Although All Men Are Liars, God Is Not :: By Jim Towers

Have you ever noticed that people these days are untrustworthy and can’t be relied upon for anything? They lie constantly and even openly. Lying has become so prevalent that people hardly notice anymore. Tie that in with deviousness and deceit, and you have a toxic mix of deadly brew.

The sad thing is that you would even find this behavior in today’s church. Many claiming to be Christians are Christians in name only, and it’s getting worse and worse. Jealousy, hate, and strife are also permeating the church and body politic of our once great nation.

Just look around you, and you can see the effect of these attributes, or should I say deterioration of morals, sweeping the nation. I can see where the rapture will be no big task for God since there are so few to be taken away if this continues. But it’s not like we weren’t warned by holy men of God.

Before I joined my new church, I was invited to a men’s prayer breakfast. Everyone there was over sixty, with many much older. I, being of Baptist persuasion, carried my torn and tattered Bible in hand into the room, and since I had already eaten and was a little late, I was the last to be seated. The only seating available was up toward the front of the group of about 90 men. Good-naturedly and feeling I was in good Christian company, I asked, “Where are all the Bibles? I’m a Baptist, and Baptists always carry their Bibles with them to Bible studies!”

Naturally, all eyes were on me as I took my seat.

The speaker, who was just finishing his spiel, said, “We memorize scripture!” At that retort, the whole room burst out in laughter and knee-slapping as I slipped into a chair at the big round table that sat six. I took no offense, thinking, “Yeah, sure, I’ve been around enough to know that most Christians can’t recite more than two scripture verses. Who do you think you’re fooling!?” (The speaker had no idea I was evangelical enough to be a contributing writer for two websites and even had my own.) I laughed and applauded the speaker for his quick response. I had offended the group, and I knew it. We all had a good laugh at my expense, but since I’ve heard everything, nothing gets me rattled anymore.

Later, I thought, “Where did my comment come from? I should have known better since I deal with people as often as I can. That comment must have been offensive, even though I thought I was just being outgoing and affable.”

I grappled with that “spur of the moment” comment until I finally came to the conclusion that this was just the thing these men had to hear. Now they had something to think about besides their oatmeal. Now, at least some were brought under deep conviction that they were lazy or too indifferent to learn the Word of God. I don’t know if it was just my bon vivant manner or the Holy Spirit that spurred me to make such a truthful statement.

I’ve decided to overlook that incident (although I know others won’t) since I know enough to make myself “invisible,” as it were, for the sake of the congregation. After all, they are at least in the right place to learn and grow. Some will never get it. Others try, but the cares of the world will stunt their growth.

There was a time when I believed that all Christians were sincere and as pure as the driven snow. But today, nothing surprises me. Regardless of the titles we hold or the education we have, now I know that we are ALL sinners and only saved by God’s grace, as in, “Ye are saved by grace through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God, lest any man should boast.”

One more thing: I thank God that I didn’t follow through with becoming a preacher (something I once thought of becoming). Today’s seminaries are rife with false doctrine and foolish manmade teachings. I even dated a “Christian” girl who told me her much older Christian professor/pastor had fondled her. Plus, I know several other pastors who were fired for just such behavior. But hey, they’re only human, and what man can resist an attractive woman?

Speaking of attractive women, I recently went to a small medical clinic in the neighborhood and had a thorough going over by three young women — the doctor, the nurse, and the receptionist. When they learned of my profession after checking the internet, they fawned over me even though I’m a much older man. I, of course, was moved by their attention, but knowing what I know about human nature, I must be careful to reign in my God-given passion for lovely ladies, even though I worked with some of the most beautiful actresses and models in the world without any missteps. Along those lines is my following book report.

Book report

Manhood, the new book by Senator Josh Hawley, is subtitled, “The masculine virtues America needs” (I would add the word now or these days). This man is right on about everything he says. Men today are wimps, sorry to say, even in the church.

Although I have a growing disdain for politicians, I picked up this book not knowing Mr. Hawley was one until I saw him on the internet grilling an FBI official about corruption within the leadership.

As I read, I was amazed at this man’s Christian integrity and insight. Here are some quotes:

Male spiritedness is the beginning of courage. Can that spirit be disruptive in a classroom? Yes, certainly. The ancients knew that too. It is one Plato prescribed – physical training for young men, discipline for the body to match education of the mind. Thumos can lead boys to draw pictures of guns and toss imaginary grenades. It can provoke fierce competition and the occasional fistfight. But properly channeled, it can be the strength of civilization…

Josh is coming to the forefront (I’ve seen his name three times on news programs defending the Christian faith and the American Constitution).


Jim Towers

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