Revealing: Part One :: By Rich Berdan

The grand proceedings in the Book of Revelation are not shaped and constructed by governing authorities, climatic events, or advancements in artificial intelligence but rather wholly dependent and long-established upon the will of God.

Jesus Christ is the guardian of divine revelation, and it is to him that we owe the knowledge of what we are to expect from God and what He expects from us in the eminent days into the future.  

Those who are watchful of the Holy Scriptures may be sensing a quickening and ominous disposition deep in their soul that is discerning and witnessing an intensifying ripping and tearing through the fabric of humanity being seduced in a sphere of spinning deception, anarchy, and persecution. 

Indeed, prophecy in the Book of Revelation may not be plainly revealed in our ability to grasp all meaning; nonetheless, it is foretold to advance our engagement in society and our relationship with God as we move closer to the last ages. It is a forewarning of perilous generations when the sun and moon will be darkened and where the stars no longer shine. Be forearmed to the forecasted storm of blood-soaked hail fervidly rolling across the horizon. This day is great as it is dreadful.

Who will endure the last ages? For some, it is lifesaving yet daunting to propel against a treacherous current of wickedness that inflicts ridicule and tyranny. Under such trials, stand firm and be not shaken by the winds in the mind. Multitudes, however, will succumb in a valley of decision and be swept downstream into a swallowing cauldron of ruin that insatiably never says, “It is enough.”

Be not weary of the complexity and opaqueness in Revelation; rather, it will benefit the attentive. Comfort through the goodwill of God toward his people and the good work in us, that when grace goes before, the assurance of peace will follow. It is by the grace of Jesus Christ that we are kept joyful, expecting his glory as the ages have passed, fitted for it and preserved to it.

To greatly assist in this writing, much has been studied from Matthew Henry’s Commentary. Henry, born in Britain (1662-1714), was an ordained nonconformist minister who led a Presbyterian Church and received constant invitations to travel to different cities to speak. Henry’s most notable work consists of a six-volume exposition of the Old and New Testament that provides an exhaustive study of the Bible.

When writing, Henry would remain close to the literal theological interpretation in dealing with biblical scripture as it is presented. In essence, divine revelation is necessary to true Christianity that is purposely designed not only for learning but, importantly, the final and settled standing rule of our faith and manner in society. Thus, it is the duty of all Christians to diligently search, understand, and inform. It is with great respect to endeavor to leverage Henry’s work of the Book of Revelation and, at minimum, provide some additional context or suggestions to our current geopolitical and economic landscape some 600 years following his work.

This writing should not be considered an in-depth biblical study of every verse and chapter but rather a direct read that holds the futurist principle containing a forecast of universal history through events in the coming ages. The writing seeks to provide a tactical analysis of the action to take place in the solemn ratification of biblical prophecy.  

The Book of Revelation has often been neglected because of its stealthy reputation, where many viewpoints and interpretations have been shared and proclaimed. Perhaps it is best to simply prescribe to some visions being partly or wholly veiled while others are comparatively clear in their teachings. May God’s blessings be assigned to his messengers in revealing to all the world these true and faithful discoveries.

It is not enough to read and hear scripture, but we must keep what is revealed in our mind, heart, and practice. In writing the Book of Revelation, the beloved John, unique to serve in three offices, was an apostle, an evangelist, and a prophet. Under the convoy and announcements of angels, we have the account of our God who was, who is to come, and to witness the church triumphant.

Yes, God’s angels, the ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation and powers subject to God, are prominent and instrumental to John’s writing; specifically, the ensuing trumpets and vials of warfare cast upon the world. The time is nearing, and we should be much more attentive.

The prophecy is open, to be pursued by all, that we might labor to understand it amid objections in the ensuing consequences. God is open with all and not clandestine, calling everyone to witness to the declarations made, blessings, validations, and strengthening of those that are upright with God even when facing injustice and persecution. The trials will soon be accomplished. Christ will make haste; he will come suddenly and put all things out of doubt.

Christ’s rule of judgment at that great day will disperse rewards and punishments to mankind according to their allegiance and subjection to the Word of God. He is the author of this book, the first and last, that condemns and excludes all wicked and unrighteous people and gives his people a claim to the tree of life and entrance into heaven. It is confirmed by an open invitation to all who come and drink in the premises and privilege of the Gospel; those whose soul’s thirst which nothing in this world can quench.    

Given access to God, and for this honor, we are bound to ascribe to him dominion and glory forever. When he comes, every eye shall see him, and therefore we should meditate often on his return. He comes on his chariots of the clouds; publicly seen by his people, by his enemies, and by you and me. He comes to the terror of those who have not repented and who continue to crucify the word -the vengeance on those who do not know God and disobey the Gospel.

God may prepare us for a time to receive a vision while in a spiritual frame that is sanctified through the quickening of the soul, where one must endeavor to abridge our thoughts and affections from things of the flesh and be wholly taken up by the things of a spiritual nature. It is in this spirit that an alarm sounds and reveals the trumpet of Jesus being the precious and pure light upon the church.

Yet, there is sorrow to witness that something good in the church may have something amiss in them where they are losing that first warming love for Jesus that was once there and fervent. The zeal has abated in the fallen. Compare now to then, and how much better it was then than now -the peace, strength, purity, and pleasure they lost. How much more comfort in going to sleep, more cheerful waking up, and how much better than to bear affliction.     

Repent and humbly confess to God. Go back to that misstep and recover the zeal. God is displeased when grace and gratitude are slighted. There are those who shelter falsely under Christianity, a deceiving doctrine to Christ and true Christians that has become shameful in uplifting sexual perversion. God is greatly dishonored when his name is used to promote and patronize the interests of Satan.  

Christians are in warfare against Satan, sin, and parts in this world. We must engage and never yield until we gain victory and a glorious triumph; that is to eat from the tree of life where heavenly paradise is confirmed. Those who are faithful to Christ must expect to go through tribulations. Jesus will take particular notice of the suffering. There will be justice for those who persist.

God foreknows future trials of his people and forewarns us and forearms us against them. A series and succession of troubles in this world will escalate in the end times. Satan is stirring up instruments and heinous tyrants to persecute the people of God; satisfying their own sinful malignity and even knowing they are an instrument of a diabolical wickedness. Fear not, for some will be imprisoned for their faith. Those who are courageous even unto death will surely be rewarded with the crown of life.

Concerning all inhabitants of the world, a gracious promise to the conquering Christian that overcomes shall not die a second death after the body is dead. For nonbelievers, a second death is worse than the first; a dying agony without duration to an eternal death to those that fall under it. Where the filthiness of the spirit and flesh come together, there is corrupt doctrine and worship leading to a deceitful exchange. Christians have a duty to repent for our leaders and nations that God will be slow to anger.

No sword cuts so deep as Christ’s words set upon the conscience of the sinner, and he will soon be a terror to himself that takes hold either for one’s conviction or their confusion. When the Spirit of God touches the soul of the church, they will taste what the saints and angels partake, whereas this life will be hidden from the progressive liberalism of this age.

Repentance is necessary to prevent the sinner’s ruin. Repentance requires a course of time. It is this space that God expects change following repentance. Where the space of repentance is lost, the sinner perishes.  

The sin of the seducers is their attempt to draw Christians and the church into promiscuity. They make use of the name of God to oppose the truth of his doctrine, hardening themselves further in wickedness. Failing to stand firm against these seducers, one becomes a contributor to the power in the harlot’s sin.

God is known by the judgments that he executes through his infallible knowledge of the hearts of men –their principles, secret inclinations, and seducers that endeavor to persuade people that they have deeper insights into religion and life. Satanical delusions and devices bring death to those who despise God.

Christ is faithful in not allowing his church to be overburdened, directing to hold fast until he comes and puts an end to the temptations. Danger will cease with his dominion and power over the world and where Christianity reigns. Christ, the morning star, will bring light to a new day in a morning of resurrection. He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says.

Be watchful. Whenever we are off our guard, we lose ground. Some are in danger of declining. The pressure is immense to assimilate into the delusions and accepted sexual deviations rather than being disliked and marked as a bigoted Christian full of hate. It is difficult to stand when we witness universal decline prevailing. Know that there is a carcass but not a soul, and a shadow but not the substance.

Christ will come like a thief in the night. We will not know the hour when the grace departs and his judicial presence falls on those who have sinned away his gracious presence and are unable to discern and prepare for Christ’s arrival. His justice and righteousness will strip them of their remaining enjoyments. Even in the midst of this judgment, God’s mercy upon the faithful remanent is remembered for not giving in to the prevailing corruption and pollution of the day.

A strong Christian holds the political acuity and the key to the House of David that no man himself can shut; the key of governing and authority where God’s sovereignty is absolute and independent of the will of man. The wicked society envies this political character beholden to the people of God and their liberty of spiritual freedom in knowing their Saviour opens and closes the doors that man cannot.

Those who keep the gospel in a time of peace and fruitful times shall be kept in an hour of temptation. By keeping the gospel, they are prepared for the trial and times of persecution. Hold fast to the truth, faith, zeal, and love -a treasure in the prize as you persevere against the backsliding. Christ expects us to declare in earnest for him where neutrality is inexcusable. Apathetic leaders and teachers turn the stomach and provoke to vomit. Lukewarm is seen as moderation, and it is nauseous to God. They shall be rejected.

The indifference and inconsistency in religion are the cause of self-conceitedness and self-delusion. They depended on riches and increased goods to such a degree, taking the gifts as grace and finding their wit to be wisdom. There are many in hell who once thought to be on their way to heaven. They thought to be rich, but they had no provisions in their souls.

They were blind and could not see their state nor their danger. They thought they saw, yet the light in them was darkness. They could not see Christ, though very evident and crucified. They could not see death, though it was just before them. They could not see eternity, though they stood upon the very brink of it continually.

The riches of a secure home in the body will not be safe for the soul. The soul is a different thing than the body and must have an accommodation suitable to true nature, or else in the midst of bodily prosperity, it will be wretched and miserable. One must find rest for the soul in Christ, our solid rock of a foundation.

There must be a parting if our soul is to make room for receiving the most valuable riches. Part with sin and self-sufficiency and come with a sense of poverty and emptiness that you may fill with true riches. Put off your filthy rags and put on the white attire which Christ has purchased for you. Give up your own wisdom and worldly reasoning, which are blindness, and resign yourself to his word, and your eyes will be opened. Then a new world opens up to you, a glorious scene furnished with his light to those delivered from darkness.

When the Lord loves, he chastens and rebukes. One may think the words and reproofs are harsh. He would not correct if he did not love your soul. Better the frowns and wounds of a friend than the smiles of an enemy. The heart of man is, by nature, shut up against Christ by ignorance, unbelief, and sinful prejudices that weaken man’s heart. Be inspired and refreshed with zeal to conquer in spiritual warfare that you shall be forgiven and rewarded to be with God, just as Christ overcame temptation and faced trials.

Whatever is transacted on earth is first designed and settled in heaven, a threefold model of all God’s work. First, God is the Creator of all things, and no made things can be worshipped. God first and adored. Second, God is the preserver of all things, and his preservation is a continuation of creation. God is the sustaining power of the world, and no being or climate change cult must be set up to be worshipped. Thirdly, God is the final cause of all things, and there is no other authority that can alter what has been determined by God.

The designs and methods of divine Providence toward the church and the world are written, stated, and fixed. The authority of his word transpires readiness and resolution, and known to God alone, concealed until a time, sealed until the great events, and until the whole mystery of God’s counsel and conduct is finished.

There are many angels among the churches. They are champions in their challenge to all creatures to strengthen their wisdom in the counsels of God. They bear the office of mediator between God and man and are fit and worthy to open and execute all counsels and courts of God toward men. Angels, said to be innumerable, attend the throne of God and are guardians of the church. While they did not need salvation, they rejoice in the redemption and salvation of sinners.

Christ, on his white horse, rides in to accomplish the great work toward the church and world. Riding a white horse is generally refused into war as the rider becomes marked for the enemy. Yet our Lord and Redeemer, sure of victory, rides the white horse of a pure and despised gospel. In great swiftness and with the strength of a bow in hand, he conquers enemies in one age to another with the former victories being pledges to future victories. 

Whatever convulsions (perhaps climate, war, and pandemic fears) and revolutions (perhaps big tech-political alliances) happen in the world, the kingdom of Christ will be established and enlarged in spite of opposition. A morning of opportunity usually goes before a night of calamity; that is the gospel preached before the plagues are poured forth. Even in the greatest worldly and spiritual opposition, know that Christ will do his work effectively in his own time and way.

The next three seals unleash desolating judgments for the refusal of the gospel, avenging the quarrel of his covenant with mankind and evil. Upon the opening of the seal, a red horse appears, signifying the desolating judgment of war where the rider has the power to remove peace from the earth, and the inhabitants of the earth shall kill each other. Divine justice takes place through the sword, putting men against men in the state of war.

Opening the next seal, and a black horse will unleash a terrible judgment of famine. When loathing spiritual food, people may justly be deprived of daily bread. The famine of the spiritual word is greater and more terrible than famine of food where sinners are not sensible to it.

Another seal is ripped open, and another horse appears, pale in color. The name of the rider is Death, the king of terror and pestilence. Death will reign over the nations where the attendants of the world’s authority in hell will be in a state of misery as they die in their sins. Multitudes will go down into the valley of destruction as the world trembles into eternal damnation.

The connection through judgments is evident where war’s wasting calamity draws scarcity and famine. After opening these seals of approaching judgment, we observe the angry power of God’s instruments given unto man to kill with the sword and waste in hunger. Holding the winds of calamity in his hands to blow no further than he permits, we witness how man has divested themselves of all humanity and become brutish beasts of the fields, preying on others.

This concludes part one of this three-part series.