16 Sep 2023

Lives Sacrificed On The Altar Of Scientific Progress: New Research Seeks To Create Synthetic Human Life
“And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them” (Genesis 11:6). These chilling words from the account of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11 came to mind regarding this summary of a news article reporting on horrific new research out of Israel that created “‘complete’ models of human embryos” in the lab. These scientists, by disregarding the value of human life, have decided that “nothing will now be impossible” as they try to create synthetic human life.

Volcanoes Today, 16 Sep 2023: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Semeru, Dukono, Reventador, Mayon, Sangay, Ubinas
Ebeko (Paramushir Island) ERUPTION AT 20230915/2112Z FL100 EXTD E
Mayon (Luzon Island, Philippines):ERUPTION AT 20230916/0642Z VA CLD……..

Netanyahu to meet Elon Musk on Monday
Prime Minister’s office confirms the two will meet to discuss artificial intelligence technology prior to Netanyahu’s arrival at the UN General Assembly in New York where he is to meet with Biden

I’ll break Israel’s strongest’: Anti-Israel fighter challenges, Israeli fighter answers
Khamzat Chimaev, a Chenchen Mixed Martial Arts fighter who competes in the UFC, took to social media on Thursday to express his support for Palestinian Muslims and make threats against Jewish Israelis. The fighter added, “Give me the strongest man in Israel, I will break him.” A short time later, Israeli UFC fighter Natan Levy answered the Chechen fighter’s antisemitic challenge.

Russia hunts for Ukrainian warplanes used in Crimea strikes
Kyiv said on Friday a Russian drone attack overnight on a region that hosts a Ukrainian military airfield showed Moscow was searching for warplanes involved in strikes this week on Russian-occupied Crimea.

DESPITE RUSSIAN WAR: Tens of thousands of Jews from around world head to Ukraine for Rosh Hashana
Ukrainian warnings that the Rosh Hashana visitors cannot be properly protected fall on deaf ears. Tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims from around the world are heading to a Hasidic pilgrimage site in Uman, Ukraine, despite the country’s ongoing war with Russia and subsequent warnings that their safety cannot be assured.

Is Syria on the verge of collapse? – analysis
The country’s southern province of al-Suwayda’, whose population primarily comes from the Druze minority, is currently witnessing protests on an unprecedented scale.

Prophecies differently interpreted
Mainstream Jewry, alongside Gentile Christians and Messianic Jewish Yeshua-believers, jointly believe in the fulfillment of prophecies found in the Tanakh, so called the Old Testament. However, as distinct communities, they disagree about the interpretation of a large number of those prophecies. The root reason for the interpretive differences lies in the fact that historical Judaism rejects the New Testament.

As we celebrate Jewish New Year, it’s time for Netanyahu to keep his promise to appoint an ambassador to the Christian world
With attacks against Christians in Israel rising, the time for such a senior emissary has come

UN wants to ‘massively ramp up’ efforts against climate ‘misinformation’: spokeswoman
In a speech to this summer’s Nobel Prize Summit, highlighted on X this week by podcaster Kyle Becker, Fleming said the UN has “teamed up with the platforms to elevate reliable information around COVID and climate, to amplify trusted messengers, and we have quite an army of them out there who want to take on content and promote it within their followings,

Thousands Buried in Mass Graves After Libya Flood, Death Toll Could Rise to 20,000 
Thousands of people have been buried in mass graves in the city of Derna, Libyan officials said Thursday, as search teams continue to search the ruins left by devastating floods. Up to 20,000 people are feared dead, a toll that could largely have been avoided, according to the U.N.

Libyans call for inquiry as fury grows over death toll from catastrophic floods
Libya’s attorney general has been asked by senior politicians to launch an urgent inquiry into the catastrophic floods that have killed tens of thousands of people, including into allegations local officials imposed a curfew on the night Storm Daniel struck.

State of Emergency declared in Maine ahead of Hurricane Lee
Governor Janet Mills has declared a State of Emergency in preparation for Hurricane Lee. Hurricane Lee is expected to bring high winds, heavy rains and rough surf throughout Maine and the rest of New England.

Significant westerly wind event triggers severe weather warnings, New Zealand 
Over the weekend of September 16 – 17, 2023, New Zealand’s MetService forecasts an intense westerly wind event across the South Island and the southern half of the North Island. This anticipated event could be more disruptive than yesterday’s strong winds, which resulted in power outages in Wairarapa.

Lee forecast to start impacting New England today 
As per the National Hurricane Center’s latest advisory at 12:00 UTC (8:00 AM AST) on September 15, 2023, Hurricane Lee, currently over the western Atlantic Ocean, is anticipated to bring tropical storm conditions across parts of coastal New England by this afternoon.

Study reveals first case of MEWDS linked to COVID-19 vaccination and subsequent infection
…According to the study, published in the Journal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and Infection, a 28-year-old woman with 20-20 vision in her right eye has experienced dark blind spots, phantom light flashes and deterioration of vision to 20-50 just two days after getting her second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

‘Desperation will lead to chaos’: Sanctuary city mayor tells residents to ‘sacrifice’ for illegal immigrants coming to the city
Chicago’s new mayor, Brandon Johnson, just announced that the city will be moving roughly 1,600 illegal immigrants currently being house in police stations around Chicago’s different precincts into tent cities.

Panama Canal Authority: Vessel transits may be reduced if drought persists 
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has suspended bookings for super vessels through Sept. 30 in its latest measure to remove a drought-related backlog waiting to traverse the canal.

Major Hospital Group Issues ‘Updated’ Covid Vaccine Mandate for Caregivers 
…A major hospital network in the United States has issued a directive to caregivers requiring them to take the new “updated” mRNA Covid-19 vaccine recently approved by the FDA.

X ID Verification Goes Live
X, formerly known as Twitter, has launched its ID verification feature on the platform’s web version. Premium users can now verify their identities on the platform using a government-issued ID.

Experts estimate over 20 million are already Dead due to COVID-19 vaccination & over 2 billion are Severely Injured
Peeling back the layers of deception and obfuscation reveals a shocking truth that may not be all that shocking to our informed readers: Covid-19 “vaccines” are injuring and killing far more people than the government is letting on. Estimates compiled from pieced-together data suggest that as many as 20 million people worldwide have died so far from the shots, while another 2.2 billion have suffered injuries – and we are only just getting started.

Government reports confirmed COVID-19 vaccination has caused Cancer at an unprecedented rate
…Unfortunately, it appears the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 injections. Because official U.S. Government data confirms the risk of developing cancer following Covid-19 vaccination is 1433x greater than the background risk.

Pfizer mistakenly proves original COVID Vaccine destroys the Immune System after publishing Study for new Omicron Jab
We have been sold an antivaccine as a vaccine. Official Government and Pfizer statistics prove that the “old” Pfizer COVID injection destroys the immune system at a rate greater than 1% per day. Now, the newly published study for Pfizer’s new bivalent COVID vaccine, to combat both the original strain and Omicron, prove the old Covid-19 vaccine had a minus-44% negative efficacy after just 30 days. The same study also, unfortunately, proves the destruction of the immune system is only going to get worse, not better.

Lab Report discovers Graphene in the Covid-19 Vaccines; & Scientists believe the Vaccinated are transmitting it to the Unvaccinated
The Covid-19 vaccines have been forensically examined in the United Kingdom and a laboratory report confirms they contain graphene nanomaterials that can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system, and Graphene Oxide which can damage internal organs, destroy blood health, trigger cancer, and cause changes in gene function among a host of other ill effects.