19 Oct 2023

IDF reports missiles and gunfire at Lebanese border
Israel’s northern border with Lebanon heated up again on Wednesday afternoon after a brief period of quiet, with the Israel Defense Forces reporting another round of rockets and anti-tank missile fire. The IDF said that nine rockets were launched from Lebanon at the Kiryat Shmona area in northern Israel around 5:30 p.m. At least one rocket impacted in an open area inside the city of Kiryat Shmona; four more were intercepted by the Iron Dome air-defense system.

Taliban to join China’s Belt and Road Forum in Beijing
Highlighting Beijing’s growing official relations with the group, Taliban spokesman Akhundzada Abdul Salam Jawad said this week that the group will attend China’s Belt and Road Forum next week. Since taking control of Afghanistan two years ago following the withdrawal of US and other foreign forces, the Taliban has not been formally recognized by any world government.

Putin, Xi In Beijing Pitch For ‘Alternative World Order’ As Biden Departs A Burning Middle East
As a Rabobank note has highlighted, the main theme on display during Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s Wednesday talks in Beijing was one of “common threats” bringing the two “dear friends” closer, according to a press readout. “We discussed in detail the situation in the Middle East.” He added: “I informed Chairman (Xi) about the situation that is developing on the Ukrainian track, also quite in detail.” The Russian leader then emphasized: “All these external factors are common threats, and they strengthen Russian-Chinese interaction.”

French authorities evacuate 6 airports across the country in multiple bomb scares
French authorities evacuated six airports across the country on Wednesday, after emailed “threats of attack”, a police source told AFP, the latest in a series of terror incidents since the outbreak of a war between Israel and Hamas.

FDA Finds ‘Signal’ For Seizures Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Toddlers
Seizures/convulsions “met the statistical threshold for a signal” in children aged 2 to 4 following receipt of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and children aged 2 to 5 following receipt of a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, researchers with the FDA and three large healthcare companies said in a new … study.

US Vetoes UN Resolution For Gaza Ceasefire As Biden Visit Fails To Calm Fears Of Wider War
The big controversy out of the UN Security Council on Wednesday is that the US vetoed a draft resolution calling for a humanitarian pause in Gaza, as Israeli airstrikes continue and ground forces are reportedly still staging for an invasion.

Egypt’s Sisi rejects transfer of Gazans, discusses aid with Biden
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Wednesday that Egyptians in their millions would reject the forced displacement of Palestinians into Sinai, adding that any such move would turn the Egyptian peninsula into a base for attacks against Israel.

An Appeal To Pastors: Don’t Keep Silent On Israel
No One Can Say They Didn’t Know Has there not been wall-to-wall coverage on all media outlets, day and night, for days? Can anybody claim they didn’t know? There were demonstrations demanding that we should “gas the Jews.” The scenario could expand to a Mideast war. Some are saying World War III is at hand. We have evil at a new level on display. And yet the silence of some shepherds is deafening!

IDF strikes Hezbollah in Lebanon, Biden secures aid to Gaza
Military reports hitting ‘terror targets’ in Lebanon; ‘I did it,’ POTUS says after agreeing with Egypt’s Sisi to open Rafah crossing to allow passage of 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Palestinian enclave; UK PM Sunak to arrive in Israel on Thursday

‘This Is Not the Moment’: US Ambassador to Israel Nominee Opposes Iran Negotiations for Now
The Biden administration’s nominee to become the next US ambassador to Israel on Wednesday told a Senate hearing that he was opposed to negotiating with Iran at this time.

France and the whole free world should feel they are under attack, he said.
Five leaders of the murderous Hamas terrorist organization are left in the IDF’s crosshairs.
Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, Ismael Haniyeh, Khaled Mash’al, and Salah al-Arouri.

Hamas war is a battle between radical Islam and democracy -Fmr. French PM
France must stand by Israel not only now, right after the murderous attack by Hamas, but also in the coming days, when a ground operation starts, as an international communication battle is surely set to be launched against Israel, … France and the whole free world should feel they are under attack, he said.

NYU Law Student Bar Association President Loses Job Offer After Blaming Israel for Hamas Terror Attack
New York University (NYU) Law’s Student Bar Association (SBA) president is facing widespread criticism and apparently lost a job offer at a law firm for stating in a newsletter that Israel was to blame for Saturday’s Hamas terror attack.

EU walks back call to cut funding to Palestinians, triples aid instead
European Union announces humanitarian air corridor to Gaza, triples aid to Palestinians after initially vowing to freeze funding.

Escalating terror risk’ – Israelis told to leave Turkey immediately
On Wednesday, Turkey’s warning level for Israeli tourists was raised to level 4 – the highest possible designation – and Israeli authorities urged citizens in the country to return to Israel as quickly as possible.

Foreign Minister: When war is over, Hamas will be gone and Gaza itself will shrink
Foreign Minister Eli Cohen warned on Wednesday evening that by the time the war was over Hamas would no longer exist and Gaza itself would decrease in size. “At the end of this war, not only will Hamas no longer be in Gaza, but the Gaza territory will also shrink,” he told Army Radio.

‘Russia will exploit Gaza war to derail Saudi peace’
Riyadh-Jerusalem normalization would pose a serious challenge to the interests of Russia, Iran and China in the region, … More vexing for Israel is Russia’s ties with Iran, which have strengthened since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Community Security Trust: UK antisemitism up 581% after Hamas terror attacks
Following Hamas’s brutal attacks on Oct. 7, killing more than 1,400 Israelis and injuring and kidnapping many others, antisemitic incidents were up 581% in the United Kingdom, compared to the same dates in 2022.

Delusional, or prophetic? One IDF general warned a massacre would happen
Most dismissed retired IDF general Yitzhak Brick’s warning earlier this year of a Hamas invasion. Now Netanyahu wants his advice on how to win. Yitzhak Brick might be the only Israeli military official to see what was coming. And he’s been warning of it for some time.

Prophecy Watchers Psalm 83
While it does not yet meet the full criteria of the prophetic Psalms 83 war, the present conflict in Israel shows every sign of checking all those boxes in short order. But, when she does enter Gaza by ground, it will be perceived as a game changer for her surrounding foes. Likely one or more of them will see this as the excuse they need and want to formally jump into the conflict.

The solar eclipse and the attack on Israel
As the horrific Hamas attack against Israel on Saturday captured the world’s attention, an event with dire prophetic implications took place with little fanfare’ a Ring of Fire solar eclipse passed over the United States.

Are there Civilians in Gaza?
The terrorists that entered one of the communities were equipped with maps, detailing the location of each home, the names of the families in each home and details of their residents. They had gotten the information from a Gazan who was a regular employee of families in that community. He had done all kinds of handy work, painting homes, refurbishing homes, fixing things. And he was so friendly. Everyone liked Ahmed.

Three reasons Biden’s visit to Israel was big boost of superpower support – but will Biden stick with us for the long haul?
I don’t agree with U.S. President Joe Biden on almost any of his domestic or foreign policies. But when he does the right thing, I’m not afraid to say so. And Biden did the right thing today. He became the first American president to visit Israel during a time of war.

Storm Babet triggers UK’s first Red warning for rain since 2020
Storm Babet is forecasted to bring heavy rains and severe winds over parts of Ireland on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, and the United Kingdom on Thursday and Friday, October 19 and 20, triggering the UK’s first Red warning for rain since February 2020.

Strong winds and heavy rainfall wreak havoc in eastern Mexico’s Veracruz State
One person was killed in Coatzacoalcos City, and over 700 houses were affected by floods in Veracruz State, Mexico, due to heavy rainfall and strong winds over the past few days. Additionally, a new tropical cyclone named Norma is expected to approach Baja California Sur on October 22 – 23, 2023.

Over 3,000 attend revival at Ark. high school football stadium
More than 3,000 people, mostly teenagers, attended a revival gathering organized by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at a high school football stadium in Arkansas.

How the UN Helps Hamas Promote its Lies 
Fortunately, Israel will not be cowed by the opinions of the so-called “international community,” which too often gives the benefit of the doubt to the Palestinian terrorists who lie every time they open their mouths and murder more civilians

Was this Planned? Ammo Manufacturer Plant Explosion Leaves Many Worried
A Hornady plant in Nebraska had an explosion that resulted in one woman’s death and two others’ injuries. Hornady is a leading ammo cartridges, components, and handloading equipment manufacturer.

The World Is Completely Going Mad
As I was walking to my office to write this article, I quietly uttered the phrase “the world is completely going mad” to myself.  Just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us, and now “war fever” is sweeping across the entire globe.  Unfortunately, the people that want war are going to get exactly what they have been clamoring for, and the consequences are going to be extremely bitter.

FEDS Issue Emergency Alert After Largest Cyber Attack Ever Hits Internets Backbone
In the first video at the bottom of this story, videographer ‘Off Grid with Patrick Humphrey’ talks with us about this MSN story reporting internet behemoths Google, Amazon and Cloudflare recently weathered the internet’s largest-known denial of service attack EVER and are sounding the alarm over a new technique they warn could easily cause widespread disruption.

The U.S. Prepares To Use Military Force Against Hezbollah If It Joins The War Against Israel
We are witnessing an old-fashioned standoff in the Middle East right now.  The IDF was supposed to have sent thousands of troops storming into Gaza by now, but threats from Hezbollah and Iran have caused Israeli officials to pause.  Do the Israelis really want to fight an extremely bloody two front war?

The US Military Is Laying the Groundwork to Reinstitute the Draft 
…The context for this supposed need to reinstate conscription is the estimate that were the US to enter into a large-scale conflict, every day it would likely suffer thirty-six hundred casualties and require eight hundred replacements, again per day. The report notes that over the course of twenty years in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US suffered fifty thousand casualties, a number which would likely be reached in merely two weeks of large-scale intensive combat.

Stanford University Instructor Made Jewish Students Stand in a Corner While Downplaying Holocaust and Calling Israel a “Colonizer”
An instructor at Stanford University has been suspended for his abhorrent treatment of Jewish students, in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attacks on civilians, during a required undergraduate course called “Civil, Liberal and Global Education.”  The university’s president and provost called the incident an “identity-based targeting” of students.

WORLD WAR III WATCH: Terrorist Group Hezbollah Calls for “Day of Unprecedented Anger” Against Israel amid Biden’s Visit
Hezbollah, the Iran-backed terrorist organization, has called for a “day of unprecedented anger” against President Joe Biden’s planned visit to Israel.

Sadiq Khan: removing meat from your diet! 
The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has now signed up every Londoner to a low meat 2,500 calorie per day diet!

Global Jew Hunt
As we witness the erosion of classically liberal societies and the rising tide of antisemitism, it becomes evident that leftist influences have played a significant role in fostering not only divisions but also the spread of Islamic hatred towards Jews.

HUNDREDS of Muslim Migrants Protest and Riot in Greece After News Breaks About Gaza Hospital Bombing – Demand Entry into Europe!
HUNDREDS of illegal economic migrants protested and rioted at the Samos asylum center in Greece after news broke about the Hamas hospital bombing on Wednesday. The protesters chanted and demanded entry into Europe. And the European leadership is stupid enough to let them in.

Planned Parenthood Fundraises Off Gaza Fight For Its Own Killing
The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) reported last week that its Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA) building in Gaza was demolished by an Israeli airstrike. In response, IPPF came out with a fundraising request.

The incoming New Zealand parliament needs to be different to the last one
…roughly 570,000 “special votes” – those cast from overseas, or outside a voter’s electorate – are still being counted, with the final results due on 3 November. Should those votes, which tend to favour the left, chip down National or Act’s numbers, it would force the pair to cut a deal with New Zealand First.

Small Town Sees Two Churches Hit with Arson Attacks in a Single Night
Brocton law enforcement in New York are investigating alleged acts of arson that occurred on Monday at the Tri-Church Parish and Fellowship Church.