Hold On to God’s Hand :: By Dennis Huebshman

There are so many negative actions taking place in this world that sometimes it’s hard just to take the next step. There are wars and rumors of wars, changes in weather patterns, pestilences, earthquakes in various places, and just plain evil worldwide. Hate for anything pertaining to our Lord and Savior is everywhere. All the “abomination” groups are offended that we don’t accept their lifestyles, so we are labeled as “haters.” They don’t realize we love them for their immortal souls but don’t have to accept what our Father said we aren’t to participate in. As an example, Jesus loved all the religious leaders, but He did not like their policies and actions, and did not fail to tell them so. (ESV – all emphasis is mine)

It is very obvious that we are rapidly heading for a major change above and beyond all that we’ve seen so far. Up until about ten years or so ago, there were issues of crime, hate and a certain amount of mayhem, but not to the degree that we are presently seeing.

Open satanic worship was something unheard of. That was an activity kept behind closed doors, rarely out in the open. Now, we have “churches of Satan” in numerous places around the United States. We even have them in the East Texas Area. There are false prophets in pulpits of some previously Bible-based evangelical churches, just as Jesus, Paul, John, and others said there would be near the end of this age. They “preach” ear-tickling messages to make the congregation feel good; it’s just not Biblical. Their goal is not to save souls but to keep seats and collection plates full.

All the so-called “gender identity” issues, drag queen activities including “story time for kids,” and parents being threatened to lose their children if they don’t allow them to participate in this garbage are rapidly gaining ground. It has almost become epidemic. In some countries, parents actually face jail time if they refuse, and there are some states here that are trying to implement such laws right now.

Once the tribulation/wrath starts, the whole wide world will go through a time such as never seen before. Our Father has warned us in several places of His Holy Word that the world population will suffer a tremendous number of deaths. In Zechariah 13:8, we’re told that two-thirds of the Jewish population that are here will be killed. Only one-third will remain, and we’re told all of them will finally believe that Jesus is their true Messiah.

For all true believers right now, we are promised we will not enter that awful time period (1 Thessalonians 1:10; 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10 and Revelation 3:10). Yes, we face harassment and some persecution right now, but when the Trumpet of God sounds, and there is a shout from an archangel, we won’t be here for the antichrist’s appearance. Our Rapture takes place before he can come out (2 Thessalonians 2).

In the meantime, we need to stay close to our Savior and Heavenly Father through prayer and reading His word daily. In the United States, we are still free to do so, mostly without fear. In some areas of the world, there are people who are being martyred just for possessing a Bible, or declaring they have become a Christian. This even applies to their children.

If we have Jesus as our Savior, we have the Holy Spirit within us. We need to know and believe that the word of the Father is righteous and true, and hold on to the hope this gives. We need to “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.”

This happens to be the title of a well-known Christian Hymn written by Jennie Bain Wilson around 1904. As with Fanny Crosby, Ms. Wilson was handicapped. She survived typhoid fever as a child, but it left her spine damaged, and she was bound to a wheelchair. As with Ms. Crosby, she wrote many hymns while she was on this earth. This featured hymn is an inspiration for everyone.

1.) Time is filled with swift transition; naught of earth unmoved can stand. Build your hopes on things eternal; hold to God’s unchanging hand.

Ref.) Hold to His hand, God’s unchanging hand. Hold to His hand, God’s unchanging hand. Build your hopes on things eternal; hold to God’s unchanging hand.

2.) Trust in Him who will not leave you, whatever years may bring. If by earthly friends forsaken, still more closely to Him cling. (ref)

3.) Covet not this world’s vain riches that so rapidly decay. Seek to gain the heavenly treasures; they will never pass away. (ref)

4.) When your journey is completed, if to God you have been true, fair and bright the Home in Glory, your enraptured soul will view. (ref)

One theme of this song is the phrase “Unchanging Hand.” Our Father does not change, and He is the same today as He has always been and always will be. We know God cannot lie, as given in Titus 1:2. Through His Word, we see He has always loved His creation, even though we have sometimes disappointed Him.

For all who will receive and accept His Son Jesus as their Savior, He has promised us eternity in Heaven with Him. The steps are simple as “ABC.” Admit we are sinners, as we all are (Romans 3:23). Believe Jesus is truly the Son of God and that His pure, sinless blood sacrifice will take away our sins when we become a part of His precious flock. Finally, Call out to the Savior to forgive you and be your Savior forever. This is found in Romans 10:9-13.

There is another side, and it applies to all who refuse to receive and accept Jesus. There are those who believe there are many ways to be saved other than through Jesus. That’s one of Satan’s biggest lies. There are those who say they believe in God, and that’s all they have to do. That’s another of the evil one’s lies.

John 14:6 sets the record straight for all who will accept it. “Jesus said to him, I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” There’s a period after this as no other conditions exist.

Also, it’s a free-will choice that will not be forced on anyone by the Father. All who truly call out to be saved will be accepted.

Someone has said that they know they cannot live a “perfect life” and will be condemned for that. God has promised that we can be forgiven of all our sins when we confess them to Him and ask His forgiveness. That’s 1 John 1:8-10. He knows we will never be perfect in this human form, and as long as Jesus is in our hearts, we are His.

Please remember, throughout the history of this earth, from the Garden of Eden to today, there has been only one “human” that lived a fully sinless life. That “human” shed His blood on a cruel cross so you and I could be seen as worthy to the Father. Not by anything we could do but by what Jesus did for us as a free gift. All who reject Jesus will answer for every sin they will ever commit on this earth. That will be at the White Throne Judgment of Revelation 20:11-15.

Those are the only two paths to eternity. Life in Heaven with our Savior, or condemnation in hell with Satan and his demons. No other option is available, no matter what any false prophet may tell you.

For now, in these uncertain times, put your faith in our Savior, and definitely “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand!”

Hope to see you at Home soon!