With This Administration in Power, Our Country Is in Peril :: By Jim Towers

Just before Obama became president, he and his communist-loving friends, namely Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, were having meetings on how to bring down our Christian nation. Today, Bill and Bernadine teach anarchy in our universities, and Obama’s corrupt vice president sits in the office of the presidency, ripping off the public.

In video recordings soon to be made public, they discussed their foolish plans at that point in time. It took years for their plan to come to fruition, and now it looks like the radical left may still get their wish to destroy our way of life and our constitution. This with the arrests of outspoken people who don’t agree with their communist agenda.

If something isn’t done soon or God lets us have what we so richly deserve, Christians and conservatives alike will be forced to comply with their treacherous wishes and agenda or go to prison.

On another front, millions of dollars were given to the Ukrainians again to be silent about what they know about Mr. Biden, who, by fanning the flames of war, we are expected to keep our eyes on that calamity and overlook the corruption that took place between the two entities in the recent past.

But the Bible says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” And so now, we are on the cusp of war with Russia ourselves.

In the book, “America’s Cultural Revolution,” writer Christopher F. Rufo tells what he knows about the radical left’s plots to destroy the country and hand it over to our communist enemies.

So far, these subversives have succeeded in seeding our public institutions and government with these radical and far-fetched ideas of equality and revolution.

You can say what you will about God being in control (and I agree), but He expects us to do our part in keeping the enemy at bay.

Blue states are rife with criminality, and flash mobs rob and trash stores. Drug-addicted young people stand frozen like zombies in the open and defecate in the streets of lawless blue cities throughout the country. The young, homeless, and disenfranchised have now begun dying in the gutters of America.

People walking to work have to step over prone bodies to reach their destination. It’s a literal nightmare. Hope for law-abiding citizens is fading fast, and except for those who know Christ – there is no peace to be found anywhere else.

This dystopian scenario was just beginning to be played out in Liberal Los Angeles when I was there. Still, who could have imagined it would get this bad?

I remember walking down Hollywood and Vine one night. I was alone and was getting a feel for the town. After a while, I felt the need to empty my bladder, but knowing that no store or restaurant would let a pedestrian use their facility, I figured a bar would be my best bet for relief.

Sure enough, no one noticed as I made my way back to the restroom. They were too busy arguing and laughing, name-calling, and doing all other things that drunks do.

As I pushed the door open to leave afterward, I coughed and choked from the blue tobacco smoke that hung on the ceiling – a cloud so thick you could cut it with a knife. Then, as I stumbled out onto the sidewalk, I almost bumped into a familiar figure whom I had watched on television’s TBN. It was Paul and Jan Crouch. Jan peered around to see the drunk that had just stumbled out the door, and the disgust on her face was palpable. I think if she had an umbrella in her hand, she’d have whacked the sin and daylights out of me. Paul kept his cool.

The bar was situated on a corner, and the light was red, so I sauntered up next to the celebrity couple, and waiting for the light to change, I exclaimed, “Aren’t you Jan and Paul Crouch?” She turned to glare at me so fast I thought I saw her pink wig slip a bit. Paul let her deal with me since she was the more self-righteous one of the two. Jan glared at me, thinking I was just another drunk, and turned her back on me. Then the light turned green.

Once, when my new wife and I were walking down the boulevard with another young couple, I, being the confident and frisky evangelical type, said to our friends jokingly, “I’ll share the gospel with the next person wearing a red hat.” We all laughed. We had been talking about being bold enough to share Christ with anyone, and this was as unlikely to happen as the man in the moon dancing.

Wouldn’t you know it, I barely finished making that claim when, just then, a middle-aged black man came around the corner in front of us wearing a red hat and sporting red shoes! We all froze, and our friends looked at me challengingly while my young wife put her hand over her mouth so as to stifle a giggle. “Ok, wise guy, do your thing.”

I took a deep breath and stepped over in front of the oncoming man, saying, “Excuse me sir… do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior?”

“Wat choo mean, sport?”

“I mean, are you a Christian?”

“Well, I think I am…. My mama was one, and she always took us to church.”

If I remember right, I shared the gospel with the man, and that was that.

Our friends looked at each other in shock. God surely had a good laugh, and I don’t make unlikely predictions anymore.

“Ah, for the good old days.”


Jim Towers

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