There is Only One Messiah :: By Rick Segoine

Music that is not in tune and preaching that is heretical or compromised sound off-key and are both offensive to anyone with ears to hear.

Like the bleating of a sick goat attempting to imitate a lamb is the preaching of a false messiah.

The words of Jesus are like wonderful heavenly music. The words of Satan are more like a jackhammer and a chainsaw right outside your bedroom window.

The words of Jesus are like the most beautiful of all symphonies. The words of Satan are like fingernails raked across the blackboard, accompanied by the relentless and offbeat pounding of garbage can lids.

It doesn’t matter how many false messiahs sent by Satan attempt to sweet-talk seekers into believing their delusional claims. There is still only one Truth and one Messiah.

Whether a false prophet or false Messiah starts his or her own “ministry” or religion solely for the purpose of getting rich, or because they are well-meaning but simply misguided, or because they are completely delusional, or just flat-out wicked, those foolish enough to follow them are led astray.

Jesus is like a safe harbor where even the mightiest storms obey His commands (Mark 4:35-41). Following a false messiah is like being hammered by a raging hurricane while out in the middle of the ocean in a leaky rowboat.

Sometimes it is necessary to get hammered by a hurricane in order to realize the value of a safe harbor.

There is a time to stay in port and a time to put out to sea. Make sure the captain of your ship is qualified.

The qualifications for Messiah are very strict. Jesus is the only one to have ever met them.

The standards for a false messiah are lax. A vivid imagination, delusional thinking, spiritual arrogance, and an egotistical need to be treated special are about all that is required.

Because a sinless life is required to be Messiah, all of humanity has been disqualified.

With only one exception, all who ever claimed to be the Messiah were lying.

Delusions follow faulty logic, and a messiah complex is the grandest delusion of them all.

Delusion has taken a firm grip when a man or a woman desires and is willing to accept God’s glory as his or her own.

God alone deserves all of the glory and all of the praise. If not for Him, there would be nothing. Literally, there would be nothing at all.

Humans sometimes deserve to be honored. But never ever glorified.

Jesus is the Messiah; He is the Savior; He is the author of our Salvation (Matthew 16:13-20).

Jesus laid down His life for us to pay the penalty for our sins. Then He rose from the dead and, in so doing, conquered death for us (Luke 24:46-47).

Jesus ascended before over 500 witnesses and went to prepare a place for us (Luke 24:50-51; Acts 1:9-11).

Jesus promised to return for us and take us to the place He has been preparing. He said He would do this on the day of His Father’s choosing (John 14:3-10).

Jesus gave us the signs to watch for so we would know when the time was near (Matthew 24, Luke 21, and 100 or so other places in scripture as well).

The signs are all converging today, here in the year 2023.

Jesus said to watch and to be ready and to look up, for our redemption draws near.

The Highest Honor, The Deepest Praise, and All of The Glory are reserved for the Father, through the Son, and by the Holy Spirit.

Choose eternal salvation this very day and trust in Jesus, who is the one and only Messiah.

Your friend in Jesus, Rick Segoine


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