Alien Visitors to Earth – Congress Listens :: By Ron Ferguson

As I am writing this now, there is a Congressional hearing in the United States called by the White House into UFOs which are now called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). This hearing is chaired by a Mr. Grothman.

I was quite impressed with the number in attendance and the high profile this has, and on Day 1, the highlight was three persons of seemingly good credibility who testified as to their own experiences. One was a former navy pilot (Ryan Graves); one was associated with the aircraft carrier Nimez, a retired Navy Commander named David Fravor; and the third one was a whistleblower from within a government department that has been investigating these UFO sightings, and he is David Grusch. One man who had been working in intelligence into UFOs said quite categorically in answer to a question that the Government or a government agency actually has remains from crashed vehicles (space vehicles) that are not human.

I am not here to decide on anything but have two ears, though one is not as it should be, and I listen and think about it all.

This, of course, may be a dilemma for some Christians, while others will dismiss all this as a hoax.

I suppose all this raises the possibility of life on other planets, certainly not in our galaxy but in others, and the speculation will not go away but will increase. How is a Christian meant to understand all this? Of course, there will be many different opinions, and some people will be very adamant about their position. It is always amazing how some are so adamant with so little information, and that applies to any topic where evidence is circumstantial.

When we try to put all this together, I have come up with five possibilities to explain what many have put on record. These are the five possibilities (not counting hoaxes, of which there could be many).

  1. Delusions, or unexplained data. Optical illusions play a part, and so can imagination. Sometimes the brain wants to interpret what it can’t readily explain or identify.
  2. Human interventions from an unknown source. This could be either Government or private individuals or even from certain nations, though the latter possibility is quite remote because people testifying to all these sightings mention aspects that no human intervention has so far mastered.
  3. Aliens, or something visiting from space. I recently saw a science fiction movie from the early 1950s called “Cosmic Man,” the earlier term for what we would now call Aliens. In that decade, many Sci-fi movies were produced, and some of them featured aliens coming to Earth to explain the great danger to the universe of atomic testing. This was the “flying saucer age.” Hundreds upon hundreds of space movies and cataclysmic and apocalyptic subjects are everywhere.
  4. Unexplainable phenomena from nature. We do not understand some of our natural world and must not jump to conclusions if there is something that defies explanation.
  5. Demonic activity and signs in the atmosphere. Satan is the Prince of the air, and demons are powerful beings. They reside in the world’s atmosphere.

Many questions arise from each of those possibilities, and it is not my purpose at this time to try to explain them in detail. Of those five possibilities, the one that I would dismiss is number three because I do not think myself that God has placed life, certainly intelligent life, in any other place in the universe. The heavens show the glory of God and his magnificent handiwork, and I think He allows us to see that from the earthly perspective. I do not believe there is intelligent life on other planets, for then, in the definition of God’s creation, we must attribute souls and possibly spirits to that creation. I know that people like to speculate; even those in churches do that, but I feel sure that Earth is the only place where God has placed created life.

The explanation that I would favor, if all the recorded data is genuine, would be that of demonic activity. I am not being fanciful in saying that, but we are right at the end of the Church age, and many evil things are afoot. The demonic activity in my own nation is now like a skyrocket and getting worse by the day. This nation is adopting the spiritism and Satanism of the Aborigines at an intense pace, all promoted by the Federal and State governments. Satan’s power is increasing rapidly because people are pursuing wickedness, satanic activities, occult practices, and a denial of and hatred toward God.

Satan is the prince and power of the air, and the atmosphere is his realm, so it is not surprising that here at the very end before the Rapture – and we know that in the Tribulation, there are going to be such lying wonders and delusions with the greatest display of Satanism this world has ever known – that we might be seeing some of these lying wonders even in our own age to deceive further an unrepentant earth. It is little wonder that we might now be seeing strange things happening and an increasing account of what the world is now calling Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

I think it is interesting that when the Rapture occurs, there will be three audible sounds for the ears of the Christians, not for the world, for the world will hear none of them. We are told the Lord descends with a shout, and I think that shout will be the words of Revelation chapter 4 verse one – “Come up here!” Then we have the sound of the trumpet, and that is the rallying call for all the believers since the time of Adam to rise to receive their new bodies. Then the third sound we read of is the voice of the Archangel, and we do not know what it is that Michael will say. However, this is just my thought that Michael’s voice will silence into impotence the demonic hordes that inhabit the atmosphere of this world as the saints rise and pass through Satan’s realm to the very presence of their blessed Saviour.

It will not surprise me at all if we get more and more reports of signs in the atmosphere around the world. I have searched quite thoroughly for science fiction movies that are available on YouTube, and I am surprised at how many there are stretching right back to the 1940s and coming out with increasing rapidity in these last few years. Many of them feature Alien invasion from spaceships and apocalyptic events such as meteorites hitting the earth, causing great destruction and the sun heating up. I happened to watch one of these recently, and it was putting me right in the middle of Revelation 16. The writers of these stories I doubt had any idea of the events in Revelation. What’s more, so many of them are churning this stuff out as if the world is being prepared for what is ahead.

This Congressional hearing in the United States is going to reveal some very surprising facts and events. I don’t dismiss them, that is, not all of them, and as I have said, I put them down to possible demonic signs and activity or maybe unknown signs in nature. At one stage, I would have dismissed any notion of UFOs (flying saucers), but something is happening, and I am not sure what.

There are things we cannot explain and must not jump to conclusions. Some years ago, I had left home about 5 o’clock in the morning in my boat that had no lights on, heading out to the Great Barrier Reef to do some reef fishing. I was a few miles offshore with just enough light to see, and on my left, about a half mile away, I saw a green light, a lovely glowing green. It had nothing to do with my boat or any light onshore, but this light traveled in a straight line, probably no more than 100 yards above the ocean, at a very rapid speed that I would estimate was somewhere around 100 meters a second. It went straight along parallel to the water, took a turn almost fully vertical, and quickly disappeared from view. I am not a looney, and I don’t know what it was I saw, but I am certain it was not alien and that it was not demonic. Some things we just can’t explain.

Just to finish on this – Some weeks back, I did watch one of these 1950 Sci-fi movies called “The 27th Day” (1957). Here is the story briefly I took from an Internet site:

An alien from a dying planet brings five average people from England, Germany, China, the Soviet Union, and the United States onto its spacecraft. Each person is given a case containing vials that can destroy all life within a 3,000-mile radius. They’re told that the earth will be spared complete destruction if all five can keep their respective governments from using the capsules for 27 days, but escalating Cold War tensions between the Americans and the Russians make that a difficult promise.

Well, the 5 of them did succeed, and the moral that ended the movie was that the world can cooperate (through the UN) to map out a bright future for mankind. They were the days when the UN was considered to be a body for world peace and advancement.

Today, Christians recognize the UN, especially the WHO, as one of the greatest forces of evil in the world.

There is a hymn/song that I can’t say I know, but it looks really good, written by Thomas Nelson and called “Glories of Christ.” Here is one stanza from it:

I’m worn with constant warring,

Where fiery darts still fly;

My weary soul is longing

To soar to realms on high.

For I long to see Christ come

And take all his ransomed home

To the house of many mansions,

There to rest in peace at home.

Yes, it will be very soon that WE WILL SOAR TO REALMS ON HIGH through Satan’s domain.