals between the ages of 17 and 21.

After two weeks of ‘Operation Iron Swords’ – here are IDF statistics
In the two weeks since what is now being referred to as “black Shabbat,” Hamas and its affiliated organizations have fired over 6,900 rockets into Israel, the IDF said. The rockets have targeted cities and towns across the country, from Haifa in the north to the southern city of Beersheva, the center region in and around Tel Aviv and the capital Jerusalem and nearby villages.

Strongly pro-life, pro-family Republican Byron Donalds to run for Speaker of the House
Donalds states on own website: I believe, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, that each person is endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. The first among those is the right to life. Every life is valuable, from conception to natural death, and I will fight to protect the life of every unborn child without exception.

Astronomers detect most distant fast radio burst to date
An international team has spotted a remote blast of cosmic radio waves lasting less than a millisecond. This ‘fast radio burst’ (FRB) is the most distant ever detected. Its source was pinned down by the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT)

Tropical Cyclone “Tej” to rapidly intensify as it heads toward the Yemen – Oman border region 
Tropical Cyclone “Tej” is heading toward the Yemen – Oman border region, where landfall is expected late October 24 or early October 25, 2023. Tej is the 3rd named storm of the 2023 North Indian Ocean cyclone season.

Heavy rains from Hurricane “Tammy” to impact Windward and Leeward Islands today, extend to Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico by Sunday 
Tammy intensified into a hurricane at 14:00 UTC on Friday, October 20, 2023, some 150 km (90 miles) NE of Barbados and 275 km (170 miles) ESE of Martinique.

China’s Nuclear Arsenal Has About 500 Operational Warheads, Pentagon Says

China continues efforts to modernize, diversify and expand its nuclear arsenal, with about 500 operational warheads today and more than 1,000 likely by 2030, the Pentagon said.

Globalists Are Pushing the ‘United States of Europe’ Again, and Want Brexit Britain to Join.
Despite the United Kingdom having voted to leave in 2016, as well as increasing difficulties with eurosceptic governments in Central Europe, globalists have not given up their dream of smashing Europe’s ancient nation-states together into a U.S.-style federation, with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) renewing the case on Tuesday.

Zelensky: ‘Its Absurd’ to NOT Start World War 3.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has lashed out at NATO members, calling it “absurd” that the bloc is not willing to immediately set a date and offer an invitation to Ukraine – a move which would almost certainly trigger a full-scale global war.

171 Clergymen Oppose Ohio Abortion Ballot Measure: ‘Diabolical’
More than 170 clergymen who lead congregations in 23 counties across Ohio issued a joint statement on Thursday condemning a radical ballot measure that could codify a supposed “right” to abortion in the state constitution.

WHO outlines considerations for regulation of artificial intelligence for health
…“Artificial intelligence holds great promise for health, but also comes with serious challenges, including unethical data collection, cybersecurity threats and amplifying biases or misinformation,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “This new guidance will support countries to regulate AI effectively, to harness its potential, whether in treating cancer or detecting tuberculosis, while minimizing the risks.”

Canada Will Legalize Medically Assisted Dying For People Addicted to Drugs
Canada will legalize medically assisted dying for people who are addicted to drugs next spring, in a move some drug users and activists are calling “eugenics.”

Birth Rate Collapse: Baby Formula Factory Shipping to China to Shut Down Due to Lack of Demand
Nestle, the world’s largest food company, announced on Wednesday that it will shutter or sell the Wyeth Nutrition baby formula factory in Askeaton, Ireland, no later than the first quarter of 2026.

Biden Abuses The American People Like He Abuses His Dogs
…With joe biden now demanding $100 billion more taxpayer dollars to spend on endless wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, and what could start as a ‘Holy War’ in the Middle East quickly turning into an ‘End Times Apocalyptic War’ that goes global, remember that it is biden and the US taxpayers funding and arming both sides of that Middle East war, more proof the US govt is in a mad race to ‘Armageddon.’

Dylan Mulvaney: ‘Woman of the Year
Male ‘Woman of the Year’ Complains People Don’t See Him as a Woman…“Some see me as woman of the year,” Mulvaney said in his acceptance speech. “And some people don’t see me as a woman at all. . . . No matter how hard I try, or what I wear, or what I say, or what surgeries I get, I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people’s standards.” Correct. Only we’re not hateful — just in touch with reality.

Joe Biden Demands Billions to Bus More Migrants into U.S. Communities
President Joe Biden’s deputies are asking Congress for $14 billion extra to help bus illegal migrants up to the U.S. border and onward into hotels in many cities and towns around the nation.

Lawyers to school: Follow Supreme Court precedent on porn in libraries
Lawyers for the American Center for Law and Justice have recommended to a school in New York that officials use the existing Supreme Court precedents in deciding how to handle material that essentially amounts to pornography in a school’s library.

Financial Markets Realise – Pfizer May Go Bankrupt
“Pfizer’s Greed and Recklessness Will Catch Up with Them. That Happened to Purdue Pharma,” according to Igor Chudov, who believes that the stock market may be waking up to the possibility that Pfizer may go bankrupt due to the upcoming Covid vaccine claims.

Albert Pike’s letter outlining the Illuminati’s plan for three world wars – is it genuine?
In the days following the breakout of violence in Israel and Gaza Greg Reese, producer of the popular Reese Report, published a video outlining the contents of a letter allegedly written by Freemason Albert Pike on 15 August 1871. The very same letter was reported on in 2016 by corporate media outlets The Daily Star, Daily Mail, News au, and Express uk, A South African newspaper also reported on it in 2013.

John Kerry: “Humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself”
In August, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry addressed the Scottish Global Dialogues about the “climate crisis.”  He summoned up the spirit of The Club of Rome’s 1991 publication which dishonestly claimed “the common enemy of humanity is man.” Kerry’s extremist views were welcomed by the Scottish First Minister, who values Kerry’s efforts to bring about the destruction of mankind.