18 Aug 2023

500 m (1 640 feet) long earth crack opens in Cocotitlán, Mexico
A significant earth crack, measuring approximately 500 m (1 640 feet) in length and 3 m (10 feet) in depth, appeared recently in the cultivated lands of Cocotitlán, State of Mexico, raising concerns among its residents.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Colombia
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit central Colombia at 17:04 UTC (12:04 LT) on August 17, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 
A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit central Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 16:41 UTC on August 17, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Tropical Storm “Hilary” forecast to rapidly strengthen on its way toward Baja California and the United States 
Tropical Storm “Hilary” formed at 15:00 UTC on August 16, 2023, as the 8th named storm of the 2023 Pacific hurricane season. The system is strengthening and is expected to become a hurricane on August 17, on its way toward the Baja California Peninsula and the United States.

Texas Grid Operator Asks Residents to Reduce Energy Usage Due to ‘Low Wind Generation’ to Avoid Blackouts
Texas grip operator ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) asked residents to reduce energy usage amid a sweltering heat wave to avoid rolling blackouts.

South African Farm Murders Are Up 167 Percent on Last Quarter.
Farm murders in South Africa, where farmers are mostly white, have increased sharply quarter-on-quarter, according to a leading civil rights organization.

Scoop: Biden wants new housing program for migrant families
The Biden administration is asking Congress to approve a temporary housing program for migrant families that illegally cross the southern border — a plan that would give them more freedom than traditional detention, Axios has learned.

Michigan community stops Chinese company’s latest land grab: Fighting them ‘every step of the way’
A triumphant tale unfolds in a Michigan community as they successfully thwarted the latest endeavor of a Chinese energy conglomerate aiming to acquire two parcels of farmland in Green Charter Township.

BREAKING: US to Send F-16s to Ukraine 
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has sent letters to Denmark and Norway assuring that the Biden government would expedite approvals for all transfers of F-16s to Ukraine. In the letters Blinken said that the F-16s would transfered once Ukrainian pilots have completed the Danish and Norwegian lead training program:

49 Out of 52 Leprosy Diagnoses Occurred after COVID Vaccines.
There has been an increasing prevalence of leprosy after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, with 49 out of the 52 people – 98 percent – transferred to the specialist Leprosy Clinic at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London (HTD) in 2021 being referred after the vaccine.

Canadian Police Target Own Detective for Daring to Question Role of ‘Covid Vaccines’ in Death of 9 Babies 
Detective Helen Grus’s journey into uncovering the truth behind infant deaths possibly linked to COVID-19 vaccines culminates in a trial shadowed by allegations of police targeting.

Healthy Olympic Swimmer ‘Dies Suddenly’ Following Booster Shot
A British Olympic swimmer has died suddenly at just 42 years old, joining the scores of other elite athletes who have dropped dead before their time following the COVID jab rollout.

What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Maui Fires. 
There are many underreported or even un-reported stories about Maui wildfires and the aftermath at Lahaina, as we have come to expect of mainstream media. A video has surfaced by the author of the book The Deep State Encyclopaedia, Really Graceful, that aims to give a voice to the Maui residents in their eyewitness accounts and also reveals facts that the media has buried.

Net Zero Zealots are a threat to South Korea’s industrial sector and economy
South Korea is Asia’s fourth-largest economy. The country relies on coal and nuclear power to produce around 70% of its electricity, with “renewable energy” accounting for around 15%. South Korea’s industrial sector accounts for 40 per cent of total energy consumption.

Using public health policies, the Pandemic Industry is on the road to global fascism
The Pandemic Industry is developing international instruments and processes that will entrench the destructive covid practices in international law. Public health, presented as a series of health emergencies, is being used, as it was in Nazi Germany, to facilitate a fascist approach to societal management.