An Open Letter to Liberals :: By Jim Towers

Having read “Rules for Radicals,” it reads like the devil’s playbook and is a favorite of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and most liberals. I am aware of their radicalized tactics, the author having been a criminal himself.

Apparently, God has given many of them over to a reprobate mind just like He said He would if they didn’t repent of their wicked mindset and unsavory lifestyle, which is – most notably – lying, deceit, and sexual perversion. An aberration that is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can’t have a rational discussion with them about anything lest they pout, sputter, and even cry. Operating on misguided emotions, they scream and stomp away mad if you get the upper hand. That’s why it’s better to just not pay attention to them. Like Jesus said, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine lest they turn and rend you.” (I presume he was talking about pearls of wisdom.) They also care more about the environment than human life. Something is wrong when you value inanimate things above human life while claiming to be honest and benevolent. They inevitably lie and steal more than others.

Since Liberals took over our government, the country has been in sharp decline. The mental institutions have been emptied out only to give rise to corruption in the high places these mentally challenged people now occupy, and so now they spy on conservatives and have them jailed for minor offenses. Free speech is becoming a thing of the past. If liberals in control of the government can take guns out of law-abiding citizens’ hands, our nation is doomed. Americans owning guns are the only thing keeping them and foreign communists at bay. Nevertheless, they are feverishly working to find a way to do so even as we speak. If that happens, then, like the people in Australia (who had their guns confiscated a few years ago), we will become a totalitarian state much like them.

Still, though, many liberals claim (erroneously) that they are “Christians” just because they were born in this country – or so they say, as in the case of Barack Obama. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the liberals say they are practicing Christians – usually Catholics who can’t seem to tell a pedophile priest from a ceramic statue. But as the Bible says, “By their fruits you shall know them.” They claim to believe in God.

But “The devil also believes – and trembles” as well he and they should.

Some liberals also believe that it’s also ok to sexually abuse children, but the Bible warns of the consequences of such acts. Children are the greatest gift our Divine Creator could ever bestow on us, and yet they take them for granted or even as sexual plaything these days. But the Bible says that they are a gift from God. Isn’t that like spitting in God’s face? How incredibly stupid.

To them, I say, don’t you realize that you will stand before your Creator one day to give account for even every idle word you’ve uttered? How much more the small but precious child you would destroy or abuse? It would be better to never have been born at all since those who would harm a child will untimely face God’s wrath. Jesus said, “It is better that a millstone be tied around the neck of such people and be thrown into the deepest ocean.” Have you no fear of almighty God?! It might be a good idea to see an exorcist as soon as possible.

Creeping into the church are Progressive “woke,” ignorant, or nominal “Christians” who are condoning same-sex marriage and the transgender lifestyle, which in God’s eyes is sinful. Men sleeping together in a sickening bed smelling of obscene odors, and women committing unspeakable beastly acts that even animals will not partake of. To them, I would ask, “Have you no fear of God?”

Some of them think they can avoid judgment because they deny the God who made them. As the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” Yet they are surrounded by all manner of concrete evidence surrounding them, plus the Bible says that “The heavens declare His Glory.”

“God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Such people will soon, after the Tribulation period (which is about to break), be alive to see Him coming in the sky, to deal with the ungodly afterward. Then their indifferent laughter and shrugs will turn to absolute terror as He arrives.

These creatures of the night are descending on Disney World in Orlando to raise hell and to look for children to abduct during pride month. They are even brazen enough to tell normal people to their faces, “We’re coming after your children.” (The Podesta brothers may well be with them.) So, if you must go there, please leave your children at home.

Everywhere you look, these evil people have taken over. Corrupt politicians, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and judges, hear this! God is no respecter of persons. None of these people can justify their wicked lifestyles. Those not saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ will face the judgment of the all-consuming fire of God’s wrath.

Where do they think Adolf Hitler and his henchmen and Stalin and Pol Pot are even as we speak? They are writhing from the pain of the fire of God that they so richly deserve. If ever there was a time to get your act together, my friend, it is now. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Life is short and will soon be over, but we will all face eternity living somewhere. I, therefore, would urge you to repent.

Last night I watched an hour-long YouTube video featuring dialogue between Justin Peterson and Dennis Prager, the Jewish writer and radio personality. It was life-affirming. Both men are scholarly in their respective fields. Justin is a Clinical Psychologist, and Dennis is a writer whose books I’ve read in the past. While neither of them preach, they both make a strong case for the truths of the Bible and the idea of God. (I will be writing to each of them shortly.)

It was good to see young college-aged people listening to the two men exchange ideas and refer to the Bible. These men’s words carry weight and are worth listening to, but unlike the Billy Graham crusades of the past, they didn’t go far enough – stopping just short of delivering the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Book report

In a book written by Christopher B. Miller with Ted Royer titled Secretary Soldier, a man who was referred to as “Soldier Secretary” serving under President Trump as his Secretary of Defense says this about liberals: “After left-wing liberals gutted entire cities, killed dozens of American citizens, and inflicted billions of dollars in property damages throughout 2020, politicians’ tearful remembrances reeked of disingenuousness. But the absurd spectacle served a very specific purpose: to justify the ever-increasing concentration of power of our corrupt and incompetent political elite.” – I concur.


Jim Towers

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