8 Sep 2023

Rabbi Glick to lead Mount of Olives Shofar “Creation” event manifesting Prophecy of Joel
Rabbi Yehuda Glick will be manifesting the prophecy of Joel on Sunday when he blows a shofar on the Mount of Olives to celebrate 5,784 years of creation. in the Torah—an occasion dedicated to resounding acclamations in honor of The King, the originator of our world, none other than Hashem, the Almighty God.” “Esteemed by our Sages as Rosh Hashana, this day is consecrated by the resonant echoes of the Shofar, symbolizing the proclamation of His Sovereignty, a momentous coronation,” Rabbi Glick said.

Democrats will push for assisted suicide bill during 2024 session
Minnesota Democrats plan to use their governing trifecta to bring assisted suicide to the state next year. Sen. Kelly Morrison, DFL-Deephaven, who carried an assisted suicide bill in the legislature this past session, said in a press release this week that “advocates are now ramping up their push to pass the bill during the 2024 legislative session that convenes in February.”

Former Trump adviser convicted of contempt of Congress
Former Donald Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro was convicted on Thursday of contempt of Congress for not complying to a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol,

Hidden Nazi bunker? Mysterious door discovered in Antarctica
Google Maps users claim to have stumbled upon a potential hidden Nazi bunker after spotting what appears to be a mysterious door concealed in Antarctica. The sighting has reignited the popular internet conspiracy theory that suggests surviving Nazis sought refuge in a military base on the icy continent following World War II. The discovery of this “door” was initially shared by an observant Facebook user on July 30 and quickly went viral.

Ukrainian Catholic bishops rebuke pope over his Russia comments
Ukraine’s Eastern Rite Catholic bishops bluntly told Pope Francis at a meeting on Wednesday that some of his comments about Russia had caused great pain and were being used by Moscow to justify a “a murderous ideology.” In a statement that was remarkable for its candor, they said their two-hour session with the pope at the Vatican was a “frank conversation.”

Putin is digging Russia into a bona fide military, economic disaster
A year and a half into the conflict in Ukraine he still refuses to acknowledge that his blitzkrieg strategy has been a dismal failure and that he is fighting a long war for which neither his military nor Russia’s economy is prepared. Putin is not unique. Most wars in recent history were conceived by their planners as triumphant lightning strikes, only to turn into dragged-out bloody nightmares.

‘High Court don’t cancel me:’ Thousands rally at pro-reform demonstration in Jerusalem
Thousands of protesters gathered in support of the judicial reform in front of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem on Thursday night, ahead of a hearing on Tuesday for petitions against the only legal overhaul article to pass into law: The Law to Cancel the Reasonableness Standard.

Netanyahu and Zelensky speak amid Israeli-Ukrainian tensions
Ukraine has long complained about lukewarm Israeli support as it defends itself against Russia’s invasion of its country, a war that is now in its second year. In recent months it has complained in particular about Israel’s treatment of Ukrainian refugees seeking to enter the Jewish state. It has warned that this could impact its handling of the thousands of religious Israelis who plan to make their annual pilgrimage to the Ukrainian city of Uman to pray at the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Bretslov.

Vivek Ramaswamy vows to pardon Trump, January 6 protesters, if elected
Frontrunner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination Vivek Ramaswamy has vowed that he will pardon all non-violent January 6 protesters if he wins the 2024 election. Ramaswamy condemned the U.S. Justice Department for its “political persecution” of peaceful protesters during the Republican primary presidential debate last month.

Young Israeli Christians prepare for IDF service
“Our young Christians will improve their Hebrew and get to know the Jews, and vice versa. We are building the next Israeli generation.”

Oslo Accords 30 years on: Israel dreamed of peace, Palestinians did not
The main conclusions of the discussions were that the government and many parts of Israeli society rallied to support and implement the agreement largely out of longing for a dream of peace, while the Palestinian side had no intention of reaching peace at all. For the Palestinians, the Oslo Accords saw the agreements as a victory for the violence of the First Intifada.

‘Jews aren’t Semites,’ Abbas says, among other antisemitic canards
“The truth that we should clarify to the world is that European Jews are not Semites. They have nothing to do with Semitism,” Abbas said. He went on to explain the theory of the Khazar descent of Jews, which alleges that the Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a Turkic people who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages and created a short-lived empire on the Caspian Sea.

Elon Musk calls out radical environmentalists who think ‘Earth would be better off with no people’
Elon Musk has once again called out the far-left environmental agenda that “thinks Earth would be better off with no people.” On Tuesday, the SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO responded to a thread on Twitter/X asserting that the root of the “climate change” agenda is a hatred for humanity. “Remember folks we are the carbon they want to reduce,”

Strong M6.2 earthquake hits near the coast of Coquimbo, Chile 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit near the coast of Coquimbo, Chile at 23:48 UTC on September 6, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 41.4 km (25.7 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Tropical Storm “Yun-yeung” heading toward Japan 
Tropical Storm “Yun-yeung” formed on September 5, 2023, as the 13th named storm of the 2023 Pacific typhoon season. The cyclone is heading toward Japan, where it is expected to make landfall on September 8, bringing heavy rains and strong winds.

Techno-Hell: U.S. Government Now Using AI to Suss Out ‘Sentiment and Emotion’ in Social Media Posts 
When the government sets about to marry its limitless appetite for social control with the seemingly limitless computing power of artificial intelligence, the end result is destined to be Orwell’s “thoughtcrime” – a concept that was once exclusively in the domain of speculative fiction — becoming reality. Life imitates art, it seems.

Food Shortages And Price Hikes Are Back As The Media/Biden Regime Continues To Try To Gaslight Americans On “Bidenomics”
Despite the gaslighting of the Biden regime and their media supporters, the price of food is not, and will not be coming down…..at all. While August’s numbers on inflation and food inflation won’t be released until September 13, we do know that July’s overall inflation rate rose, and that food inflation has remained far higher than overall inflation for more than two years.  In some cases food rose more than double of overall inflation.

Maui Fires, Directed Energy Weapons, and the Color Blue
The recent fires in California, Australia, and now Hawaii are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They are being called forest fires and wildfires, but they are clearly something very different. These fires are burning homes into a white powdery ash footprint while often leaving the surrounding green trees and shrubs practically untouched.

China Considers Law Banning Clothes That ‘Hurt Feelings’ of Others
China’s public is expressing concern about a potential legal change that would allow for fines and even jail time for people who offend the government’s sensibilities by wearing the wrong clothing.

Behind Their Green Mask – The  Government Proposes Legislation to Criminalise Disagreeing With Net Zero 
We should have listened to Rosa Koire back in 2011 when she warned that “The Green Mask must be removed from those who have hijacked the environmental movement.”  This is true of many of the issues we are experiencing but particularly today as the UK Government introduced legislation related to net zero measures which may criminalise “non-compliance with imposed requirements under energy performance regulations.

UN Seeks “Digital World Brain” & Digitalization of Everything, Warns Dr. Nordangard 
Through efforts of the United Nations and organizations aligned with it, technology and digitalization are converging into a “digital world brain” that will end up dominating the planet if people do not stop it, warned Swedish academic Dr. Jacob Nordangard

Where are the Republicans?
…There was a time when the Republican Party STOOD for something…right and wrong…good against evil…Christ against Lucifer….other than invasive wars. That was before the days when the Republican Party traded Christianity for Conservatism.”

David Kurten: Net Zero Zealots will use the Energy Bill to take your home away from you
On Tuesday, the UK’s Energy Bill had its third reading and was passed by the House of Commons. It may sound innocuous but this is part of the tyranny that is being implemented under the banner of net zero, David Kurten said. In a video, Kurten highlights two specifically awful things in this Bill: the energy smart regulations and the energy performance regulations.  “This is how the government is going to try to take your property off you,” he said.

Forum To Bring Together Halal Players In Brazil
…The ABCC holds the forum together with the certification entity FAMBRAS Halal. Carrying out GHB, the two will set the stage for discussing a market in which Brazil has already established itself as a significant animal protein supplier and is seeking new spaces. Halal products are produced following the practices of Islam and are suitable for consumption by Muslims.

Furor erupts in Brazil after archbishop gives communion to Muslim sheikh
During a funeral Mass of a major figure in the Brazilian Church on August 28, a Muslim sheikh ended up receiving communion, sparking controversy among part of the local community and traditionalist Catholics all over Brazil, who called what happened a “sacrilege.”

Brazil has become a guinea pig for the global effort to censor information 
Brazilian Justice Alexandre de Moraes has censored a shocking number of high-profile people in a surprisingly short period of time. Not just on social media but he is also freezing bank accounts and revoking passports. De Moraes, the most powerful Justice of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil, who is censoring and persecuting dissidents isn’t acting alone.

Lucifer Publishing Company | What Is the Lucis Trust & Why Is Lucis Trust Located Next to the United Nations Building? Who Was Alice Bailey? What Was Alice Bailey’s 10 Point Strategy of New World Order? 
Lucifer Publishing Company | What Is the Lucis Trust & Why Is Lucis Trust Located Next to the United Nations Building? Who Was Alice Bailey? What Was Alice Bailey’s 10 Point Strategy of New World Order?