And Then God Said, Let There Be Cheap Energy :: By Ben Bernar

God put oil, gas, coal, and uranium into the earth for a reason. He knew we were going to use them, and He doesn’t have a problem with that. Cheap energy made our current civilization possible, a civilization that has lifted more people out of poverty and death than any other. If we lose it by trying to go to wind turbines and solar panels, millions of people will become impoverished, and millions more will die now for imagined future benefits.

Wind and solar are low-energy-density power options. That’s why solar panel arrays and wind farms take up huge amounts of land and require storage systems for when power isn’t being produced; night and windless days. In the 1970s, the so-called O’Neill colonies were proposed to provide off-world living space for humanity. The way they were going to pay for themselves was by producing orbital power satellites that would generate electricity 24 hours a day from unfiltered sunlight and beam it to earth by microwaves. There would be wire mesh antennas on the ground to collect the microwaves and convert them back to electricity. Engineers have long known that earth-based solar cells and wind turbines could never provide the power output required for transportation, industrial, and residential demands.

Traditional power plants are very compact and have much smaller real estate footprints than currently marketed “green energy” solutions. Wind farms and solar arrays require huge amounts of land, land that can’t be used for anything else. They also look horrible. The power produced is much more expensive and much less reliable. Nuclear power generation was originally sold as being too cheap to meter. That industry was so overly regulated by environmentalists that it never really reached that goal. Had it been more developed, it alone could have actually met the zero emissions goal for the grid that the green energy zealots are ranting about now. And remember, these are the same people pitching the renewable energy fantasy now.

The climate change crisis is nothing more than a religious belief. It’s dressed up in science, but there is no real evidence that man-made climate change is real. The people pushing it are basically in two camps: a tiny group of elites that stand to make staggering amounts of money selling immature technologies that couldn’t possibly solve the threat of catastrophic climate changes even if they were real. And they’re not. The other group consists of indoctrinated acolytes who worship Gaia and love to control other people’s lives.

There is nothing in Bible prophecy about Anthropogenic Climate Change. Nothing. Since it has a 100% track record with fulfilled prophecy, I’ll put my faith there.