The Prophetic Word of God :: By Rick Segoine

Political intrigue captivates the minds of men on a global scale and produces a great multitude of contradictory opinions.

In the Holy Bible, the Prophetic Word of God transcends the opinions of men.

Those that refuse to believe in God’s Prophetic Word are reported lost on the vast sea of worldly opinions.

All of the opinions of unbelieving men put together are most confusing. The Prophetic Word of God is most revealing.

If a person were to walk on water or calm a storm with a mere word, I would take a much greater interest in the opinions of that person (Mark 4:35-41).

If that same person were to heal the sick and raise the dead, then be crucified and raised from the dead themself, I would take a major interest in everything about that person (Matthew 4:23-25, John11:38-44, Matthew 28).

Since Jesus actually did these things, His words far outweigh the words and opinions of everyone else.

If anyone contradicts Him, I will believe Jesus every time.

Jesus never once wasted a word. Every single word he spoke was pure and awesome truth. The man or woman or child who proclaims that Jesus is “Lord of Lords” and “King of Kings” has spoken the truth. It is the very truth that all other words and opinions are measured by (Revelation 19:16).

If a person measures the truth by their own subjective reasoning, that person will place themself on a path that leads in the opposite direction of truth (Proverbs 3:5-6).

It is possible to be far from the truth even though the truth is ever present upon your doorstep.

Jesus stands at the doorstep, gently knocking and patiently waiting to be invited in. The man or woman who has removed themself far from the truth simply can no longer hear the knocking (Revelation 3:20).

If someone were to hear Him knocking and invite Him in, they would discover the reason why true believers are so in love with Jesus.

Falling in love can be a beautiful yet sometimes temporary thing.

Falling in love with Jesus is forever.

Jesus loves us so much that He laid down His life for us. For those that reject Jesus, it can be truly said Jesus loves you more than you will EVER know…

To know Jesus is synonymous with knowing the Way and the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).

Jesus is and always will be the “Lord of Lords” and the “King of Kings.” This will remain true forever, whether we believe it or not (Revelation 19:16).

The search for God is over when a person can say and truly mean these words. God is my Father, and Jesus is my Savior, and the Holy Spirit is my dear friend and constant companion.

It is no more difficult for Jesus to manifest miracles in a person’s life today than it was when He walked the earth about two thousand years ago.

The actual ministry of Jesus on Earth lasted just three to three and a half years. The miraculous aftereffects of those three to three and a half years will last for all Eternity.

There is no comparison between Jesus and all other so-called messengers of God. It is like comparing the world’s greatest athlete to the most uncoordinated kid in school.

There is nothing too complicated for Jesus to understand and no problem too big for Him to solve.

The life of Jesus is The Greatest Story Ever Told, and He is the Author of Our Salvation.

Jesus is the best friend of more people (by far) than any other person who has ever set foot on this planet we call Earth.

Jesus is our Blessed Hope. Without Him, there is no hope at all (Titus 2:13).

Trust always in Jesus. Every wonderful and amazing promise of Eternity and Eternal life that Jesus has made will come true. Every single last one (1 John 2:25).

If you haven’t already, may today be the day that you open the door to Jesus and invite Him in. He longs to save you, write your name in the Book of Life, and have you become part of His Forever Family. He also longs to become the best friend you have ever had or will ever have through all Eternity.

Your friend in Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

Rick Segoine

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