The Great Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah :: By Jim Towers

Even as we speak, the Northeastern part of the US (the most corrupt) is being pummeled with unrelenting rain, as are other parts of the world. This may just be a reminder from God about the great flood found in the Bible. (“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man” – who is Jesus. The great flood and Sodom and Gomorrah appear to be warnings of what happens when a society turns its back on the God of the Bible, our Creator.

With temperatures rising across the world, some people are even dying. But the Bible is saying it’s only going to get hotter as the end times approach.

These two historic events strike fear into the hearts of evil men and women – as well it should. Yet, these same people refuse to repent. In fact, they tend to double down and demand that the whole world embrace their sordid way of life and wishful thinking.

Instead, God-denying demoniacs have become emboldened to the point where they will tell you openly that they are after your children to turn them into one of them. These perverts are doing all they can to destroy our beloved country, taking on devil worship as well as taking on different methods of infiltration; they are relentless in this quest.

Others only pretend to be radical as a way to acquire recognition and/or their fifteen minutes of fame. Ergo, the more radical, loud, and/or dramatic, the better for recognition. Their motto is, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” This, for them, is better than working or contributing to society in a positive way. Many of them are jobless, lazy, unwashed, and drug addicts. Others over the last decades have become college presidents, politicians, and even lawyers. In fact, they have permeated all facets of American society through lies, deceit, intimidation, and blatant scare tactics.

A while back, I wrote about how I was accosted by just such a person while shopping at the local grocery store. While reaching up to the higher shelves for an item I wanted to buy, I felt someone leaning over me, reaching out at the same level and purposefully rubbing up against me, which made me turn around only to look into the blackest eyes I’ve ever seen. In fact, the whites of this young man’s eyes had been tattooed black. He was smiling. The man was obviously demon-possessed.

If I wasn’t steeped in God’s Word, I would have panicked, but I instinctively knew he was demented, not in his right mind. How can anyone in their right mind do something so stupid? So, I just looked into his eyes and challenged him with a look as if to say, back off! And he backed off.

Last night, while perusing the internet, I saw something similar happening on an airliner. First was a young woman who made her way to the front of the cabin while pointing to a young man wearing a hoodie and saying, “That M/F isn’t real!” Some passengers videotaped her with their cell phones.

The panicked young lady may even have been in on the “joke,” but she was putting on a good display of fear while the stewards tried to calm her. Occasionally, one of the videographers would tape the culprit, who looked very common and subdued.

As if that wasn’t enough, on another occasion (or it might have been the same plane), another young man jumped up and began shouting, No, no, no! at the top of his lungs and demanding to be let off the plane. He had to be wrestled to the floor and restrained by two or three other men.

My take on all of this is that, like so many others in our society, they are people who are desperate for recognition. They want to shake other people up with their surgically forked tongues and fake lines painted on their eyes to make it seem that their eyes are blinking crosswise when they close them.

Today, some people’s fun is scaring people with their appearance. They seem to hate other more strait-laced people who only want to mind their own business, which is to their own detriment, not knowing what’s going on in the world and that society is on a downward spiral with evil people getting a kick out of scaring others out of their wits.

Can you imagine what panic looks like in a confined area like a plane? The other day, a man tried to disembark from a plane by trying to open the door while it was in flight. Many travelers are edgy as it is – and one day, there will be catastrophic results if this problem isn’t dealt with soon. People who do such dastardly and life-threatening things should be fined and/or given jail time.

It seems that more and more lost young people, rather than seeking God, are turning to drugs, witchcraft, and other abominations to wile away their time here on earth.

Even in ads on the internet for “Breaking News Pages,” the advertisers are heading up their ads with misleading things like, “She Died,” and, of course, you wonder who – it must be someone important. But come to find out, it was the sick turtle at the zoo. Almost all the ads read that way these days. People that do such things must delight in the ability to hoodwink the public. I know that is a trivial matter, but it’s hard to know what to believe. I, for one, am going to scrub the worst offenders or try to expose them for what they are.

Book Report

One of my favorite authors is David Horowitz, who writes about current world events in political and social structures. His latest book is titled Final Battle with the subtitle, “The next election could be our last.” He prefaces the book with this message, “To all my countrymen and women, dead and alive, who dedicated their lives to making America the free country for all races, ethnicities and creeds that it is, and that the left is determined to destroy.”

In the meantime, I have gone on to read about Russian President Vladimir Putin and his rise to power, his previous life, and his life as a KGB agent. I probably wouldn’t have read this book except that it is full of intrigue and shady characters – much like what we find here in government in the good old USA.

Pray for America and mankind.


Jim Towers

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