What Are We to Make of This Craziness? :: By Jim Towers

I don’t know what to make of this, but there is much to be considered when making decisions on what to believe these days. Were it not for the Bible, we would be groping in the darkness of the insanity that has taken over the world. It is the only thing that can keep people sane. It is God’s instruction manual for life. The following are but a few examples of what I’m talking about.

The last time I was in the hospital for an overnight observation due to angina, a female nurse who looked to be about fifty was sent to my room to run some tests and the like. Noticing her slight accent, I asked where she was from. She replied that she was from Kiev, Russia.

I then asked how long she had been here since she hadn’t yet lost her accent. “Twelve years,” she replied.

“How do you like our country?”

“I miss my country and wish to be back home,” she replied.

I had just finished reading all about Putin’s upbringing, his induction into the KGB, and finally, his ascension to the presidency of Russia. During his climb to power, there was a lot of intrigue, corruption, and mysterious deaths. So, I asked, “But aren’t you afraid of the war that’s going on right now and Putin?”

“I don’t like this crazy corrupt country; I feel more safe at home. Putin is a good man!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Well, why don’t you go back?”

“Because of my children; they like it here.”

In retrospect, I must agree our country is getting crazier by the day. Who would have thought that loonies and outright criminals would someday take over the governmental agencies of our great country, telling others what to believe, what to eat (bugs and worms), and how to live? First, they demanded we topple the statues of our founding fathers, then they insisted on mutilating our children to make them what gender they think they want to be. That is, until they grow up and have the capacity to make wise decisions. Now, the far left wants to teach their evil Woke doctrine in public schools as well, where students will learn to hate themselves for being white and become suicidal in the process.

If I had the money, I would buy these delusional people a one-way ticket to wherever it is that they would be happier, be it China, Haiti, or some other Godless totalitarian state.

For the first time in our country’s history, we are being asked to vote for a Hindu who endorses abortion as well. Ramaswami seems to think that because he is a billionaire, he can run a Christian country, but can we trust a nan who worships a blue female deity with six arms like a spider, a person who will one day become a cow?

Speaking of God, AI puppet masters are rewriting the Bible for AIs to interpret, and their handlers are making it possible to have discourse with Jesus and Moses as if they were real, live human beings! (Are these the precursor to the False image people will be forced to worship in the final days – during the Tribulation period?)

I just read all I could of Glen Becks’ latest book, titled Dark Future (a title that can mean anything. But alas, it veered off very quickly into the quagmire of finance (something I detest.) I expected he would be saying something about the human condition, or about revelations concerning the human race, or even about exposing corrupt politicians. I should have known better. The long-winded, all-knowing Glen Beck is, after all, a Morman, and Mormons are some of the most deluded people on the planet. I mean, who in their right mind is willing to believe that an angel named Moroney appeared to the young and glory-seeking foolish young man?

If that doesn’t stretch the imagination, then chew on this: he says he found two golden plates and new revelations written on them that no one can decipher except the one young man who found them in his back yard. (Didn’t he know that the Bible clearly says in the book of Revelation that this is absolutely wrong?)

Thank God for people like Jordan Peterson (the clinical psychiatrist), Tucker Carlson, and even Elon Musk, who are beginning to make a difference in our society by calling out the many errors of the Godless extremists and their foolish and hypocritical agenda, one of which is to do away with any social restraints put in place by the God they so feverishly hate and deny.

Jordan Peterson is going where even angels and preachers alike fear to tread, destroying the radical left’s agenda with good old-fashioned common sense. The only problem is that he feels he’s not good enough to fulfill this God-given mandate. In fact, nobody is. The Holy Spirit is the one who empowers us to speak boldly of the things of God. I (a nobody) am actively seeking an audience with him to set him straight on this issue.

Tucker Carlson has recently begun to expose and deride the Woke mob with his quick wit and common sense, too. This man is unpretentious, straightforward, and honest about his assessment of the state of the nation and society as a whole.

Far Left Liberals have run amuck with their woke agenda, continual lies, corruption, sexual deviancy, treason, and criminality.

Even Donald Trump is mellowing out a bit and sometimes thinks before he speaks. I can’t help but like the man for standing up for what he believes is right and true. We need more leaders like the aforementioned few, who have the intestinal fortitude to tell it like it is.

Truth be told, anybody who doesn’t abide by Christ’s teachings and Holy Scripture is in danger of judgment in the life to come.


Jim Towers

Write me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com or visit me at www.propheticsignsandwonders.com and www.dropzonedelta.com. My book Visions, Miracles, Peace, and Power can be found on Amazon and Kindle.