The Eternals: A Review of the Movie by Jocelyn Andersen

The Eternals is the most perfect allegory of calling good evil and evil good I have ever seen. The plot, a modern-day mishmash about Greek gods with flashbacks into ancient Babylon, provides a thin veneer for the theme, which was 100% anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-human.

Biblical and eschatological themes, though perverted, abound throughout.

The movie is about humanity who needs extra-terrestrial saviors to save the planet from human self-destruction. It is about a capricious creator who has plans to destroy the planet and who created extra-terrestrials [each endowed with different super-powers] for the express purpose of helping him to accomplish his nefarious purposes. The movie is about an awakening of his extra-terrestrial creation, how they disagree with their creator’s monstrous plan and subsequently rebel against him and his faithful followers. It is about how a vengeful and furious creator who, when his plan is foiled, promises to return to earth again…”for judgment!”

In the movie, Jesus Christ our Creator is allegorically portrayed as a monstrous and vengeful creator who tries to destroy his own creation, and when he fails, promises to return for judgment and finish the job. His faithful followers (allegory of Christian believers) are portrayed as ignorant and dangerous to the existence of humanity. Those who defy their creator are portrayed as saviors.

Though contradictory messages abound, the primary message of THE ETERNALS is anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-human. The creator is evil (anti-God). Faithful followers of their creator are dangerous to the existence of the planet (anti-Christian). The only human-to-human love portrayed in the film is a male same-sex family incapable of procreating (anti-human). Love between humans and extra-terrestrials with the potential to reproduce hybrid non-humans (anti-human) is promoted.

Thematically, allegorically, and subliminally, God is portrayed as a capricious and uncaring creator, a mad scientist of sorts who makes mistakes and then makes things worse when trying to correct. His followers are allegorically portrayed as dangerous. Fallen angels are allegorically portrayed as heroic extra-terrestrial saviors, “Eternals,” who love humanity and band together to foil their creator’s evil plan.

In the end, the destructive plan of the creator is foiled, his faithful followers are shamed and defeated, an extra-terrestrial “goddess” saves the planet, the world is told they are blessed to have a gay same-sex family, and a vengeful creator promises to return, sometime in the unknown future, to judge those who rebelled against him and complete his plan to destroy the planet.

Seen thematically through spiritual eyes and understanding the allegories…this film is all about subliminally undermining biblical faith by calling evil good and good evil.


Bio: Jocelyn Andersen is the author of REDEMPTION: Bible Prophecy Simplified, A Study of Hope Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified: A Study of HOPE: Andersen, Jocelyn: 9781702619462: Books