18 Jul 2023

Is the global heatwave God removing the sun from its ‘sheath’ for final judgement?
And the light of the moon shall become like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall become sevenfold, like the light of the seven days, when Hashem binds up His people’s wounds and heals the injuries it has suffered. Isaiah 30:26. Israel, like many other regions of the world, is currently experiencing a heat wave. While global warming is the focus of political debate, Jewish sources relate that a drastic increase in solar heat is expected as the Final Redemption approaches and that it will play multiple roles in the end of days. Israel is currently experiencing an intense and prolonged heat wave. The highest temperatures of 38°-43°C (100°-109°F) were recorded in southern Israel and the Jordan Valley.

Jews and Israelis: Labor Pains on the Way to Redemption
Over the past 20 years, the Religious Zionists made extensive use of the secular nation to fulfill a series of political and mostly religious aims…

James Comer: Bidens Owned over 20 Shell Companies to Hide Payments, Launder Money
After reviewing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) at the Treasury and subpoenaing banks and individuals, Comer posted on Twitter that the Biden family created more than 20 entities to accept, forward, and collect payment from a wide range of business associates. “We found all these shell companies that make absolutely no sense,” Comer told Fox News. “I don’t believe they have paid a penny of revenue, a penny of taxes on most of the millions of dollars they received from our adversaries around the world.”

INSANE: Democrats Want To Ban Words “Husband” And “Wife”
Democrats in the House of Representatives are so bent on transforming reality that they have introduced new legislation, the “Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act,” put forth by California Democrat Julia Brownley, that would remove the terms “husband” and “wife” from federal law, replacing them with gender-neutral alternatives such as “spouse.”

Netanyahu Vows Crackdown on Military No-Shows in Judicial Protest
“The government won’t accept insubordination. The government will act against it and will take all necessary steps to ensure our security and our future,” Netanyahu told his cabinet, without elaborating on possible measures. “We cannot have a group within the military threatening the elected government:…

Hamas is the Palestinian Wagner Group
Consider Hezbollah as Iran’s Wagner Group. Operating under no international constraints, they now control the country in which they are based, Lebanon. They also operate freely in Syria, a country led by a dictator who has mass murdered his own people and is in need of additional muscle. In his case Iran’s Wagner Group – Hezbollah. Which brings us to the Palestinian Arab Wagner Group – Hamas.

Hezbollah gearing up for showdown with Israel
Hezbollah is intensifying preparations for an imminent confrontation with Israel, drawing global attention and raising concerns about regional stability. Under the guise of the battle over an Israeli border barrier, the Lebanese terrorist group aims to preserve its option of invading the Galilee, while also serving Iran’s interests in establishing a foothold in Syria.

New AI Bible app allows users to chat with Biblical characters
A new artificial intelligence app claims to allow the user to chat with Biblical (and not-so-Biblical) characters. A trial run leaves the user hoping that the real Biblical characters are more inspiring than their computer-generated counterparts. Bible Pics Chat claims to allow users “to seek guidance and enter the gateway to biblical wisdom” by chatting with Biblical characters.

PETA produces an AI Vegan Bible
(PETA), an animal rights nonprofit organization, has taken altruism one step further and used artificial intelligence to rewrite Genesis as a vegan manifesto, leading Bible scholars to fume over whether vegetarianism is indeed a Biblical concept. The PETA Bible is barely recognizable, bearing few similarities to the original.

After four months of disconnect, Netanyahu speaks with Biden by phone, finally receives US invite
It’s been seven months since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassumed office and only now has he received the long-awaited invitation from U.S. President Joe Biden to have a meeting “soon.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses FBI of targeting Catholics while ignoring pro-abortion extremists
“They target conservatives. They target Trump supporters. And the proof is there,” Greene said. “The FBI targeted Catholics attending Latin Mass, putting agents inside a Latin Mass but yet not going after Jane’s Revenge, the radical group that was firebombing pregnancy resource centers. This is who the FBI is, and that is why they have to be held accountable.”

Florida Republicans Officially Designate Covid Shots as ‘Bioweapons’ – News Addicts
Republicans in a Florida county have banned Covid shots and officially designated the jabs as “bioweapons.”

Largest Settlement of Illegal Aliens in US Is Quietly Growing Amid Border Crisis
The largest illegal alien “colonia” in the United States is not located in the Rio Grande Valley or outside of El Paso. In fact, it is hundreds of miles from the border, in an area controlled by Republican politicians and funded by a mega donor to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Strong M6.6 earthquake hits Neuquen, Argentina at intermediate depth 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.6 hit Neuquen, Argentina at 03:05 UTC on July 17, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 171.4 km (106 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Southwest Heat Dome Expected to Break Dozens of Record Highs
Heat alerts are in effect for millions of people. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued excessive heat warnings and heat advisories for more than a dozen states in the West and South. That means outdoor activities should be limited in these areas either right now or in the coming days because of the possibility of heat-related illnesses.

Stink or swim! Over HALF of US beaches contain unsafe levels of FECES, ‘troubling’ report finds
More than half of America’s beaches contain potentially dangerous levels of feces, according to a new report described as ‘troubling’ by experts.

Globalists Are Making Big Moves Which Would Fundamentally Change How Our Society Operates
While everybody else is distracted, the globalists are making absolutely enormous moves.  Previously, I have written about the UN’s new worldwide system for cracking down on “misinformation” and about their desire to implement a global system of digital identification that is tied to our bank accounts.

Supreme Court Justices Warn New York Not to Use Race Again to Ration Medical Treatment
Two conservative Supreme Court justices warned New York officials that if they try again to ration health care based on the patient’s race—as they did with COVID-19 treatments in 2021—they will vote to take a case challenging the policy on an emergency basis.

OVERWHELMING PROOF that the COVID-19 Plandemic was officially planned and executed by the U.S. Federal Government (and other state actors)
The following exhaustive investigative research report proves — BEYOND ANY DOUBT — that the COVID-19 Plandemic was, in fact, planned out over many decades within the highest echelons of the US government.  It also confirms that an extremely powerful shadow government was directing every facet of the vast lobbying efforts and legislative processes necessary to pull off this ongoing crime wave against the American people.  Which means that the barbarians have been inside the gate and operating freely at least since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Psychological tactics used for Covid began years before to foster the FALSE “Climate Change” narrative 
The leaks and exposés about how media and communications were used to manipulate and control the public during the covid era are the focus of ongoing controversy, and rightly so. Yet a very similar approach persists, virtually unchallenged, in the sphere of climate communications. Indeed, key features of covid narrative control were pioneered in relation to the environment.

WEF Says CBDCs Must Be ‘Implanted Under Your Skin’ if You Want To Participate in Society
The WEF has declared that all citizens must be implanted with a CBDC microchip in the very near future, in order to be able to fully participate in society and do basic things such as purchase food and water.

Climategate 3.0: Hero speaks and releases a new cache of emails proving Climate Change Fraud 
In 2009, emails were leaked from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.  This was referred to as Climategate.  In 2011, in what was referred to as Climategate 2, nearly two years after similar emails ignited the Climategate scandal, a second batch of 5,000 emails were leaked. In 2013, a third batch of emails was released in what was referred to as Climategate 3.  With the release of the third batch of emails, the leaker revealed his motives for doing so.

Evacuations near Philly after hazardous material train derailment
Local residents and businesses were forced to evacuate Monday morning after a CSX Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Montgomery CountyPennsylvania. At least one car was transporting hazardous material, officials said.

Heroic Polish Community Takes Matters into Their Own Hands to Protect Children from Foreign Sexual Abusers
Poland takes immediate action to protect children from foreign suspects, contrasting with the reported incidents in Germany where concerns have been raised about migrant-related sexual assaults on women and children in pools over an extended period.

YouTube DELETES Australian Politician’s Speech Blowing Lid Off COVID-19, Calling it ‘Medical Misinformation’ 
YouTube removed a video of an Australian MP delivering a maiden speech to Parliament criticizing the unscientific and authoritarian COVID measures, claiming it contained “medical misinformation.”

You stayed at Home >> While they emptied the NHS >> So Matt Hancock could turn Care Homes into Midazolam Murder Camps & pretend there were Thousands of COVID-19 Deaths 
While you stayed at home to “protect the NHS, and (allegedly) save lives”, Matt Hancock orchestrated the mass murder of the elderly and vulnerable in care homes using a drug known as Midazolam and then told you that they had all died of Covid-19; and we can prove it…

The WHO Is A Real And Present Danger
Our governments intend to transfer decisions over our health, families, and societal freedoms to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), whenever he or she declares it necessary. The success of this transfer of power depends on public ignorance of its implications, and of the nature of the WHO itself and its recent pandemic policy reversals. When the public understands, then its leaders are more likely to act in their interests rather than against them.

Islamic Attack in Fargo: Muslim Known to Police Targets Officers, Leaving One Dead, Two Injured, Details Concealed
Pervasive questions resonate—Why did this heinous assault occur on that fateful Friday while the release of crucial information regarding Mohamad Barakat and his prior encounters with law enforcement remains distressingly scarce?

Clouds of Mysterious Gnat-Like Insects Swarm New York City
…Confused residents on Wednesday evening noticed dark clouds in the sky that turned out to be thousands of tiny gnat-like insects. Just before dawn, the little bugs filled the skies, small enough to get caught in people’s beards, get into their noses, and more.

MEP Nicolas Bay Slams EU’s Migration Policies: ‘They Are Not Refugees’, but Threats of Poverty, Crime, and Terrorism 
“8.4 million migrants have asked for refugee status in the EU since 2014. It’s almost the equivalent of Austria’s population.

CIA’s Secret Mosquito Experiments In India 
…a young journalist came by and told my father of a strange experiment with mosquitoes being conducted right near Palam airport, as Delhi airport was then called. The man said it was an experiment on yellow fever. ‘But we don’t have yellow fever in India,’ my father had exclaimed. The journalist said that this was exactly his point. He claimed it was a part of a biological warfare experiment. We all sat in shocked silence.”

Gigantic swarm of grasshoppers flying into Utah is so large it is picked up by weather RADAR 
A swarm of grasshoppers invading Tooele, Utah was so large it registered on weather radar systems.