Wickedness Is the Demonic Locust Plague :: By Ron Ferguson

Wickedness is like the beginning of a locust plague. Once it starts, it proliferates and is soon out of control. Once on the move, it is hard and now impossible to stop. The current wickedness in the world will worsen very quickly, and it will be unstoppable until the Lord defeats it at the Second Coming. And the remnant of evil still left, He will deal with after the Millennium.

Some of you know I write on conditions in Australia and the USA. I still debate with myself which of those nations is the worst, but usually, I conclude it is Australia. Why is that? Well, to start with, every state in Australia, except Tasmania – and it is rather insignificant – is now governed by Marxists, as is the Federal Government. The leaders are dictators, and their executives and cabinets are filled with very evil men and women. The USA still has some good conservative states; Australia has none.

One thing that makes Australia different from the USA is that you have checks and balances and a much better Constitution defining the rights and freedoms of citizens. Australia does not have a bill of rights, so we have no rights in effect. Another thing in the United States’ favor is that you have some good people in government, some courageous and powerful people. Over recent months, I have been following the Senatorial hearings of some of the American agencies and White House officials, and FBI, etc., and the hearings for the selection of Supreme Court judges. The USA has very committed and capable men like Senators Ted Cruz and John Neely Kennedy. Australia has no real effective opposition, which means the communist dictators grow even stronger.

In my state this year, so many freedoms of speech and behavior have been removed. Let me share a few.

Just recently, two young men in Queensland, in the far north where very dangerous crocodiles are everywhere and almost worshipped by our governments and the environmentalists, picked up a small crocodile from a creek and held it to take a photo, then released it. The mistake they made was to put the photo on Facebook, I think it was, so the government tracked it down. In court, the men were fined $100,000 “for interfering with wildlife.”

In Queensland, not one creature of any description can be taken, kept, caught, or harmed in any way (excluding things like rats and cockroaches). Farmers are out of their minds trying to protect crops, especially fruit farms. This is what happens when the creature is worshipped over the Creator. In fact, I think it is on the books that it is a $20,000 fine for throwing a stick or something at a crocodile. There are millions of them in northern Australia, including those in crocodile farms, extremely dangerous.

Aboriginal activists are now determining policies. It is a disgrace. They are imposing their culture on the people – the spiritism and satanic worship. The government is changing names of places, even those named by Captain Cook, to made-up aboriginal names. It is a total attack on our British traditions. The first settlement in Australia in 1788 is now being called “Invasion Day” and a day of disgrace. The radicals control the agenda. Imagine American society calling the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers “Invasion Day and a day of disgrace” with American flags pulled down and burned, such as happens here.

All that has been happening this year, as wickedness is now in full flight. The next one I cite is so evil – and look out USA, because you might face this. Australia always seems lately to have the Marxist lead among so many nations. Newsome and NY seem to copy what Australia has.

This is what has happened in Queensland. There is a law now against “hate speech,” and it carries a jail term of 3 years. We were never consulted. The State Premier and dictator decreed it. At face value, it might seem okay, but the agenda behind it is to destroy any opposition to government policy. It will be particularly aimed at Christians. If Christians speak out against the government policy, or against homosexuality, or if you disagree with aboriginal activists, or speak against abortion, or any other thing that is evil legislated and introduced by the government, then it will be declared hate speech.

Why is this black evil suddenly rushing like an avalanche? Well, it is not a sudden event because, like an avalanche, it started with a small move and then accelerated into an unstoppable, forward rush.

How many of you older ones like me remember speaking on prophetic matters many decades ago and saying that the Rapture could happen at any time? Well, I think the truth is we all did, and that was not wrong. The New Testament Christians expected it at any time. In the last 200 years, God has given a much clearer insight into biblical prophecy than at any other time in Church history. We understand some prophecies better as we see them unfolding before our eyes.

In our current time, we understand far better this verse speaking about the last days – 2 Timothy 3:13, “Evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” We see that every day. Look at my state; look at the White House. Nearly all in government are under the deceptive spell of climate change (not Florida, I think). My nation is going bankrupt through the building of windmills and the ridiculous green agendas. Our infrastructure suffers. Hospitals are in a pathetic state, but the windmills must be the priority. They are probably advancing us to the “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

Just before that Timothy verse just quoted, there is this important lead in – 2 Timothy 3:12, “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” These demonic laws being introduced into my state seem horribly slanted against Christians. I do believe it is Christians and churches that will be targeted to bring them to silence. The devil wants to cancel out Christians and reduce them to silence, so multitudes will continue on the road to destruction without hearing the truth. It has become a horrible world. We cry out for the Lord to come and take us home.

When truth has been hijacked, then every nook and cranny will be affected.

There was a time in our schools when the curriculum contained true history that outlined the horrors and evil of communism. The satanic tares took over the education system early on, and no or little mentions are made of the evils of communism. Rather, the opposite is happening. Our own democratic governments are projecting evil as students are carefully guided toward Marxism. The inference is that churches are full of right-wing radicals who are homophobic and against progress.

By the way, I hate the way the word homophobic is used. It comes from old Latin and Greek words – homo (man) and phobos (fear). When combined it means “fear of man.” That is the meaning. It is a fear of the male species as a certain woman might have. It has not the slightest hint of anything sexual about it but is made to do so by the enemy.

When the Bible says there is no fear of God before their eyes (Romans 3:8), it means they are brazen like the men of Sodom, yelling filth outside the door. A century ago, there was a fear of God before people’s eyes, and anyone openly parading homosexuality would have almost been lynched. Today, these imports from Sodom not only march defiantly in open street parades blaspheming the Lord, but the activist governments encourage it and financially support homosexuality. Rainbow – Pride flags – are everywhere. There is a verse from the Psalms – Psalm 36:1, “Transgression speaks to the ungodly within his heart. There is no fear of God before his eyes,” that makes all this clear. Transgression (wickedness) stirs in the heart of man, and today, the stirrings are great. They are overwhelming. These people of evil do not fear God. They hate God and His followers.

June is Pride Month, it has been declared. This homosexual perversion is going on display everywhere, with rainbow flags festooned all over Walmart and Target stores, among others. Christians must boycott these stores. We need to be proactive. In retrospect, I have to say that, in May, we went to a Walmart store in Hilo just to see what is so famous about Walmart, never having seen one before. I bought a digital clock I thought was battery-powered, but when I got home, I saw it wasn’t, and when I plugged it into our 240-volt power electricity, it went POP, and that was the end of it.

These people speak of Pride all the time. One major football code in Australia has all teams except one acknowledging Pride in support but don’t acknowledge Christians. We are the revived Sodom. They may speak about Pride, but one thing I know is that when these Pride activists stand before the great white throne, there will be no pride. It will be a fearful shame leading to eternal judgment.

All these people today are bringing in wickedness in all its forms into society and schools and even into some churches. Wickedness is increasing in intensity, and hatred against what is good.

I am not certain about American politics and speak guardedly, but this latest inditement against Donald Trump will probably see him not have the time to run for president. If that is the case, then Ron DeSantis may assume that position, but he does not have widespread popularity. Why is that? His record in Florida is wonderful, with no woke rubbish and a certain morality introduced in the state. He wants to do that for America. However, will the US have him?

I am inclined to say, “No,” because the United States is plunging into wickedness like we have here in Australia. Wicked people don’t support one of a higher morality. Also, the latest opinion poll in the US shows Biden has increased his approval rating. My eyes blinked when I saw that. Have we sunk that low?

These are evil times, and days grow darker. In the last days, difficult times will come, and that is for the world but especially for Christians living in the world. May our dear Lord hold, support, and bless each one of His children through these difficult times until the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout. I close with one of my poems on the subject.


With pernicious ways and darkening days,
This world is on tenuous ground.
More wicked men rise, but that’s no surprise,
For wickedness seeks to be crowned.
In the world’s dark nooks, where Satan there looks,
Gross decay and foulness abound.
The Bible tells us that immoral pus
Will spread its putridness around.

Our God has declared the world is ensnared
By Satan through mankind’s decline.
The last days will see increased agony,
For men in evil beds recline;
On their beds, they plan, chains that will bind man,
To force the nations into line.
Peoples they coerce, with badness immerse;
Act out as if they are divine.

Dangerous times flow from sewers of snow
To engulf all peoples in sin –
Sins, dark and debauched, from lives that are scorched
Migrate from the darkness within.
Rejection of light and blindness of sight
Will cause the whole conscience to spin.
This now is our world, when evil’s unfurled,
Determined, the conquest to win.

The Lord has forewarned, such grossness has spawned,
For we are now in the last days.
The bad will get worse; our God, men will curse;
Each heart, the wicked one obeys.
Themselves they do love, wrapped as in a glove,
Impervious to others’ ways.
They think they have won; their race has been run!
But God will set the world ablaze.

Jesus Christ will come; ev’ry tongue made dumb;
In power and glory appear.
He comes for His own; ones He did atone,
Who for their Lord remain sincere.
His own He will raise; His saints will all praise
In righteousness when He draws near.
Come, Lord Jesus, please, in Rapture to seize,
Those Your voice of triumph will hear.

9 September 2021 R Ferguson
Metre = 10-8 throughout (5 -5 -8) A-B-C-B-D-B-E-B
Also internal rhyme in every second line.