Don’t Look at the Circumstances; Look up! :: By Alice Childs

Church, we need to pray like never before. From now until Jesus snatches us out, we must recognize that there is no going back to a “normal” world. The parallels between now and the 1930’s build-up to WWII are staggering. I believe Hitler and his agenda was Satan’s dress rehearsal for the Antichrist. Yet what looms on the horizon now will be far worse. Far worse.

Brethren, we no longer live in a sane world. We live in a world teetering on the brink of the Tribulation. Pray for Israel. Stand with Israel. They are not perfect. In fact, the majority of them are lost. The majority reject their true Messiah. Nevertheless, the Jews are God’s chosen people, the “apple of His eye.” God is right now preparing the Jewish nation to be refined like precious gold, but they, as an unbelieving nation, will have to go through that refining fire of the coming Tribulation. This should cause us all to tremble. What we are witnessing now is but a prelude to what is to come upon the entire world once the Restrainer is removed via the body/bride’s snatching away.

The world is in dire peril. It trembles on the very cusp of the coming Tribulation. With whatever time we, the church, has left, we need to get serious in prayer and in whatever way we can, spreading the gospel like a dying man to a dying world:

  • Warn them all that Jesus is coming first for His church and then in judgment for a world that has rejected its Creator.
  • Tell them Jesus saves! Tell them that Jesus IS the Ark of eternal salvation for anyone who will believe in Him.
  • Tell them that time is running out.
  • Prepare your left-behind boxes in whatever manner you choose.
  • Make sure there are plenty of Bibles scattered all throughout your homes and in each of your vehicles.
  • Write and have on display somewhere accessible your Left Behind letter explaining the rapture. List Bible passages that tell of salvation and about what’s coming. Do this now if you’ve not already done so because we, the church, could be snatched away at any time.

Israel must go through her final 70th year. Tragically, 2/3 of her will continue in rebellion against her Messiah, but God ALWAYS has a remnant. At the end of the coming great Tribulation a 1/3 remnant refined as pure gold WILL at last come to recognize Yeshua as her true Savior and Messiah. And once they do, then all Israel will be saved. Then Jesus will return to earth to rescue that remnant. Accompanied by His raptured and glorified Church, King Jesus will at last bring peace and restore this sin-ravaged earth to its Edenic splendor.

But before the day when Jesus returns to set His foot upon this earth once again, what we face now is a continued escalation of hatred, violence, and overt persecution against not only Jews but against the church also who is Christ’s body/bride. There is no “normal” anymore. We are nearing the climax of the great cosmic Conflict of the Ages. In whatever time we have left while we are still here, we must take our eyes off of our own struggles and place them firmly on our Lord, beseeching Him to show us what He wants us to be doing in whatever time we have left.

Brethren, pray for the Jewish people as a whole. Encourage and help our Jewish brethren in whatever practical ways we can. I know we are tired and weary to the bone, but we must keep our hearts and minds always in prayer and our eyes fixed on the skies. Our Deliverer is coming soon. Let’s not falter now. The spiritual battle is accelerating. The fire of end-times warfare has already been ignited. It is growing in intensity, consuming the world in its path headed toward the coming great conflagration that will be the Tribulation. We fight on the knees of our hearts. Keep going. The war has already been won!

I’d like to end this by quoting lines from a song by Mike Speck. I have sung this many times, but the verses have never been more real to the church today than they are now.

“We have won
We have won!
Through the blood of Jesus, we have won!
Let it ring out through the ages,
Endure though evil rages,
Christians stand courageous: we have won!”