24 Aug 2023

The US, Russia, and Iran butt heads in Syria and Iraq
In a significant development last month, US military convoys rolled into Iraq via the Arar crossing with Saudi Arabia. This visible display of foreign force movements saw a portion of the convoy making its way to the Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq, while the rest headed toward the US occupation base of Al-Tanf in Syria.

College students launching first US robotic moon rover – before NASA
Carnegie Mellon University students are planning to send America’s first robotic lunar rover to the moon ahead of NASA. Developed over the course of three years by students, faculty, and alumni at Pennsylvania’s Carnegie Mellon University, the Iris rover is scheduled to be transported to the moon by NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services program.

India on the moon! Chandrayaan-3 becomes 1st probe to land near lunar south pole
India has joined the moon-landing club. The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft touched down softly near the moon’s south pole today (Aug. 23), notching a huge milestone for the nation. India is now the fourth country to stick a lunar landing, after the United States, the former Soviet Union and China. The historic touchdown occurred at 8:33 am ET (1233 GMT or 6:03 p.m. India Standard Time), according to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). “We have achieved soft landing on the moon! India is on the moon!”.

Big solar flare incoming? Intriguing black patch on Sun captured by Perseverance Mars rover
Currently rolling across the Red planet, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has sent amazing pictures of an intriguing patch on the sun, that is not yet visible from Earth. Using its Mastcam-Z camera system, Perseverance managed to capture the big sunspot moving across the solar disk late last week and over the weekend.

Tucker Carlson asks Trump: Are you worried ‘they’re going to try and kill you?’
Carlson told Trump. “Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you? Honestly.” “They’re savage animals; they’re people that are sick,” Trump responded.

Lawmakers want subpoena power in UFO inquiries
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are looking to expand their investigative power following their July hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), or UFOs, which they say left more questions than answers. They emphasized the hearing only scratched the surface of existing intelligence on UFOs, partly because former intelligence official David Grusch, their star whistleblower, said he was unable to present classified evidence to substantiate his claims.

Expert warns fake Prigozhin body double may be on board crashed jet
Anyone rejoicing that Wagner Boss Yevgeny Prigozhin may have died in a fiery plane crash should hold back on the fireworks as one expert has warned it could have been a body double aboard the plane. The notorious mercenary boss, whose gang of blood thirsty soldiers has been blamed for warcrimes from Ukraine to Mali, is ‘feared’ dead in a plane crash along with 10 people on board.

Rand Paul On Return Of COVID Measures: “These People Have No Shame”
“These people are so conflicted,” Paul said, adding “It’s so dishonest to put people like that on the air to promote a product that they make more money from … promote this hysteria. This defies all logic. It defies science, and it defies common sense.” “To see this coming up again, these people have no shame,” Paul continued,

McCarthy Recycles Biden Impeachment Tease
To review, the president of Ukrainian energy giant Burisma was allegedly coerced by the Bidens to tune of $10 million – and has 17 recordings of Biden dealings for ‘insurance,’ on top of Hunter Biden’s exorbitant board seat, Donald Trump was impeached for asking Ukraine about it.

Federal Judge Sides With Christian Activist Banned By University For Calling Transgender Student ‘Male’
A federal judge has blocked the University of Wyoming (UW) from censoring a Christian activist who openly called a female-identifying transgender student “male.” In a preliminary injunction issued on Aug. 18, the U.S. District Court in Wyoming sided with Todd Schmidt, an elder at Laramie Faith Community Church, ordering the university to not ban him from tabling on campus while the case proceeds.

Ben Gvir on Arab violence: Some of the murdered are ones who planned murders
“Some of those who were murdered are people who themselves went out in order to murder. Two days ago, there was a story of a man whose body arrived with the gloves and the gun that were in his possession; he was run over by a car on the way to a murder,” said Ben Gvir.

North Korea fails in second attempt to launch a rocket
North Korea said on Thursday that its second attempt to launch a spy satellite has failed and it will make a third attempt in October, The Associated Press reported, citing North Korea state media. The North’s state news agency, KCNA, said Thursday’s launch ended in a failure because of an error that happened during a three-stage flight of the rocket.

Wagner Decries ‘Murder’ Of Prigozhin Amid Reports Anti-Air Missile Struck Plane
…the entire top command of Russian mercenary outfit Wagner Group was aboard the private plane that was downed northwest of Moscow hours ago. Wagner itself is confirming Yvgeny Prigozhin’s death, with Wagner-affiliated Telegram channel Grey Zone calling it a “murder”. “The murder/assassination of Prigozhin will have catastrophic consequences. “The leader of the Wagner Group, a Hero of Russia, a real patriot of his motherland – Yevgeny Prigozhin has died at the hands of traitors of Russia. But even in hell he’ll be the best! Glory to Russia!”

Deep M6.2 earthquake hits Santiago del Estero, Argentina 
A deep earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit Argentina at 14:22 UTC on August 23, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 568.8 km (353.4 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 565 km (351 miles.

Tropical Storm “Harold” hits South Texas, becoming the first 2023 landfall in US
Tropical Storm “Harold” — the first tropical cyclone to make landfall in the US for 2023, hit South Texas on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, delivering torrential rains and localized flash floods in areas along the Mexico border. This sudden impact came mere hours after its upgrade from a tropical depression on its trajectory across the Gulf of Mexico.

Here We Go Again: Another Food Processing Plant Burns To The Ground
The American Plant Food Corporation’s fertilizer plant in Bartlett, Texas, near Round Rock, reportedly caught fire around 8:30 p.m. on August 20th. The plant has since burned to the ground.

Video: RFK Jr. Warns Of Thousands Of “DEATH SCIENTISTS” Developing Killer Microbes In America 
During an interview with Tucker Carlson, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr warned that there are thousands of so called ‘scientists’ developing killer bioweapons inside America without oversight.

Christian Charity Serving Impoverished Ugandans Accuses Bank of America of ‘Debanking’ Due to Religious Beliefs 
A Christian charity that serves impoverished Ugandans, Indigenous Advance Ministries, has accused Bank of America of shutting down their account because of their religious views.  The organization, which has been with BofA since 2015, claims to have had $270,000 in their account before they were ‘debanked.’

China’s Hypocrisy on Display at the United Nations
The Chinese Communist regime’s shameless pretension that it is concerned about protecting religious holy sites in Jerusalem while destroying the religious holy sites of minorities in its own country is the height of hypocrisy

Liberal Democrat Wants Gang Members To Only Shoot Between Certain Hours
Sigh. I have said this before and I’m going to say it again. The Democrats are the party of BAD ideas and the Republicans are the party of NO ideas. In Chicago, which is the modern-day equivalent of the wild, wild, west, another bad idea has arisen. Alderwoman Maria Hadden, is promoting a proposal from a group called the Native Sons “asking” gang members to restrict their shooting to between the hours of 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.

Disturbing Trend: Maternal Death Rates Have Soared 50% in America Since Vaccine Rollout
A “terrible report” by the National Center for Health Statistics, published on the CDC website, came out in the spring of this year, reported world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. What that report shows is that maternal death rates are increasing in America — and fast.

Google’s AI Bots Tout ‘Benefits’ of Genocide, Slavery, Fascism, Other Evils 
If you asked a spokesperson from any Fortune 500 Company to list the benefits of genocide or give you the corporation’s take on whether slavery was beneficial, they would most likely either refuse to comment or say “those things are evil; there are no benefits.” However, Google has AI employees, SGE and Bard, who are more than happy to offer arguments in favor of these and other unambiguously wrong acts. If that’s not bad enough, the company’s bots are also willing to weigh in on controversial topics such as who goes to heaven and whether democracy or fascism is a better form of government.

Report: Biden Wanted To Partner With Communist Chinese App To Spy On Americans
A Forbes report has revealed that the Biden Administration attempted to forge a contractual agreement with TikTok that would have allowed the government to control features of the Chinese app to spy on Americans.

Revisiting New York City in Spring 2020; a deep dive into the data relating to the covid event that was used to scare the world
New York City’s spring 2020 mass-casualty event is a global and domestic outlier that warrants closer scrutiny. The events and death toll in America’s largest city were used to scare the country, and the world, and justify the sudden implementation of a response akin to an anticipated bomb attack, rather than a disease outbreak. Dr. Jessica Hockett suggests that time-series data and primary source documents she has been analysing raise serious questions about when, where and if people died.

Iran Unveils Their New ‘Mohajer-10’ Drone They Say Is Capable Of Reaching Israel And Dropping A Deadly Payload On Arch-Enemies The Jews
The Biden administration has been busy unfreezing billions of dollars in Iranian assets, and this is one of the many factors as to why the terror state of Iran is not only surviving but thriving. Like the illustration of the attack dog willing to launch itself over the edge of a cliff as it seeks to devour a bird in flight, Iran is a nation fueled solely by hate, and that will prove to be its undoing. But before that day, Iran seeks to do as much damage to the Jews as possible, say hello to Mohajer-10.

Shock: Scientists Prove Clear Differences between Covid and Flu
There is at last solid evidence that covid is completely different to the flu.

Stop demonising farmers and let farmers farm, Australian rural charity says
Cut the red tape and the demonisation of farmers under the banner of the so-called “climate crisis” or any other “crisis.”  Let Australian farmers farm, Anita Dolan said.  And, allow farmers to have input into the consultations with the government bodies and Members of Parliament when deciding what’s best for the land, animals and the environment.