Vile, Wicked Hamas and Gaza Strip :: By Ron Ferguson

My last post on RR was about the MAGA electioneering to make America great again, and in the post, I mentioned the great decline of the Western world. One part of that decline is the attitude of nations toward Israel, and in our world, this is very poor. As a rule of thumb, the Western nations do not support Israel, but they do not come out to say that bluntly.

I mentioned in that last post the money that the Australian Prime Minister has given the Palestinian organization, our tax money. He has given upwards of about 80 million, I think, on two or three occasions. This is Australian money given to support terrorism because the Palestinians support Hamas, their terrorist attack group.

I don’t need to spell out to you the horrors of the rocket attacks on Israel by this cowardly terrorist group. It is interesting that the New York Times called them “Islamic militants.” It refused to call them terrorists, but what else can you expect from a hellish newspaper?

I am incensed that my tax money is spent to buy Iranian rockets to attack Israel because the Australian Prime Minister hates Israel. This is a serious problem the world faces because no left-wing organization will support Israel, for the very nature of the left wing is the adoption of the philosophy of Marx and Engels, and that is hostile to all religious thought.

I cannot believe that the Australian PM came out and spoke his displeasure against the Israeli attack, but how hypocritical is all that? He helped support it in theory.

Where this will all go, we do not know, but the tinderbox is close to exploding. Israel needs wisdom and support, but don’t expect much support from the nations of the world apart from pleasant-sounding words.


How are we to understand this? Sadly, I think there are those who will come out again speaking about the Gog/Magog war, but they are wrong. That war just cannot happen before the Rapture and not even in the Tribulation. It can only happen at the second coming because, if you read Ezekiel 39 correctly, you see STRAIGHT AFTER that battle that Israel is restored without sin. It is so clear. That war cannot happen before the time of the end when troops are gathering for Armageddon.

Iran supplied rockets for Hamas, and they have armed Hezbollah. Sadly, I think Australian money has helped that cause. I am sure of it. The current ALP Australian government hates Israel. I think it was Terry James who said there are 250,000 rockets possessed by the Palestinians.

Ironically, one of the greatest stories from the theatre of war involved Australia in 1918 when the Australian Light Horse, brilliant riders and about 1,000 of them, raced towards the Turkish Ottoman defenses and crushed them at the Battle of Beersheba. (The Charge of the Light Horse Brigade). They made a film about that. That won Palestine back from the Turks, who ruthlessly had it for over 600 years. Australia was responsible for the liberation of Palestine, which led to the Jewish State later being formed. Now, 100 years on, Australia is helping to wipe Israel out, though not offensively but tacitly.

Israel will take measures against Gaza, and by the time this features on RR, we will know a lot more. In 2003 or something, they gave the Gaza Strip back to the Palestinians, a move that should never have happened. Israel should take it back again. The Philistines who once lived there in the time of David were awful, wicked people, no different from many who live there today. Whatever the pros or cons about that, when Israel realizes the full land that was promised to it over 3,500 years ago – and that will be in the Millennium – then all that will belong to Israel, as will the West Bank.

Again, I ask, what do we make of all this? Now I give my take on it. Firstly, I think it is revealing that we must be very, very close to the end of the Church age, and the Rapture must be so very close.

Secondly, we will see the leaders of the free world give lip service to the horror that happened in Israel, but they will continue to vote against Israel on any vote taken that concerns Israel at the United Nations. They are hypocrites, but what it shows is that the nations of the world are against Israel. Is that a surprise? No, they are against Christians also, which means they are against all the purposes of God.

Thirdly, I am not sure if this problem in Israel will go away. In fact, when the Rapture happens and just after that, conflict involving Israel will be evident, so much so that the world leader who is coming (Antichrist) will draw up a treaty with Israel for 7 years so that there will be peace. We know that it is broken exactly halfway through. Those 7 years correspond with the Tribulation.

I am uncertain when these 7 years start. I get concerned with a growing number of writers and “think of themselves” prophets who are saying we are in the Tribulation. This just shows again the failure of the churches regarding 25% of the Bible that is prophecy. They are becoming reprobate.

I see two possibilities for the start of the 7 years. The first is that it begins with the declaration of the world ruler to the world. I used to believe that when the white horse came, it happened. The second possibility is that the commencement is when the 7-year treaty is signed with Israel. It really won’t concern us because we won’t be here. However, the way the Middle East is, we must be very close to that happening.

Iran and Russia and China and the Rocket Man, and all other demonic people can do what they like because the President of the USA is a cretin, and the power is wielded by Obama (who hates Israel) and Clinton (who hates Israel). When you have no leadership, the rats come out of their hiding places.

I hope Christians will consider the current events moderately and not start making wild speculations.

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There is one other thing I found very interesting on a different subject. A couple of days ago, I bought something for my birds, and it had a bar code on it. I examined that bar code, and as you know, codes have narrow and thicker bars on them. Well, this one has 6 bars, then a break, 6 bars, then a break, etc. The mark of the beast is not 6-6-6 but six hundred and sixty-six. Nevertheless, I thought how simple it would be to have that “whatever is six hundred and sixty-six” on a stamp and the forehead and wrist be stamped with a bar code adding to 666. Those who start touting chips inserted under the skin are way off the mark.

Whatever the mark is, it will be simple to implement, not some complicated procedure to try to install when all the judgments of God are falling.


A couple of days ago, thousands of Christians marched through the streets of Jerusalem to show their support for Israel, and in the main were very well received. I found this very interesting, not only for the event but to see Jerusalem. If you have time, check it out – it shows a lot of the Christians.

Many of these Christians would still be in Israel.

God bless everyone.